Math is always one of the subjects that many students feel afraid of speaking. Solving math questions require both logical thinking and acumen of numbers.

We all know the fact that hard working is always the most important thing needed for your success in solving math questions. Math questions are actually not difficult. Just pay efforts in a right learning method, you’ll be able to solve math questions. Not only in class but self-studying at home will also improve and practice, and you’ ll feel that this subject is not so difficult.

Studying math at school

  1. Certainly understand theories, defines:

Although you don’t have to learn by heart as other social science subjects, Math requires your certainty of learning. Remember the features, formulas and defines is the very first step to solve math questions. Try to understand and remember everything you’ve learned in class, it  will help you when practicing.

  1. Do not stuff the knowledge

In natural subjects such as maths, physics or chemistry, It is very important to understand the previous knowledge before getting advance. As a result, the stuffing method is useless for solving math questions, especially advanced ones. There are many students who don’t pay attention in learning process and just stuff formulas before exams, after all, they get bad results. It takes times to cultivate your knowledge. Practicing day by day is an effective way to improve your grade in math questions.The math questions you’ve learned are related to each other so you do need a logical and scientific method to learn effectively.

  1. Listen and write down information from the lectures.

Most of the knowledge in teacher’s lectures conclude 80% from the textbook, the retire 20% is advances. As a result, it is necessary to write down everything teachers give because it’ll help you a lots in solving your math questions. If you don’t pay attention in class, you’ll forget everything as soon as you get home. So, make a routine of taking note everything teachers say will help you to solve math questions easily.

  1. Question if necessary

When handling math questions, there’s certainly something difficult to understand. Don’t hesitate to ask your teachers for an explanation and support. Only when you

you make clear all the problems, math questions become less scary.

Self-studying at home

  1.  Prepare before class

Going through the lesson before class is a great way to understand math questions easily. Making a preparation helps you to follow the lesson and not to get worried when there are unfamiliar and difficult math questions. Moreover, you can also save time of preparing questions for teachers.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Doing exercises is the only way you can practice formulas you’ve learned in class. The more you practice, the more experiences you gain for solving math questions later. If you can solve many kinds of math questions, it will be easier for you in exams. You see, practice makes perfect.

  1. Fall in love with math

Anything you love, you will do it with your best effort. Try to get inspiration for doing math questions from everything possible. Instead of pushing yourself too much to understand math, just relax and you will find math questions not as hard as you thought.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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