Most students who study the social program will need to find a social work research topic for their essay. However, choosing a decent topic to write about is not easy for many people. Some students take the wrong topic, in which they cannot do their best. 

Regrettably, you have no advantage if you write the topic. That is why I’ve decided to write this article to help you with various topics in social work research. By referring to them, you can quickly figure out your best one. 

How To Find A Suitable Social Work Research Topic

There are many ways to find a suitable social work research topic. I have thoughts about many ways to help me do my work, and I will share the recommended ones below. 

Referring Information On The Internet

Reading this article means you are trying to figure out the topic you love. There are many suggestions on the Internet, as you can find by searching the keywords. However, take a look at this article first as you may choose your one. I have researched a lot about the topics on the Internet, summarized them, and wrote this article for you. I also applied some of the ideas below in practice, which supported me to do my work efficiently. 

Asking In Any Forum

Keep trying to interact with others, so they can share their ideas and help you find the best topic. You can ask a question in many forums through the Internet; for example, students often refer to Quora, Reddit, or other familiar-functional websites. 

However, do not ask a general question. You should figure out the specific aspect you want to write about, such as the children, the social issues related to poverty, ethnicity, etc. It will help others know what you are looking for and give you the appropriate answers. 

Asking Professor

Instead of asking strangers, who may confuse you about choosing a good option, you can ask your professor. Try to spend your free time asking him to get the professor’s many possibilities. 

Yet, pay attention to the ideas and the actual topics because some professors will give you advanced topics, suits the thesis rather than a simple essay. 

It is advisable to choose a small topic from what the professor offers. For example, he advises you to write about how the Covid-19 pandemic affects ethnic minorities. You can write an essay about the solution for the ethnic minorities to overcome the pandemic. 

Based On What You Study

If you study a program in a social science field like Philosophy, you can use what you learn to write an essay. For example, Socrates’s quotes are good options to write an analysis. You can wrap the knowledge up and apply them to the topic of Socrates’s quotes. 

Recommended Social Work Research Topics

The recommended social work research topics below are classified into many fields that may interest you. We do not call “top topics” because each topic has its meaning in some ways. Besides, the top topics are what most people pursue, so it doesn’t show how special you are. 

Check the ideas below, and you will find your best one. 

Children And Family

Children and family topics are a good option for your essay if you are interested in this field. You write about many things in this field, such as disabled children, children/families in ethnic minorities, how charity affects children, etc. 

Once I had tried to figure out the specific factors related to children and shape the topic, I found it easy to get my homework done

You can refer to some samples below:

  • Psychological consulting for the disabled children
  • How mother’s depression after born affects children
  • Children’s psychologies and behaviors about assignments
  • Career orientation for the disabled children
  • Parents Relationship affects how children think and behave
  • Independent kids or the abandonment of parents?
  • Why do people keep lying to their children when they are younger?

Working Environment or Workforce

The below helped get my homework done with a high appreciation of the chosen topic.

  • Conditions and solutions for the office bullying
  • The impacts of cultural conflict in workforce and working environment
  • Psychology about working on Monday
  • The depression of working from home, causing the lack of social interaction
  • The impacts of social media on the employees and employers on the interview.

As you see these topics, you can search with the keywords, such as “cultural conflict,” “social media impacts,” “bullying,” etc. The results are various, and you will filter the ideas one by one to summarize the most outstanding ones. 


You can choose this topic because it is indispensable for our lives. Nowadays, there is a lot of attention to the environment related to social work. Here are some samples: 

  • What can social workers do to limit climate change in their nation?
  • How can children do social work to contribute to the environment?
  • How to prevent noise pollution in the office
  • How noise pollution affects people psychology and behaviors
  • How culture affects the environment and the solutions

Social Relationship

It is a trending topic as recently there have been many social relationship issues. By searching the Internet, you can get the actual case and know how people think about the problems.

Here are some examples to consider: 

  • The relationship in work affects the staff motivation and engagement
  • Social interaction through media is considered more important than direct communication.
  • How money affects the social relationship
  • Do students need social relationships or just come back home after studying? 
  • The toxic social relationships that people afford


It is pretty hard to classify the topics below, but you can refer to them for more ideas. 

  • The social worker’s function in the therapy model replacing the medicine treatment like Methadone
  • The role of the social worker in solving the people with disability
  • Social workgroup in protecting children from sexual abuse
  • Social work in poverty policies in local
  • Social work for supporting the single mom
  • Social work in protecting children from labor abuse at the early age 
  • Perspective and attitude of students about having sex before marriage
  • The role of social work in supporting the HIV/AIDS infected person to comeback casual life
  • The impacts of social media on social interactions of the students 
  • Social work in supporting the veterans and their family
  • The role of social work in protecting women from sexual abuse
  • The role of social work in preventing sexism and spreading gender equality
  • The role of social work in balancing equality and equity
  • The role of social work in preventing the domestic violence
  • How culture affects the social works in the developing countries
  • The role of social work in supporting the ethnic minorities
  • The role of social work in helping residents in the Covid-19 pandemic
  • How social workers support cancer patient
  • Social workers and the unemployed rate of this career
  • How social workers support the unemployed person 

The Factors To Pay Attention To Choose A Social Work Research Topic

Before choosing a social work research topic for your essay, you should consider the factors below. They will help you make the topic more specific and practical. 

The Necessity

Using an abstract topic for your essay is not advisable because the marker will not highly appreciate it. The topic must have its realistic target as it at least solves an issue in real life. For example, thinking about children’s topics, you should choose the topic related to children-supported policies, the charities, or why many students cannot go to school, etc.

On the contrary, the abstract topics are more related to the theories you learn in the class. It doesn’t get high appreciation from markers because people consider learning more than acquiring knowledge. 

Easy To Write

You should not choose a complicated topic that takes a lot of effort to write. For example, you write an essay with many kinds of actual data that isn’t available on the Internet. You face the risk of wasting much time on finding them. That is why before picking a topic, you should research data about it considerably. The more data the topic has, the more manageable tasks you can do. 

When I choose this way, it is not that I am lazy; I find the best way to do my homework with high efficiency.

Suitable For Your Study

Do not choose a topic that is not related to your study. It is because what you have learned are your powerful advantages. If you lack them, you still can complete the writing, but your speed is not at best. 

Also, taking advantage of the acquired knowledge and applying them to the essay will help you get more points.

For example, I studied the students and their psychology in my college. So I wrote about how society works to affect students’ psychology. This topic helped me do my homework with a high score. 

Guarantee The Unique

You should know that there are various social work research topics, and many people have written a lot. You will find it challenging to write a topic already published by another. In the other case, if the marker knows this factor, your essay will not have a high score because of the dupe. That is why a unique topic is significant as it shows your abilities and attitudes on what you will write. 

You should not follow the recommended topics on the Internet because it is risky. It is better to refer to them and try in-depth research with keywords. You can explore a unique topic that is more specific than what others wrote.

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