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Common Physics Homework Questions and Answers

With the above basic instructions for determining the direction to do exercises, we must have had an overview and quickly applied the knowledge learned to solve my physics problems.

Let’s go into each chapter of physics. Take a look at the example question below about the Kinematics: Several sample issues will be presented in this section. These questions allow any physics student to put their knowledge of how to use four kinematic equations to solve problems involving one-dimensional object motion to the test.

Example 1: On a bow with a stiffness of 200 N/m, an archer pulls back 0.75 m. The arrow is 50 grams in weight. What is the arrow’s velocity right after it is released?

We can use an energy method to tackle this problem.

We can solve this by equating the bow’s potential energy to the arrow’s kinetic energy.

The bow can be thought of as a spring. The potential energy of a spring is (1/2) kx2, where k is the stiffness and x is the amount of stretching or compression the spring undergoes. As a result, the bow’s potential energy PE is: PE = (1/2)(200) = 56.25 J.

A particle’s kinetic energy equals (1/2)m, where m represents mass and v is velocity.

Because the arrow does not rotate when released, it can be treated as a particle.

As a result, the arrow’s kinetic energy KE is: KE = (1/2) (0.05)

PE Equals KE if we assume that energy is conserved.

When we solve for the arrow’s velocity, we get v = 47.4 m/s.



In 2.47 seconds, a race car accelerates consistently from 18.5 to 46.1 mph. Calculate the car’s acceleration and the distance travelled.


vi = 0 m/s; d = -1.40 m; a = -1.67 m/s2


t = ?

vi*t + 0.5*a*t2 = d

(0 m/s)*(t)+ 0.5*(-1.67 m/s2)* (t)2 = -1.40

0+ (-0.835 m/s2)* (t)2 = -1.40

t2 = (-1.40 m)/(-0.835 m/s2)

t2 = 1.68 s2

t = 1.29 s



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