We often think that good memory is an innate ability, so there is no need to practice. But in fact, to have a good memory we need to practice regularly. So how to practice, let’s learn through the following article.

What’s is memory?

Memory involves acquiring information, storing information, and retrieving information. When we focus on reading or listening, we can absorb all the information, storing information in the human brain is like storing information on a computer. The information will not be worn out, however, most people often have difficulty retrieving information.

7 Best Effective Ways to Practice Memorisation

Through many studies, scientists suppose that: Memory is not an innate gift, we gain it by training. Wondering why librarians can find a book out of a million books in minutes? This is due to the way they organize information and connect it properly. So can we act as if they could practice information sorting to increase their memory? The answer is absolutely yes. So how to train good memory, please apply the following methods.

Memorization method

Remembering is an important, essential skill that we use throughout our lives. Memorization plays a more essential role in the group of perceptual functions, in things like reading, reasoning, and calculating.

The secret to having a good memory is memorization: “transferring things you need to remember into something unforgettable, transferring them into something strange, funny or closely related”. For example, attach the name of an ordinary person to a famous figure, such as if you meet someone named Elizabeth, imagine that person is a queen wearing a crown on her head. All the activities you do will create new connections between the different nerve cells in your brain and improve your memory. To practice this method I do my homework and remember the formulas of math, the events of history, and so on. “Do my homework” is one of the perfect tools to help you to practice memorization.

Highly concentrated method

Keeping your focus on a specific thing that can keep your attention even around you will be very noisy and interrupted will help you train a good memory.

You can practice focus by changing your daily habits, but don’t try to do multiple tasks at once. You should focus on the information you want to keep in mind. This will help you remember it longer. In fact, it can help you remember specific things, even if you don’t remember exactly, you’ll definitely find it familiar. Especially, when you “do my homework”, highly concentrated can help you complete it better and more effectively.

Visual perception methods

You can practice memorization by analyzing visual information in your living environment. For example, you go into a room to find 5 objects and try to remember their position, then go out of the room and recall 5 objects selected and their exact positions. This is very simple, isn’t it? Or else when you “do my homework” you can choose 5 sentences in your textbook and try to remember which page it is in. Then please increase this time, 2 hours later do you remember them, followed by 12 o’clock, 24 hours you still remember the exact name of the object and its location or page of the sentences. As a result, your memory is being trained more and more.

By this visual perception, you can remember everything you see in front of your eyes and around you. I always force myself to remember and write many times when I do my homework. This will help me to use my memory and train my brain to focus on the things around me.

The association method

It is very easy to remember known problems, and it is very difficult to remember things that have never been known before. To remember a problem that has never been known, the association is a useful method of memory training. When there is something that happens you need to remember that you are not familiar with. Then let associate it with problems you already know, you will be very easy to remember and remember for a long time.

You have not figured it out, do you remember the height of Phanxipang, you certainly know, but now you can not remember. But the Pi is sure you remember, is it 3.14? Then you just need to remember the Pi and add the last 3 of the Pi, which means 3,143 m that is the height of PhanXiPang. You will surely remember for life, this association method is very effective in your life. When I do my homework, I usually think about some tips to link everything together, then I can remember much information in a perfect way.

Repetition method

Repeating the same problem over and over again is the best and easiest way for you to remember. One thing that is repeated frequently and over a long period of time will help your brain remember the most accurately. But you should know that you have to understand what the problem is when you repeat it. Don’t just repeat, repeat like a machine, remember every sentence, every word but you don’t know what the problem is about. Doing so will only make your brain lazier.

Mind-map method

Mind-map is a thought organizing tool. This is the best way to convey information into your brain and then send it out of your brain. It is a creative note-taking method for you to organize your thoughts.

Using mind maps not only helps you remember better but also helps you to be more creative and have an overall view of a certain problem. Therefore, memorization with mind-map is an effective and perfect way.

Learn new things

Many people believe that only when we are in school do we need to learn new things, this is a completely wrong concept. If you stop learning for a long time, your memory will gradually decrease and previously accumulated knowledge is also lost over time. Therefore, let cultivate new knowledge every day by reading a book or learning a foreign language or learning your favorite subjects. These actions will help stimulate your brain, train your brain to help you not forget your memory tasks.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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