Doing homework is often considered a daily task that any student must complete when returning from school. However, it becomes tedious if nothing is new in their assignment because of the routine’s characteristics. 

Some research shows that the loop of action always makes us uncomfortable because it is against the nature of wanting to discover a new thing. Whatever happens, homework still needs to be done. 

So, this article will try to analyze how we feel bored at homework, but it also shares with you how you can make homework fun, keeping your motivation in doing assignments. 

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Why Are You Bored At Homework? 

Boring in doing something repeated every day is a normal human state. It can happen in any action, including the most minor such as brushing our teeth. When you wake up, you may feel bored brushing your teeth and try to skip them. 

Of course, when we change the simple process to another, we often feel more motivated. When I skip doing my homework, I feel better because I have more time for other activities. 

That point indicates a reason for being bored with homework, and everyone has a reason causing them to quit doing assignments. You do not want to do homework for many personal reasons, but I only listed the most common in the section below.

The Repetition Of Homework Type

Although you have no decision in the type of homework, this repetition makes us bored. Imagine that your teacher assigns you to do multiple-choice exercises every day; how do you think? 

I once attempted to overcome this repetition. It happened in my seventh grade when I tried to do my homework, but I only could stand for a week. After that, I would not want to do anything related to this homework type and asked the teacher to change the style. 

This repetition happens only when the teacher wants you to practice a lot. The occasions might be before the exam or depend on the purpose of the teaching process. Yet, if you are challenged with this repetition, do not hesitate to ask teachers to change the type.

The Difficult Homework

The difficult homework, unsuitable for the student’s study level, will create a dull feeling. I once paid much time to do a challenging exercise, causing me to skip the other activities during the day. As a result, my parents complained about it because they needed me to arrange my time for many daily activities equally. 

It is easy to see that problematic homework will make students give up, especially if they initially try to do it. 

Too Much Homework

If the difficulty level of homework is a barrier against your sustentative process, the overload is another challenge in doing homework. Even though your task is easy, you will gradually be bored if it takes much time to complete. 

Many Disturbances

The three reasons above come from the homework’s characteristics, and it depends much on how teachers assign exercises to you. Besides, there are tons of reasons causing homework boredom, and they come from external disturbances.

For example, you plan to do your homework in the afternoon, but your friends invite you to join his soccer matches. The excitement of playing always distracts you from the decision to do homework. It gradually creates a thought in your mind, which is belike: “Why do I have to do my work? Homework is boring, and playing is always more exciting.”

Consequently, you give up your daily tasks of doing assignments and spending time on other activities. 

How To Make Homework Fun

If you understand why you are bored with homework, it’s time to find a way to make it more exciting. Here I will share how to do assignments enjoyable, attracting you to do them with the most enthusiasm. 

Put Your Homework In Practice

Whenever people finish homework, they put the exercises in storage and never touch them again, making all the processes meaningless. 

If you can put your homework into practice, you will find out the meaning of your doing-homework process. You also benefit from applying the acquired knowledge in actual cases, helping you improve your life. 

For example, my teacher assigned me to do my homework by writing the reaction of my muscles when I do exercises. Although I can describe it in the paper by my knowledge, I love to observe the response and note it. By watching the reaction, you will feel the experiment, keeping your interest peaked. 

However, you may wonder how to put your Math formula into practice. Sound complex and ridiculous? 

There is always a way for putting the knowledge into practice, and you need to find that path. For example, you may love to use the Math formula in calculating real things. I once tried to find the answer for a Physic exercise by using Derivatives. The assignment is likely that you need to find a moment when two people in two cabins of two different trains meet each other. Sound more interesting than solving the pure Math exercises.

Study With Friends

An alone study has benefits, but it also shows the difficulties in creating the inspiration. That is why my teacher advised me to study in a group, in which my friends and I could help each other. 

You will find it challenging to do your homework alone in college, especially when your teacher requires you to work in a group. How can you feel excited about the task if using this study kind? 

The truth is that humans are social animals, so they will be motivated to do things if they are united. This point can easily prove the practical result of doing homework with friends that you never feel bored. 

Award Yourself When Completing

Based on psychology, people have more motivation when the awarding mechanism is established. You may find your homework more excited if you know the reward at the final stage. 

For example, I was addicted to computer games in secondary school. I could spend hours and hours playing my favorite game, even without eating. My parents also complained a lot about this bad habit, so they tried to help me get rid of it. 

They would allow me to play games, but I could only play after finishing my homework. As a result, I feel more energized and motivated to finish at my best when I do my work

Find The Facts Around Your Homework

Do not only do your homework because it will be suck. If you are interested in science, you can look for the facts around your assignment. 

Nowadays, it is easy to find information because of Internet development. You can look for the facts in the online forum, social media, online science magazine, etc. 

All the facts will offer you a point of view that you find your homework exciting and meaningful. For instance, your assignment is to balance a chemical equation. You can search why people can combine these essences and how people can take advantage of the combination’s result. 

The facts will help you increase your knowledge, especially the applied knowledge that you can use to improve your life. 

Do Your Homework At School

Why don’t you do your homework at school to feel bored doing it at home? 

Changing the environment is an excellent option to make your homework as fun as possible. When you are in a new environment, the feeling of strangeness will encourage you to focus on your work. Sometimes, you may feel that people are looking at you, so you need to be the best version with a severe attitude and work hard.

By doing your homework at school, you also can take advantage of many school features. The school is a place to study, so it will be wrong if you spend time playing. 

Also, some students try to use the school’s library for study, for this environment is quiet and provides many valuable materials. 

Do Your Homework With Tutor Or Using Homework Service

Although using a homework service is considered cheating, you can make your homework fun. 

Instead of copying all the expert’s homework, you can compare how they do and how you do. This comparison is as great as it helps you realize your weakness. For example, I would never know I got the contrary way of differentiation, causing the wrong answer in my exercises if I did not use the homework service. 

I found my mistakes by observing the expert do the same exercises, so it is worth using this service for completing yourself. I want to say the result you get from this service is not significant; how you use the result is the most crucial factor. 

Compete With Someone In Doing Homework

Do you have any rivals in your school? You can consider the process of doing homework as a competition, in which you compete with a competitor. 

The rival can be your classmate, a friend in another class, a girl you pursue, etc. Whoever you choose, you can imagine them like the most redoubtable that you have to defeat in doing homework. 

You can quickly see the result of this way. You will do your homework with your best effort, and your advancement is growing every day. 

Think About The Result Before Getting In

In psychology, people always advise thinking about the result before getting in. If you know that the result will help you become better, will you do it with your best? 

For example, before doing your literature homework, let’s think that you will become a person who can easily convince others by the speech. The literature homework helps you increase your speech fluency, and what you say will become more attractive. 

It will be easy to do your homework with the most significant motivation if you think like that. And, of course, your assignment will become the funniest thing you love to do. 

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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