If you don’t have a good theme for a poem, it will be challenging to write one. When trying to do this kind of art, poetry lovers will need inspiration in many fields in real life. Yet, not many people figure them out as they only know they are stuck on finding a topic that they can write about. 

It’s why I made this article to help you with many creative ideas that you can use for your poetry topics. Let’s scroll down, pick one and start your best-loved poem! 

Best Poetry Topics

When I do my homework on making a poem, I have classified the topics based on many factors to make them easy to track. Each element includes many smaller topics that you can think about what you will write. To help you create your idea better, I also note some recommendations about what you should write about in the topic.

The Opposite

This topic is one of the easiest ways to create a great poem. People base it on outstanding conflicts that they cannot solve. Through the poem, the author will transmit their story or how they think about two ways of an issue. 

Here are some ideas that you should refer to:

Love & Hate

Love is something you find it hard to explain its meaning, but when you place it next to the feeling of hate, the meaning of love will be outstanding. You can show your thoughts about this opposite, implying the struggles between you and your love.

Life & Death

Life and death are a good idea if you want to create a poem transmitting the philosophy of life. You can show the importance of life and possibly consider death as soul salvation. 

War & Peace

There are many wars outside, and you can use them to inspire your poem. Let’s try to transmit the idea of making a world where we do not find each other and live in peace. 

Characteristics Conflict

You can use your emotion to write a poem. Sometimes you will find a conflict between your feelings or your actions and emotions. Try to transmit how difficult you overcome it; then, you will have a beautiful poem. 

Daydreaming & Reality

There are many things to show on this topic that you can find in your real life. For example, you can write about a poor kid’s dream to become a doctor, but reality prevents him from doing that. 

Abundance & Poverty

This topic is simple, but it is powerful as you can find many actual images in your life. A homeless person on the pavement or a girl who goes shopping with millions of dollars is a reasonable implication for this topic. 

Betrayal & Loyalty

In this topic, try to emphasize the emotion and actions of each factor. You will find it interesting when comparing two opposite ones. For instance, you can describe how men feel guilty when he betrays the person he is the most loyal to. A kind and servants are also a great sample that you can apply. 

Family & Loneliness 

You do not need to look for any difficult topic because the best is nearest to you. Think about memories when you feel lonely because you have to be far away from home. Emphasize the warmth of having a home and sharing with other family members. 

Braveness & Fear

A great example of writing a poem is how you become brave when facing a horrible fear. You can describe your actions and how bravery solves the issue.

These recommended topics will help you make your poems easily. I remembered that I had to do my homework to make a poem. I have used these above topics and received many approvals from teachers. 

I had an idea to help me do my homework in the fastest way. After picking one of the topics above, you should write to the paper the adjectives, nouns, and verbs related to the one you choose. For example, you should think about guns, explosions, starvation, the army, etc. Then, you will find the opposite word for the peace topic. Combine them with your explanation to make a great poem. 

Poetry Topics for Middle School

Some students will find these topics difficult to use for making their poems. Significantly, the elementary and secondary school students cannot explain or imply the meaning of the abstract factors above. That is why I recommend you to write about the topics below as they always help me do my homework about the poems. 

The topics for middle school students are easy to explain because they are more specific and do not require much vocabulary and rules. When I was in five grade, I noted all these familiar topics, having my homework done


Family is an endless inspiration for my poem. When I was a teenager, I tried to describe how my parents looked and their actions to show their love to me. I also can share my memories with them, which I will never forget. Then, I can have my homework done and read it to my parents to respond to their love.


Friends are the people who meet you every day when you are at school. So, why don’t we make a poem for them? Don’t worry about the shame if you share it with the class. You can start your poem with incredible memories that you have with them. For example, biking to a hill and the person who reaches the target first would be a winner. 

Your Dream

Everyone has a dream. You can use a nightmare or beautiful dream as the materials for your poem. Try to figure out the feeling when the event happens, making you happier or scarier than ever. 

Your Future Career

Children always dream of a future career, so you can also put it in your poem. A common dream is to be an astronaut or a doctor. If you have one, you can try to transmit it by your words, which will increase your motivation to make it come true. 

The Accidents

It will be hard for you to recall the bad accidents for your mood. However, some people found that this topic is also ideal for making a poem. Make sure you overcome the accident in the past and are ready to put it in the poem. You can try to share the hurt you feel and get rid of the obsession. 

The Nature

Kids love nature because it should be the first thing they feel. At an earlier age, we draw animals, trees, flowers, etc.; that shows how we can approach nature and put it in the poem. Let’s try to make your words by sitting in the green meadow, looking at the cowherds. If your house is near the forest, you can easily hear the birds sing or the sounds of the leaves rustling when the wind flies through. 


Superheroes are a picky option as everyone loves to share the model that they tend to be. Even the heroes are only in the movie like Superman, Spiderman, or Batman; you have chances to show people how you love them and want to protect justice with your power as a human. 

Your Birthday

If you’re out of ideas, go with the one you’re most comfortable with: your birthday. Describe how your parents tried to make your birthday party, and how surprised you got the present from them. When was the most impressive birthday party your parents organized for you? Recall it, put it in the poem, and share it with your family. Your parents deserve to have your beautiful words to honor their effort. 


You may have a pet in your house, or you may want to breed one. So, let’s do a poem about it. You can show how you love it and vice versa. It is a good idea to describe the memories you have with your pet. In particular, you can explain why you set the pet’s name, which has a special meaning to you. 

Some Suggestions To Make A Poem

Most people find it challenging to make a poem the first time they try. There are many reasons for it; the primary one is that they do not have basic rules to create a poem. 

Also, it is necessary to have a great vocabulary because poetry requires you to select the best word to transmit an idea. So, you can check these suggestions below, which will help you make your poem easily. 

Finding Words At The First Step

You should list all the beneficial words that you may use for your poem in the paper. As mentioned above, this move is to help you select the powerful words with the same pronunciation, making an excellent rhythm for a poem. 

For example, if you write about your dog, you can describe his leap as a frog. If you breed a parrot, you can use “carrot” like “gnaw a piece of carrot.” Sounds easy, right? All you need is to write down the words, pick the powerful ones, and put them into the poem in your way.

Use A Poem Recipe

Since it is pretty hard to make a great poem, you can base it on the recipe to make your product. For example, you can try the “recipe” recipe. Sounds crazy? Let’s take a look at the sample below: 

One table

One seat.

One charging

One computing.

One cup of coffee

One person who wants to do the best

Am I crazy when working till death?

There are many recipes to try, just take one and remake it by your words; then, you will have your great poem. 

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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