Writing an essay is always a big challenge for anyone who pursues the academic pathways. For an informative article, the necessary notice is to avoid the personal view, which causes low appreciation. 

If you want to avoid that, it is vital to create a detailed outline before getting to write. Besides, you will need to distinguish the informative essay from other types, such as persuasive or argumentative. 

The more understanding you have about an informative essay and its outline, the easier you feel about writing it. So, let’s scroll down and check each section below as it provides you with a full of knowledge related to informative essays and how to master writing its outline. 

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Summary About An Informative Essay

What Is An Informative Essay?

An informative essay is a kind of writing that will provide the reader with all information, such as the process, event, and instruction (based on scientific characteristics). Like its name, this kind should never have any personal point of view. It needs to be objective, scientific and logical.

For example, when I tried to do my homework, my teacher assigned me an informative essay related to the process of riding my motorbike. I attempted to note the standard operation, including three steps: before, during, and after riding. These steps provide essential information to the reader, instructing them to ride the motorbike perfectly. 

However, my friends once helped me with my homework by pointing out my huge mistake in writing an informative essay. It was that I used a personal point of view. I took my experience with motorbikes and gave some advice: “People should select and press the shift level before starting the engine.” This sentence is not informative because it depends much on my experience. Some people will not ride like that as they will start the engine and then lever up. 

What Are The Differences Between Informative, Persuasive & Argumentative Essays?

To distinguish the informative, persuasive, and argumentative essays, you should pay attention to their primary function. 

The main task of an informative essay is to help you provide accurate information to the reader. The information needs to be valuable and help the reader solve their problems or desires for knowledge. Like my experience above, my informative article about the process of riding a motorbike needs to instruct the reader step-by-step. It should be the standards ensuring the criteria of scientific, safety, and superficial characteristics. The informative essay can perform personal opinions, but it is a summary. (We will figure it out in the next section) 

If the casual informative article never meets personal points, the persuasive and argumentative is vice versa. A persuasive article’s primary function is to convince you with explanations and evidence to prove an objective or personal point. Simultaneously, argumentative is about discussing an issue with your opinions and others’ points. 

In summary, the difference is all about the personal view. While others can include individual opinions, the informative essay does not allow it. 


An informative article is divided into many types that you should notice to write correctly. Below is a classification.

  • Process Essay: Like my sample above, it was a process essay when I tried to do my homework. All you need in this essay is to provide step-by-step instruction based on scientific information. 
  • Descriptive Essay: An easy-to-understand example is an article located under any product on a website. The descriptive essay often provides statistics or describes the available features of the target, including characteristics, functions, origin, etc.
  • Problem/Solution Essay: People use this essay to ask a question and try to figure out the most effective way to solve it. Note that the solution is based on available sources, and it needs to be possible. 
  • Cause and Effect Essay: You can combine this essay with a problem/solution essay. It will perform the cause and effect (result) of the problem you ask for. For instance, my friends once tried to help me with my homework related to the cause and effect of global warming. 
  • Compare and Contrast Essay: All information you provide is contrary in this essay. It can be the other’s opinions that cause a conflict in some aspects. For example, you can write about the conflict between two thoughts: “Does prenatal sex discernment do more harm than good?” As mentioned above, this essay is about how you can express other’s opinions, except for your own. 

How To Write An Informative Essay Outline & Sample

After understanding the standard structure of an informative essay outline, you can refer to and easily make your product.


The Introduction

  • In the intro, you will need to write the first look of the issue you want to provide more details in the body section. Try to figure out a bit of information that you can put in the intro to attract the reader.
  • Do not go around because it only causes low appreciation. 
  • Determining the types of an informative essay you will write to come to the next section.

The Body

Based on the types you write, you will organize it in a logical order. This order needs to guide the reader to get low to high perception information. For example, you cannot write the after riding a motorbike in the first paragraph of this essay because it does not follow the basic order of motor riding.

So, the first thing is to determine which information is the basis, which one is advanced, which should go first, and which you should spend for the late. With this order, you can attract the reader and guide them step-by-step to perceive the information scientifically. 

If you write a descriptive essay article, you should arrange the information in a specific order. For example, when I wrote about riding a motorbike, I added a paragraph describing a standard motorbike. My view of the description will go like this: 

  • From the furthest to the nearest
  • From the highest to the lowest
  • From right to left
  • From the external to internal

So, all the description is based on a logical order helping the reader understand. 

To summarize, you need to arrange the information following specific orders. It is the most important thing to notice in writing an informative essay. Of course, as I mentioned above, the information you provide necessarily matches the scientific, logical, and valuable to the reader. 

The Ending

Conclusion about the issue.

Sample Case Analysis

I will show you my outline of the motorbike riding process. 


  • Show the importance of understanding the motorbike riding process.
  • Leads the reader to what will perform in the essay: the basic requirements, the process of riding, including the before, during, and after riding process, 


  • First Paragraph: 

-Writing about the basic requirements: the equipment, the understanding of the standard operation mechanism of a motorbike, excellent health for controlling, etc.

  • Second Paragraph
  • Providing in-depth instruction that helps readers take each step to be successful. 
  • Step 1: Prepare before riding:

+ Ride the motorbike. 

+ Check the lever to set it to the beginning

+ Check the kickstand

+ Push the starter to make the engine operate


  • Step 2: During riding
  • Step 3: Finish and after riding


In conclusion, remind the reader to carefully read the information you provide and emphasize the importance of having in-depth instruction before taking action. 

Some Important Notes

What do you need to note when writing an outline of an informative essay: 

#1 Do Not Write To Details

The outline is only to help you note the point to avoid missing them during writing. Thus, if you write too much detail, you waste time on it. 

Some people think that writing too much detail will help them quickly complete the essay. If you do that, you pay double the effort to write it; especially, you still need to recheck your article, considering it as another time of writing. 

The best idea is to only write primary points in your outline, then develop them into explanations during the official writing essay.

#2 Avoid Your Personal View

You will easily mistake including a personal view in your informative essay. The solution is never to write the phrases such as “in my opinion,” “to my view of thinking,” “personally,” etc. Also, you need to always remember to assess every sentence you write if it provides objective or subjective information to the readers.

#3 Try To Attach Some Statistics

The statistics will help you avoid personal points. The more you include it in your essay, the more valuable information you bring to your readers. Yet, when you put in the data, remember to cite the official sources to avoid plagiarism and make it convincing. 

The Simplest Way To Make An Outline Of Informative Essay 

Instead of writing an outline yourself, why don’t you order a website that does your homework to help you? They have various writing services, and a writing outline is one of their support services.

I once tried to order a website that does your homework to complete mine. This writing service’s first step is always to create a great outline and then write based on it. You can ask to get both the results (outline and written essay) to study how they do it. Learning from others’ experiences is the best way to complete yourself. 

Final Thoughts

Writing an outline before getting to write is always essential, especially when you have an informative essay. The more information you provide, the better outline you need to have. Without an easy-to-understand outline, your informative article with massive data will be challenging to read. 

Hopefully, this task will never be difficult for you with the step-by-step instructions above. If you have problems writing it, let’s contact us and refer to the excellent writing service helping you study with the highest efficiency. 

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