For a long time, homework has become an indispensable part of every student. Anyone who goes to school certainly has gone through homework. It is no coincidence that homework delivery is maintained in every generation. Although it is a traditional method, assigning homework is a form of consolidation of knowledge that is hard to replace. So “what are the benefits if I do my homework” is the question which is interested in by many students.

What are the benefits if I do my homework for students?

Hard-working will achieve the desired success that is the motto and lifestyle of Americans. This motto is also applied in American education and is learned by many countries around the world. And the education that Americans use to increase hard work and practice time for students is to assign homework. Specifically, what are the benefits of homework that are respected by American education as well as many countries around the world? The following section of the article will help readers answer that question.

1. Reinforce the new theory learned in class

Typically, an hour in class only from 40 to 45 minutes. At this time, teachers can only provide students with the most basic theoretical knowledge of a lesson and they have almost no time to revise the theoretical knowledge. Therefore, “do my homework” is necessary for students to have time to review the theory learned in class. If you do not review, the children will certainly forget quickly, many times, creating a growing knowledge gap. Without theoretical knowledge as a basis, it will be difficult for students to develop and improve their own knowledge, the academic results will certainly not be as expected.

2. Time and space turn theory into practice

The class period is very short, so it is impossible to review theoretical knowledge. Besides, students are not allowed to practice what they have learned. In addition to the time, the classroom space is quite noisy, so it will be difficult for students to focus on practicing, doing exercises for the parts they have learned. Therefore, “do my homework” is essential to give students the time and space to turn the learned theories into their own knowledge through practice and homework.

3. Do my homework helps to feel more confident when going to school

Many students feel unconfident at school because they do not master the knowledge they have learned. However, if students are given homework, they will have to spend time learning to complete the assigned task, so they have the opportunity to consolidate the knowledge they do not understand. Therefore, it can be said that doing homework helps students to be more confident when going to school because they now have enough time to prepare their luggage carefully.

4. Do my homework helps me practice perseverance

In order to complete the assigned homework, students must have relatively good perseverance. Of course, not all students voluntarily complete all assigned homework. But because it is the duty of every student to go to school, students like it or not, they still have to finish their homework before going to class. It is thanks to this that students will develop patience in learning, over time, it will become a good habit in their character traits. And when there is perseverance, this will not only bring good results, but perseverance will support you a lot in the future.

5. Students know how to develop a study plan through homework

In order to always complete the assigned homework and ensure that the schedule is not changed, the students must definitely develop a reasonable study plan. Therefore, doing homework also brings another benefit for students that helps them know how to arrange study time and activities in a reasonable way. When going to school, good time management will help them get good academic results. But this benefit does not stop there, it also brings good results for the future career of students later. Because those who can work planned and know how to arrange all the work properly, surely will always be valued.

6. Doing homework also helps to increase the ability to explore and explore

In addition to the above benefits, doing homework also helps students expand and improve their ability to explore. Because doing homework is the time for students to develop their maximum self-study spirit. Therefore, at this time, students’ ability to explore and explore will be promoted as much as possible. As they explore and explore on their own, students will find good methods that probably won’t be taught by any teacher in the classroom. This spirit of self-discovery will help students develop themselves without having to depend on many factors.

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