Human rights topic is an excellent option to impress your professor. Yet, finding the specific content is a challenge that not many students overcome. The content needs to be attractive and reflex the trending issues. Having a step-by-step guide always helps you get rid of these difficulties. 

In this article, I will share how to find a human rights topic and suggest reaching your preference one

Human Rights là gì và cấu trúc cụm từ Human Rights trong câu Tiếng Anh

What Are Related To Human Rights?

You may wonder what you should write about human rights. Human rights is a significant content connected with many other fields such as politics, law, international relations, philosophy. It is a kind of social science, so you can easily combine it with other same-function areas. 

For example, I once tried to get my homework done with a combination of human rights and politics. My topic was “Building the policies supporting human rights: The advantages and challenges.” 

How To Create A Human Rights Topic?

Here are some tips that you can use to create a human rights topic. 

Combine With Other Fields

As mentioned above, you can easily create a human rights topic by combining it with other fields. I tried to do my homework by mixing politics and human rights in the sample above. So, in this part, I will do it again. 

For example, you can write about human rights and philosophy. The topic should be “Application of philosophy (a point of view) in making human rights.” In this formula, you can try the points of Renaissance humanists such as Leontius Pilatus, Francesco Petrarca or Coluccio Salutati. 

Also, with literature, for example, you can use the formula such as “The detection of human rights’ factor in some literature works (your choice).” 

Sound easy, right? The above are only some samples that you can quickly apply to have a great topic. Let’s come to other impressive moves to create your ideal one. 

Figure Out The Ideas From Acquired Knowledge

This move is only effective if you learn some subjects related to human rights. For example, politics may require human rights because students need to understand how to build policies based on this right. 

So, it will be easy if you can find the issues from what you learn. I once joined the policies-building class for writing my essay. I never expected that there would be many problems that I could take advantage of for my human-rights topic. For instance, the teachers explained how people take the crack in human rights to control the residence, causing unfair environments. 

I was excited about this problem and spent much time researching it myself. If you can find the issues from your acquired knowledge, you can easily be motivated and analyze them with your best effort. 

Finding Ideas From The Accessible Sources

What are the accessible sources? Nowadays, it has become easy for any researcher to reach a huge of data and information by using the Internet. Thus, if you can take advantage of this benefit, you never find it difficult for a topic. 

Let’s access your Internet find the topics on some forums and communities. You can also use social media following the account of some famous lawyers, politicians, or KOL who have a powerful influence in the human rights field. 

Sometimes, these people will “tweet” or update their status related to this field, and you can use it as a suggestion to do your homework.  

Using The Homework/Writing Service

It looks unfair if using this service; yet, it depends on taking advantage of its benefits. I once tried to do my homework by using this service, and it worked. 

I have never considered using this service as a kind of cheating. I paid money not to get my homework done by using all of this service result, but I used its work to supply my essay.

For example, if I write about “Building the policies supporting human rights: The advantages and challenges,” I will need to know how to make a policy. It will take much time researching this process, so clearly, this service helps shorten your research. 

It is unfair to copy all the results from this service to do your homework. However, if you take its advantage, you will benefit from it, and of course, it is not you cheat in doing your homework. 

In conclusion, you use the homework/writing service to support your essay; this service’s idea is unique as you can use it for your writing. 

Suggestions For Human Rights Topic

After checking the section above, if you are still confused about a specific topic in human rights, you should refer to the suggestions below. This list is updated recently by using the data from many sources so that the issues will be trending and attractive to get your professor’s attention. 

Human Rights And Law Topic

  1. Courts with the role of protecting human rights through adjudicating criminal cases
  2. Some theoretical and practical issues on the protection of human rights through the institution of defenders in criminal proceedings
  3. Theory of human rights and human rights issues in the region
  4. Some theoretical issues on human rights and the role of courts in protecting human rights
  5. Some theoretical and practical issues on the internalization of international conventions on human rights
  6. The procuracy’s role in protecting human rights when exercising the right to prosecute
  7. Prescribing the principle of presumption of not committing a crime to protect the human rights of the accused
  8. Right to information from a human rights perspective and concerning the access to information bill
  9. Implementation of the two-level trial system – a mechanism to protect human rights in civil proceedings
  10. Protecting human rights utilizing vindication in criminal proceedings: practice and remedial direction

Human Rights And Education Topic

  1. Human rights education in the formal education system in some countries around the world
  2. Education on human rights, civil rights
  3. Human rights education in law training institutions
  4. Universality and specificity of human rights from the perspective of education
  5. International perspective and analytical framework on access to and enjoyment of education for children from a human rights perspective
  6. Proposing solutions to strengthen the education of human rights and citizens’ rights
  7. Perspectives and directions, solutions to enhance education on human rights and citizenship
  8. Education experience on human rights in European countries
  9. Human rights education for students in high schools
  10. Education on human rights in ethnic minority areas

Human Rights Speech/Presentation Topic For High School

  1. Human rights in the field of culture
  2. Comparison of human rights and civil rights
  3. Human rights through literary works
  4. Human rights and influence on the perception of students at all levels
  5. Human rights in miniature social settings, such as schools
  6. Human rights issues for those subject to surveillance
  7. Human rights through civic education lessons
  8. Human rights and obligations towards the country and nation
  9. Learn about behaviors that affect human rights perception in the home and school environment
  10. Why does the Covid-19 pandemic make us more concerned about human rights?

Human Rights And Politics

  1. Human rights policies in the region
  2. Role of the United Nations in formulating and developing international human rights standards
  3. The inheritance and development of the thought of human rights and national rights in President Ho Chi Minh’s declaration of independence
  4. Comparative study of the discourse structure and some basic linguistic features of the international declaration and international conventions on human rights
  5. Mechanism to ensure and promote women’s human rights within the ASEAN framework
  6. Guarantees for the fulfillment of international human rights obligations and commitments by member states of the United Nations
  7. Government’s role in ensuring and promoting human rights
  8. Other administrative handling measures and the guarantee of human rights
  9. Ensuring the human rights of children in the field of criminal justice
  10. International perspective and analytical framework on access to and enjoyment of education for children from a human rights perspective


  1. The relationship between human rights and morality
  2. Same-sex marriage from a human rights perspective
  3. History of birth and development of human rights through international conventions
  4. Ensuring human rights in arrest, custody, and temporary detention
  5. Ensuring human rights in land acquisition
  6. Protecting human rights by international law
  7. G.W.F. Hegel’s conception of human rights in The Principles of the Philosophy of Law
  8. Copyright protection against internet infringements in the world under the perspective of human rights.
  9. Hydropower development with the guarantee of human rights
  10. Prevention and combat of human trafficking: current situation and solutions
  11. Universality and specificity of human rights
  12. Foreign NGOs and human rights issues
  13. International law on the human rights of vulnerable groups
  14. Human rights protection in International Humanitarian Law
  15. Human rights to the environment
  16. East Asian values ​​and their influence on human rights development in countries in the region
  17. Protecting human rights with criminal norms in criminal law
  18. Intellectual property rights and human rights
  19. The right to die based on human rights access
  20. Ensuring human rights when issuing administrative decisions
  21. View of same-sex marriage according to the law and from the perspective of human rights
  22. Protecting human rights through restraints that restrict freedom
  23. The position and role of the judiciary in ensuring human rights
  24. Human rights issues and humanitarian intervention in international law
  25. Human rights are constitutionally guaranteed to individual liberties and the declaration of human rights.
  26. Protecting the human rights of juvenile offenders
  27. Human rights and national sovereignty in international law
  28. Judicial independence and the guarantee of human rights
  29. The concept of human rights in Western European philosophy in the 17th – 18th centuries
  30. Preventing and combating corruption and ensuring human rights
  31. The role of civil society in the realization of human rights
  32. Ensuring human rights in compulsory detoxification establishments
  33. Analyze and clarify the attributes of human rights
  34. Ensuring the human rights of ethnic minorities in settlement of criminal cases

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