Everyone wants to impress the reader from the first sentence they write, so they consider the importance of creating an attractive essay title for their paper.

However, not many people pay attention to how to create it effectively. While writing an essay, many ideas are accumulated and combined to help the writer create their favorite title. 

Creating a title based on your preferences is not enough, as you will need to have a guide for it. By checking this article, you will understand the process of creating a good title and what you should avoid. Now, let’s scroll down and get the secret of the essay title!

How Is The Structure Of An Essay Title? 

Everything has a structure, and the essay title also has its construction. Understanding the form of an essay title, you can easily craft it for yourself.

The Subject In Title

You need to figure out the primary subject in the title because you will mainly discuss it. The title will be good if it includes what you want to focus on and vice versa. For example, in my college, I tried to do my homework related to the environmental solution. I should have used the keyword “solution” in my title, but I wrote, “What people can do to protect the environment.” Although it may show the same solution’s meaning, people can easily be distracted by other things. Especially, as I did not use the correct subject for my title, I can refer to the area as limited. 

So, you should figure out the subject you will write about before making a title. It can be the solutions, the applications, the analysis, or many of the same things with the significant meaning of research. 

The Issue In Title

You cannot find things to write about if there is only a subject. Every essay needs to transmit an issue that the writer thinks is necessary to solve. 

When I was in college and had to do my homework, I wondered what would happen if there was no issue with my title. It will be like Environmental Solution, Economy Report, Scientific Research, etc.

These titles are abstract as they lack the specific character to be a good title. You may wonder what solution you will write about in Scientific Research. You may write anything you want in your essay, and they indicate that a good title should be specific about what you’re going to write.

For example, I chose “Environmental Solution To Reduce The Industry Negative Impacts.” In this title, the issue is the solution that can reduce negative impacts from industries. If the remedy is to lessen the effects of other elements except for the industry sectors, you haven’t come up with a decent title.

What You Should Avoid While Creating An Essay Title

There are many problems when creating an essay title, but the mentioned factors below are the common mistakes of students. 

Completed Sentence With A Dot

Can we use a sentence as a title? The answer is no. The reason is that a title needs to attract the reader by the unfinished structure. If you use a completed sentence with a dot, it sounds like you do not want to explain or analyze it. Some people think using it does not show the formal essay content. It is likely a story with narration. 

As a result, although no rules prevent you from setting a title as a complete sentence structure, people avoid doing that. And one more reason is that a completed sentence with a dot is informal for an essay. Of course, the narration is always conversational! 

Too Lengthy Title

In the past, when I was trying to do my work, I created many long titles, getting a lot of complaints from my professors. 

For instance, when coming up with the Educational Environment topic, I chose the title “The outstanding solutions people can make to the educational environment, which helps students overcome the challenge of learning and growing up every day.” 

It sounds great, but it includes many redundant factors for an essay title. The “outstanding” word is unnecessary as the solutions I give out, of course, are outstanding. Instead of using “people can do to the educational environment,” I can change to “in an educational environment.” If people create solutions in this field, this phrase means they change it. 

I want to say that you can shorten your title as much as possible. A lengthy title is the most potent enemy of the reader’s attraction. 

Unclarity Title

It is easy to make an unclarity title and vice versa. It isn’t easy to make an essay title. 

I wondered what the unclarity title was, and my professor assigned it. Consequently, when I tried to do my work, I figured out how to determine an unclarity title. Here are some points: 

  • Unclarity title is abstract. It is non-specific: “The reason why people do that?”, “Solution for the environment,” etc.
  • The unclarity title is messy: The solutions for researching the environment and its reasons. 
  • The unclarity makes people confused and mistakes understanding: The research of Government and policies.

People produce ambiguous titles because they don’t have all the necessary information. For example, “The research of Government and policies” is unclear because it does not show any connection between the Government and policies. Also, the policies do not belong to anything, needing to connect with the Government, for instance, the non-governmental organization. 

As you write “the research of the relationship between government activities and the business’ employee policies,” it will be better than ever. 

Thus, try to avoid the unclear title by providing enough necessary information in your title. 

Avoid Reading Too Many Titles From Any Sources

People often suggest to each other to refer to as many titles as possible. However, most cases reported feeling more confused when referring to other titles. 

For instance, I was stuck with my title at college. As a result, I referred to others like “Solution For Improving Students’ Perspectives In Protecting Educational Environment.” 

So, now, if I want to write about this topic, I have to choose another explanation which shows the same idea, but differently. Even if I use a standard method of paraphrasing, the outcome is not as good as the origin. 

If you read a lot of titles before creating them, you may be obsessed with them. So, pick some titles as the samples, and the rest is put in storage as you can re-read them when you need. 

What You Should Do To Create A Strong Essay Title

Determine The Range Of Research

Before setting a title, you need to determine the range of things you write. My teacher gave me a technique to get my homework done

For example, when you write about the solution, the ideal portion is to explain your solution to more than sixty percent of the essay. The fewer words you spend on it, the less important it is. As a result, your essay cannot guarantee that it serves the title you set. 

Just imagine with an essay of 10,000 words. You spend only 3,000 words for solutions, and the left is for anything else like the reasons, the conditions, the theories, etc. The essay will unbalance it as it does not focus on the solutions. 

The Word Choices

Do not try to put any words on a title because you may want to put all your explanation on it. In the past, I tried to get my homework done with a title like “The reasons people want to sleep late cause a lot of negative health impacts, even though they know these unhealthy results of their actions.” 

I got the complaint after using it, but this experience helped eliminate the disorganized word choices. 

Therefore, if you are planning to write a title, you should think and write down the words you want to use after determining the range of research. It is an excellent way to see the terms instead of thinking about them. 

When you write it down, you will know the necessary one to go. Try to change word type or try its synonyms for a better craft. 

It does not take much time to have many choices, and you will know the best option for your essay title. 

Ask Others For Comments

Why don’t you ask your professor to comment on your essay title? The professor/instructor knows how to craft a great title; you can quickly improve your result if you ask them. 

You can also seek assistance from the upperclassmen because they have experience doing what you plan to do. They understand the issue better, so they can give you the advice to make a title better. 

However, it is not advisable to ask others before you have your product. Asking before thinking and doing is a passive process, and you are only dependent on your other ideas, causing it to be hard to improve. 

You can also make some title products; then show them to others and ask them why they love which they choose. This way is brilliant as you can analyze what elements in the title attract people. 

Final Thoughts

Try to apply the information above to quickly craft an excellent essay title. If you still find it difficult, you can ask your teacher to help you make it. Also, you can use the academic service, for their professors in your study field will provide you with many choices of attractive essay titles. 

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