The most challenging part of writing an argumentative essay is to find a suitable topic, promoting your knowledge and abilities. That is why you should check this article because it provides many great topics, which people wish to know before writing. 

In this article, I have classified the topics based on the field to find the suitable one easily. Check each field you are concerned about, and choose the best one. 

What Is An Argumentative Essay? 

An argumentative essay is one kind of essay you will learn to write. The purpose of writing is to show how you explain things, which are opposite. 

So, in an argumentative essay, you will debate both sides, give your opinion and try to convince the reader to believe in your viewpoint. 

A cat and dog may become a topic you can write to argue. However, try to find the opposite viewpoint to debate on it. For example, some people think breeding a cat has more benefits than a dog, but others disagree. So what is your point about it?

Except for the agreement and disagreement, you can show your neutral viewpoint. It is unnecessary to become an enemy of a perspective, so you can only analyze the advantages and disadvantages of both and why you have it in your article.

Besides, the higher the study level, the more complicated your topic is. The college argumentative essay topic will be more complex than the lower level; it requires more abilities to complete. In a college argumentative topic, you must do quantitative and qualitative analysis; if you explain something related to a fact, you must cite its references. Reasoning, logic, and comparison are also the factors you must ensure in the college topic. 

Sounds complicated? Do not worry; you will progressively understand it as your grade rises.

There’s one more thing you need to keep in mind. When you come with a college argumentative, it needs to be practical. You can write an essay like the sample about cats and dogs because it lacks science. The options for college should be related to the social issue, business, culture, or any fields that a college opens. For instance, if you learn about psychology, you can find any conflict in human psychology to write an argumentative essay. If my program were about educational psychology, I would write the conflict in children’s thoughts about doing homework. This topic will help me do my homework, in which I can apply my abilities and educational psychology knowledge. 

Do not worry about the difficulty of looking for a topic. Check the suggestions below, as they may help figure out your favorite one. 

Suggested Argumentative Essay Topics

These suggestions below are based on the study level and many topics, so you can easily pick a suitable one for your writing. 

For Secondary School 

The argumentative topics in secondary school are not tricky because students are trying to practice writing this essay. It should be about the most straightforward thing in their life. For example, I had chosen a topic about McDonald’s and Burger King to do my work at this age. This topic had attracted my teacher’s attention; she praised me a lot. 

Based on it, you may find various topics; let’s check some samples below: 

  • Dogs and Cats
  • Laborious and Talent
  • Electronic Book and Paper Book
  • Coca-Cola and Pepsi
  • Pizza and Hamburger

You can think of numerous topics when writing an argumentative essay. Let’s look around your place and find something with opposite features, helping you do your homework

For High school 

Topics for high school are more complicated, but they are still limited at the level of basic arguments. Some topics in high school can be the same as college topics. The difference is their methods of explanation. Students in high school will explain based on the personal view more than the college; on the contrary, college students will base on the scientific factors to write the essay. 

Check the ideas below, and you will know which one is appropriate. 

  • Is it possible to remove homework from the study program?
  • Why do I have to take the exam, which makes me stressed?
  • Against bullying actions by a fight is not the best way.
  • Is it possible to receive a good grade even if my teacher and I conflict?

For College

Coming to college topics, you should base on the field you study to write an argumentative essay. The right topic will help you perform the best and get a high score from the marker. So, in this part, we recommend you to scroll down more for more based-on-field topics. 

Food Topics

There are many things to debate, especially attracting many students for friendly content. You also can use local food to find a topic; just make sure it has two opposite points. Food, the people who cook it, the culture, the principles of eating, or many things related to this field are considered arguments. 

  • Fast food and slow food.
  • There is no cheap and delicious food, but it still ensures quality.
  • Meat lover and vegetarian.
  • Drink water and carbonated soft drinks.
  • People keep drinking alcohol even know how bad it is
  • Grilled food can cause cancer. 
  • Is eating pizza good for your health?

Music Topics

You can think about music-related issues which connect with social problems. I chose a topic about crazy K-pop idol fans in my college, which helped me do my work with a high score. 

Here are some suggestions for you: 

  • Is the phenomenon of young people crazy about idols good or bad?
  • Is it possible to pursue the music field if I do not have talent?
  • People only know the musician and forget the song composer. 
  • We cannot prevent music copyright violence on the Internet.
  • The composer cannot create a song if they do not have the inspiration.
  • Modern music styles are forcing traditional styles to death. 

Education Topics

This field is your advantage because you are now a student. Think about the topics that are concerned about student life. Most people can find their favorite argumentative topic in their study and living. In my college life, I also thought about many topics to write about, and till now, I have got a lot of creative topics to help me do my homework. Check them out below!

  • Living in a dorm and living outside, which is good for education? 
  • Is loving during the study negative or positive? 
  • Does cheating reflect the student’s abilities? 
  • People who drop out of college are losers. 
  • Is higher education the shortest way to success? 
  • Is it worth studying for a master’s degree or spending time getting work experience?
  • The passion and the major you must study.
  • Orientation from the early stage good or not? 
  • College or University? 
  • The teaching method with the style of instruction is always better than hands-on. 

Psychology Topics

Even if you are not a student in the psychology field, you can still write an argumentative essay about it. The reason is that practical psychology knowledge is widespread, helping you do your homework quickly with some research. 

Here are your recommended topics:

  • Gaslight effect on people’s mental health good or bad?
  • The Z generation is open to talking about mental issues.
  • Stress has both positive and negative impacts on people’s minds.
  • Loving kids is normal, but hating kids is an issue of mental health?
  • Being lazy means getting mental health issues. 
  • Students hate homework and love playing.
  • Conflict in the family negatively affects kids.
  • People can live without love. 

Sport Topics

There are tons of issues to write about in the sports field. People worldwide have discussed many topics that you can use for your essay. Check them below: 

  • Video games do not deserve to be a sport. 
  • Is chess considered a sport? 
  • Using stimulants in sports in positive and negative ways.
  • Achievement obsession in the sports field is good or not?
  • Should a sports talent join the entertainment industry? 
  • Hard-working for sports or talents, which is more important? 
  • Soccer is still the most commonly played sport on the globe.

Technology Topics

You can update the technology news to create many relevant topics. Technology should always be up-to-date because of its development day by day. If you write an old topic, it will not have much value for the reader. Also, you can choose the classic topic in technology to write an argumentative essay.

Suggestions for you: 

  • Can robots replace humans in the future? 
  • The invasion of robots will become true sooner. 
  • The transformation between life and machine.
  • The development of technology makes people lazier. 
  • Some people think that trusting a robot is better than a man. 
  • The Internet brings more negatives, so it’s better to remove it from our life.
  • People will focus on the virtual basis more than real life. 
  • Technology increases the unemployment rate. 
  • Technology increases the criminal rate.
  • Apple and Android in the future. 
  • The higher the technology development, the higher the chance a bank account is hacked.


An animal is a great option to write, for it is friendly, easy-to-write, easy-to-find a topic; especially, it is efficient. You can discuss recent animal issues, which most people notice in the news. 

  • Why don’t we use a vegetarian diet instead of killing animals for food?  
  • Some people believe in the extinction of some animal species because of human development, but some counters that it is the law of nature.
  • Animal extinction is related to global warming. 
  • Some people are against opening a zoo because they believe it does not provide the animals enough freedom and is against the natural law. 
  • Using animals like rats or monkeys for scientific research applications in the human body is not good.
  • Breeding animals should only be used for recycled materials such as sheep fur and not for the meat or any other materials that you need to kill animals to get. 

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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