Culture is a large field where you can find many topics for your essay. Although a topic can provide value for research, not all the topics are attractive. Sometimes, when you see an idea to write a culture essay, you will figure out some boring topic that not many people want to write about. 

To avoid them and select the outstanding ones for your essay, let’s look at this article. It will give you how to find the most attention-seeking topic and suggestions for your idea. 

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Understanding The Culture Research

Before referring to my suggestions of culture research topics, you should understand this field. 

Most students look over the range of research in this field as they often mistake getting the wrong topic out of the research range. The result is that students cannot apply their knowledge comprehensively, and they find it challenging to write the essay logically. 

So, how is the research range of the culture? 

The range is as much as you expect; for example, you research human activities and behaviors when you write about culture. Why do people use incense? How do people organize the festival in their place? What are the differences among many cultures worldwide? 

You can ask many questions to figure out a culture research topic. However, some students make mistakes when they get into a specific issue. For example, I once mistook the culture topic with the education topic when I tried to get my homework done. When writing about how culture impacts education, I intended to analyze the results in education and forgot the primary target of the essay, the culture. 

I want to say that when you research a topic of culture, you need to set it as the primary target. If not, you will face the risk of rambling and not focusing on what you need. 

Come back to the sample above; if you want to write about culture and education, you should choose a specific topic that defines culture as an essential factor. As a result, it will be “The analysis of cultural elements in education.” Instead of providing the results, you will analyze the cultural elements of this topic. 

It is pretty hard to fix this issue because the culture field is enormous. All you have to do now is remind yourself that you’re writing about culture, and everything else is just filler for your essay.

Suggestions For Culture Research Topic

In my college, I classified the culture research topic into many categories, helping complete my homework for me. As you read these suggestions, the advice is to pick the aspect you are interested in and, based on the idea, develop your topic with more specifications based on the concept. 

Culture & Education

Education is as extensive as culture, so all you need is to mix each element to create a topic. For example, when I tried to get my homework done, I had a question, “Why do kids believe in Santa Claus?”. If combined with the education field, it will be “Is Santa Claus an excellent way to teach students from early-stage? 

This sample above will analyze how Santa Claus is a positive culture that people want to convey to their children. So, it shows that you can turn every idea into an educational and cultural topic. 

Here are some samples you can refer to: 

  1. How to organize the cultural activities in school
  2. Should we make a program of culture in school?
  3. The elements of culture impact the student’s productivity
  4. The aspects of culture affect the student’s learning efficiency
  5. The elements of culture affect the student’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  6. Cultural learning forms
  7. Cultural conflicts when studying abroad
  8. What is the ideal way to adapt to a new culture when studying abroad?
  9. Cultural discrimination against international students
  10.  Food culture in school
  11.  Communicate and behave with older people in a school environment
  12.  Preventing stereotypes in school
  13.  Culture of helping disadvantaged students in school
  14.  Integrated teaching develops cultural awareness for high school students
  15.  Developing an integrated education system to build a school culture
  16.  Develop students’ thinking capacity and understanding about maintaining the beauty of indigenous culture
  17.  Cultural activities in school
  18.  Building contests to learn about local culture in schools
  19.  Reading culture in school
  20.  Applying modeling method in building cultural awareness for students

Culture & Business

If you take advantage of the culture in business, you will improve your business. Many people write essays about culture and business. I once did this topic, and my brother, who runs a business, wants to help complete my homework for me. He did it because he also benefited from this research, which he can apply to his business. 

The samples: 

  1. How to develop a culture in business
  2. How culture improves the employee engagement
  3. How culture improves the employee motivation
  4. How culture enhances the employee productivity
  5. How to build the business cultural activities attracting the employees
  6. The importance of culture in creating a healthy work environment
  7. Culture and employee’s mental health
  8. Why do most businesses often refuse the importance of culture? 
  9. Culture and the smooth business operation
  10.  Increase the revenue by improving the cultural awareness of customer

Culture & Religion

Culture and religion are the factors for having an intimate relationship. The culture reflects religion and vice versa. So, if you are interested in religion, you can combine it with the cultural topic to create a unique one. 

For example, I combine Ganges culture with Buddhism, which helps make my homework done with high appreciation. The reason is that they are all from India. In this case, your topic will be “How Buddhism develops in the Ganges culture in India.” 

As you know how to create a cultural and religious topic, let’s check the samples below: 

  1. The influence of Indian cultures on the existence and development of Buddhism
  2. The impact of Indian cultures on the presence and growth of Buddhism
  3. Changing cultural features by the interference of religions outside the region
  4. The difference between culture and religion
  5. Developing community culture through local beliefs and religions
  6. The results of the intersection of culture and religion in certain areas.
  7. The results of the intersection of culture and religion in certain areas.
  8. The importance of religion in building a local culture
  9. Conflicts between culture and religion
  10.  Solutions to harmonize the cultural and religious features

Culture & Technology

Everything can combine with technology, even the cultural field. There are many inventions based on culture, which helps people improve their life. For example, when social media becomes a part of our life, you may consider how it affects the culture. People always want to maintain the traditions and cultures as much as possible, but in some aspects, technology has changed it day by day. Which are the positives and negatives? 

Based on that, you can quickly figure out a topic of culture and technology. Just ask which kind of technology impacts the culture and how it changes the culture at this moment. 

You can refer to my suggestions below: 

  1. How Facebook helps improve the development of culture
  2. Using social media as a tool of maintaining cultures and traditions
  3. How Facebook changes the people’s perspectives of culture
  4. The harmful cultural effects of social media
  5. The influence of modern technologies on the cultural creation process
  6. How to organize cultural festivals online
  7. Applying stage technology in enhancing the experience of cultural and artistic performances
  8. Contribution of technology in cultural exchange and integration between countries
  9. The solution against cultural erosion when combined with modern technology
  10.  The method of maintaining culture and traditions in society with increasingly advanced technology

Culture & Health

Culture is considered the human spirit aspect, so it influences their health. For example, my area has a tradition of holding the festival at midnight of the new year, but I cannot join it because of work. So, I may feel sad and depressed. This feeling helped make my homework done as I wrote a topic about it. 

It is easy to figure out how culture affects health for both physical and mental aspects. The cultural perspectives will impact mental health and why the cultural behaviors affect your physic.

Therefore, you can have many choices for a great research topic in this field. 


  1. The study of healthy and unhealthy cultural behaviors
  2. How perspectives of culture affect our mental health
  3. Decisive thoughts for what is wrong or right in culture when international integration
  4. How culture affects our diets
  5. Can we still have our traditional food with a healthy diet?
  6. The creative solution for the harmonization between traditional and modern food
  7. Do exercise as a kind of culture.
  8. Improving people’s health perspectives but keeping the value of cultures and traditions
  9. The serotype of health in the past
  10.  Comparing the diets among many countries worldwide and 

Culture & Political

Government always cares about the culture because it is one of the most critical factors impacting the political system. That is why the researchers worldwide published many topics related to culture and politics. 


  1. The relationship between culture and politics.
  2. Is it true if people claim that building a political system depends on the culture?
  3. The power of the political system comes from the engagement of residents with culture.
  4. The study of increasing the quality of the political system through building a culture
  5. Prove that the foundation of politics must be based on a strong culture
  6. National traditions and their application in the construction of new human values ​​in the political system
  7. Political people’s perception comes from the cultural traditions they are absorbed
  8. Methods to limit corruption through building a positive cultural tradition
  9. Culture affects the formulation of macroeconomic policies of the state
  10.  Overcoming the weaknesses of the political system with the benefits of culture and tradition


  1. The relationship between culture and history
  2. Culture and human development
  3. Culture war
  4. Culture controls us or not?
  5. Culture and psychology 
  6. How does culture shape our intrinsic and extrinsic motivation?
  7. Culture and routines
  8. Strange cultures worldwide
  9. Application of culture in building an online game
  10.  Cultural communication 

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