Some research indicates the rate of children who get autism is increased gradually. That is why many people studying the psychological field choose autism as the primary topic for their research paper. 

Not all the topics are outstanding to attract the markers with high scores. Also, before getting to write down, most students find it challenging to pick a suitable topic. They may have some thoughts like: “Is this topic too hard for my abilities?”, “Is it attractive enough?”, “Is it unique or risky to be duplicated with others?”

Many questions appear, and you might be confused if you do not have a guide with standards. Thus, I am writing this article to provide you with a helpful guide, including tips and ideas. These materials will support you the best in finding your autism research paper topics. 

Treatment in Early Life Prevents Autism Symptoms From Developing in Mice

Tips To Detect The Issues Of Autism 

Most articles on the Internet only show you the recommended topics, which you might be puzzled in the process of selecting. I want to say that the tips below are unique, as I figured out myself when I tried to do my homework related to Autism. My teacher assigned me a task that required finding research topics in this field. 

So, by applying the tips below, it will be easy to find a suitable topic matching your preferences. 

Tip #1: List Everything You Have

Do not stay in a place and think about the topics you will write about because it leads to no result for the limited thoughts. You should write down everything you can access in your notebook and list them in order. 

For example, when I tried to do my homework related to Autism, I listed all my resources. I could go to the library to get the involved books, check the information on the Internet, discuss Autism on forums, or find the issues from the knowledge I acquired. 

There are many ways to get in-depth a resource and find your topic. However, you should list both the materials and the issues you find on them. 

Once I joined Zoom to take my online class, I got this tip from the teacher’s task. He asked me to write down all the issues I could think of. Therefore, when applying in finding topics, I also tried to note all the ideas coming up with my process. Consequently, it works, and I can be confident as I never miss any significant issues during the selection. 

Tip #2: Look Around For The Real Case

Autism is not prevalent, as you cannot look around to get into the actual case. What is the real purpose? 

It would be best to find the resource to observe the actual case proactively. It might be an organization that has a center supporting children with Autism. You can also use the previous researcher’s original works who find the actual case or apply the theories/therapies in the real patient. 

Whatever you do, try to reach an Autism child and observe the symptom, conditions, causes, and the final result of getting therapy. The information you have will help you find an exciting topic that belongs to you. 

Tip #3: Ask For A Help From Your Instructor

You are not alone when doing any research. A supporter (it might be your teacher) will provide you best support in researching Autism. I rarely take my online class, but there is a class that I never forget. Before dismissing class, the teacher tried to support all the students in finding a topic. He suggested that we ask the instructor for help because he understands how to get a significant issue. 

He mentioned that in Autism, students always make a mistake finding a topic, and their cases become cliché. The cause comes from the lacking of experience in researching Autism, including the observed symptoms, analyzed causes, and final treatments. 

Therefore, an excellent option is to ask the instructor for a suitable topic that you should research. 

Tip #4: Using The Homework/Writing Service

In some countries, using the homework/writing service is inhibited because it violates the rule of ethics. Although this tip sounds illegal, you can easily take its advantage if you know how to do it. 

I once tried to pay to have homework done in my study. Yet, the use is different as it does not count as violating the rules. I consider writing services to refer to the ideal others’ research, so it will be legal if I only use the data they provide. 

I would not copy all of their explanations because it does not make my research belong to me. So, I changed my explanation, applied the data, and, of course, modified the part I wanted. Although people think I pay to have homework done, it is still my work and effort. Besides, the writing service is confidential, so you will not worry about detecting and affecting your study. 

I want to say that using this service is ideal as you use your words to explain the issue and take advantage of the data to shorten the process.

Best Ideas For Research Paper Topics In Autism Field

The Causes Topics

  1. Research on the causes of brain damage or underdevelopment of the brain due to preterm birth of fewer than 37 weeks, causing autism in children
  2. Analysis and interpretation of low birth weight below 2,500 grams as a sign of autistic children
  3. The cause of autism comes from asphyxiation or lack of oxygen to the brain at birth
  4. Research on traumatic brain injury due to obstetric intervention and the formation of autism in children
  5. Study on the relationship between neonatal nuclei jaundice and autism in children
  6. Effects of neonatal meningiocerebral hemorrhage on autism spectrum disorder in children
  7. Research on autism cases in children with neurological infections such as encephalitis, meningitis
  8. Medical analysis of cases of cerebral hypoxia due to severe respiratory failure as a cause of autism in children
  9. The link between traumatic brain injury and autism
  10. Explain the risk of autism from mercury poisoning
  11. Research on chromosomal abnormalities – factors that cause autism
  12. Researching genetic diseases or groups of genes that cause autism
  13. Research on the living environment with little stimulation to children’s development in the first 24 months – the cause of autism in children
  14. Learn some chemicals and heavy metals that can cause brain damage leading to autism.

The Symptoms Topics

  1. Symptoms Of Autism
  2. Study of eye contact and naming in children with autism differentiated from those in standard mental health
  3. Explain the behavior of pulling hands instead of pointing in autistic children when wanting something
  4. Research on social and social locking in autistic children leading to solitary behaviors
  5. Psychological connection of self-knowing and disinterest in others in children with autism and high individualization
  6. Study about children’s interest in the world around them: themselves, objects, people, etc
  7. Research the signs of speech delay that show children with autism
  8. Research on meaningless sounds that children with autism often make
  9. The relationship between language dynamics and autism in children
  10. Study of voice abnormalities in children with autism compared with children in the good mental health of the same age
  11. Research on irregularities in thinking and thinking of children with autism
  12. Research on shaping behaviors in children with autism
  13. A study of stereotyped behaviors and habits in children with autism and comparison with normalization in children of the same age
  14. Research on the pattern of always holding objects in children with autism and different interests in each object
  15. Research on the unresponsiveness to danger in children with autism
  16. Measure intelligence in children with autism and compare many factors such as culture, environment, education, etc.
  17. Research on the unique abilities of children with autism
  18. The difference in special skills between children with superior intelligence and children with autism
  19. Understanding oversensitivity to sounds in children with autism
  20. Learn about light sensitivity in children with autism
  21. Exploring less sensitivity in children with autism through specific behaviors

Therapies Topics

  1. The influence of family in the treatment of autism for children
  2. Developing training methods for children with autism at home
  3. Options for building parents’ awareness in early detection of autism in children
  4. Proposing options for psychological rehabilitation for children with autism in exceptional cases
  5. Application of biomedical methods combining physical therapy, pharmaceutical chemistry, acupressure, hyperbaric oxygen, and stem cells in a specific case
  6. Applying psychomotor intervention therapy to a particular field
  7. Applying speech therapy and speech therapy to a specific autism case
  8. Limitations in the use of autism medication and suggestions for non-pharmacological treatment options


  1. Research on parents’ attitudes towards children with autism
  2. Proposing to develop a unique curriculum for children with autism
  3. Raise public awareness of autism spectrum disorder at all ages
  4. Research on methods of engagement and early intervention for children with autism
  5. Research on clinical characteristics and intervention results in children with autism in the region.
  6. Building a system to predict autism
  7. Social work in early intervention with children with autism
  8. Inclusive education for preschool children with autism
  9. The realistic assessment of care and education for autistic children at home
  10. The research proposes some solutions to prevent autism in children
  11. Analysis using music games for children with autism
  12. Building an autism gene data system for research and archiving purposes
  13. Decoding the genes of children with autism to research new treatment methods
  14. Research on knowledge and attitudes of preschool teachers about autism spectrum disorder
  15. Research on the cognitive ability of autistic children
  16. Distinguishing nine autism-like conditions
  17. Teachers’ awareness of autism spectrum disorder
  18. Develop policies to support children with autism in school and society
  19. Research on the link between autism and exceptional genius
  20. Some measures to help autistic children adapt in school

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