Have you ever wanted to impress your teachers, or just take advantage of next semesters? There are so many ways for you to improve yourself to be an the best student in the class. It’s not only the matter of intelligence or grades, you have to be serious with your studying. The post below includes my experiences I used to improve the efficiency when I do my homework. Let’s check it out.

1. Keep my mind and body ready for assignments.

I found that I only could absorb the knowledge learning from school when I feel ready. It means that my body and mind should not be exhausted when I go to school or do my homework. I use these methods below to “boot” my body for learning. They are:

  • Sleep enough. I need to sleep about 8 hours per day if I want my brain to be in the best condition. I must be awake for most of the day so if I fall asleep in the noon, I didn’t sleep well.
  • I can’t be in the best condition if I just eat snacks and junk foods.So I tries to eat much vegetable, fruits and fat-low meat. They help me have enough energy and not be exhausted quickly when I do my homework.
  • Drink much water. Water is essential for the brain’s activities. In more precise ways, our body needs water to work efficiently. So I try to drink some water every day when I do my homework. But remember that the need for water is different for each of us, don’t too much water than your body really needs.

2. Choose appropriate study method.

Each of us has a unique learning style that works best. Find the best way to make you and take advantage of that. You’ ll be actively chosen to choose the learning method at home. But you can also recommend the teacher to adjust the variety of lectures and be more relevant to the style of each student. I found that I can concentrate if I listen to classical when I do my homework.

  • For example, do you see how easy it is to remember graphs or pictures? Maybe you’re the one who learns the vision and should use a lot of pictures to learn. You can draw the chart yourself to remember the parts of your speech.
  • Maybe in a class for an hour, you want to focus, but you really need to get up or move. You can also get a habit of walking around in the room. That shows you’re a runner so you get better when your body works. Try playing with a eraser in your hand when you listen to the teacher.
  • In my case, I find it easier to learn when I learn a little bit of music. I don’t remember writing on the table but can memorize what my teachers said, like they’re lecturing in my room. This means that I’m a hearing learner, which is more effective for sound. So I often record teacher’s lecture to listen to do my homework or review later.

3. High concentration.

The best thing I can do to become the best student is to focus on listening to lectures. When I get distracted, I can ignore important information and be confused about what to do when I do my homework at home.

  • If you’re having trouble keeping your attention, sit on the front row and join the building. Be bold to ask about what you haven’t grasped or when you want to learn more about some interesting content that the teacher has mentioned.

4. Learn to write.

The note taking of (and effectively taking notes) can be difficult, but it will help me easily absorb knowledge and lessons ; hence, scores will improve and you will become the best student in the class. Remember, you don’t have to write everything that teachers say in the class, but just rewrite the most important and hard-to-remember things.

5. Do my homework all on time.

Even if my homework does not reach high scores, the effort will maintain my score as high as possible. I always set goals to the highest homework class, otherwise I’m really trying to be the best student in the class. Also, focus on quality. When I don’t understand any problems, I’ll ask for help. My teacher can give me instructions or even help me directly.

  • Spend enough time to complete the exercise. This means that you may have to cut your radio time or the time of your friends, but the final achievement will be worth the effort you put out.
  • The appropriate environment to do exercises will help you complete your homework efficiently. Choose a quiet place and no distractions. The library is the right place for this job. If you can’ t get out of the house and you’re too noisy, try doing the bathroom.

6. Learn new sources of knowledge.

Learning beyond the curriculum can help me understand more lessons in class and do my homework easily. Research what I’m interested in is also more supportive in class. Finding new sources of knowledge for each subject will make me more interesting and I will succeed in learning as well.

  • For example, if you’re learning about american history, you can watch documentaries on the internet for more information about this history period.
  • You can learn to borrow books from library or online learning. Wikipedia is a pretty good page, though not always. You can also find more documentaries and videos on youtube, for example crash course and ted talks. These documents will provide more information that your teachers or lecturers don’t have time to explain.
  • Learn when you don’t have to go to school. Study during summer holidays, at the end of the week, as well as prepare for the earliest year as soon as possible by studying the subjects in the next year. In summer vacation, you only need to review the knowledge learned from 3-4 times, every time from 2-3 hours to be ready for the new academic year.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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