Satire is an art that everyone will learn from school in the literature. However, not many people understand this knowledge and apply it well in practice. I have used many of them to do my homework on many topics in my study. That is why I am making this post to help you understand satire and the suggestions to use it in actual cases. 

What Is Satire?

Satire is an art that transmits the idea of criticizing something in real life. This attack is not offensive, and it makes people laugh. The satire always turns real things into unreal things with humorous methods.

There are many ways to make a satire based on the kind of arts you pursue. For example, you can do it in literature, painting, or any performance. 

However, this article only drops the literature to tell you the definition of satire in this field. Satire in the literature fields is a method to use the words that make the phenomenons ridiculous. For example, in Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift said, “Every man desires to live long, but no man wishes to be old.” 

The two clauses in this example are mutually contradictory, causing people to laugh. This statement criticizes man’s greed in life; no one can live long without getting older. So, the satire will reflect the truth in life, but it sounds humorous. 

Why Do We Need To Satire?

The Significant

You may wonder why you have to satire because it is hard to make the truth sound humorous. The fact that satire has appeared in every aspect of our life, from little things to big things. For example, if someone makes an old joke and is not suitable for the present situation. 

You will not want to point it out directly like “You made a bad joke, John.” It will be more delicate as you can make a satire instead, such as “That joke is so old, as the last time I heard it, I was riding a dinosaur.” Even the opposite heard this satire; it is still better than a direct criticizing speech. 

The satire is meaningful in the actual situation and the literature when you want to make your words more powerful. Many authors have written satire to impact politics, society, and many aspects they enjoy. Of course, their satire has received many approvals from the readers and raised a wave of agreement. 

However, not all the satires work in positive ways. If you do not consider the use of context, you may put it in the wrong position, creating negative feelings. For example, do not satire a person getting angry; it is not an intelligent way to solve the issue because the satire will push the conflict to its peak. 

If using satire in the correct place, you will know how powerful it is. When you need to do your homework in the literature field, satire is the highly recommended technique that helps you get a high score. 

What We Learn From Satirizing

Satire is to criticize phenomenons, people, or things in real life, so we learn from it to know which is bad/negative to avoid. You may wonder if you usually look at the phenomenon; you also can learn from it. 

Yet, using satire will emphasize the wrong things impressively. You will remember it longer and recall it better than casual. The old joke above is an ideal sample that you will think about riding a dinosaur every time you make a joke. It reminds you to choose a practical joke for your situation. 

Moreover, with satire, we learn how to be humorous. Satire can make people laugh, but they still get your point to solve the issue. So, you can be a friendly person who communicates with others effectively. 

In literature, learning satire helps increase the power of your essay. The essay with satire always gets high appreciation and high scores from professors. 

Three Important Satirical Techniques

There are three critical techniques of making satire you need to acquire. 


Hyperbole is an easy technique to make satire as you can apply it to almost all subjects. Hyperbole is a technique in which you exaggerate something over the everyday phenomenon it should be. Check this sample to understand it easily. For example, you can say that someone’s brain is the size of a peanut. Compared to the actual size, you can confirm that it cannot be a peanut size compared to the exact size, so it is not accurate. But, people keep using this statement is to criticize how stupid people are. 


With this technique, you will use a contrary structure for the phenomenon. Always try to make things as impossible as possible, which makes the reader surprised. Here is some example:

  • The clown has a fear of laughing.
  • A fire station burns down. 

The clown cannot do his job if he fears laughing, and it is hard to burn a fire station because the firefighters always keep this place as safe as possible. 

In these samples, you will find that what happens is always contrary to what you want to convey. It is not impossible to happen, but the rate is super rare. Yet, this contrary plays a great job in bringing the criticizing things you want. I often use the Irony technique to criticize something to do my homework because it is more impactful in literature. 


This construct relies on original work. For example, you can refer to this technique by reading Don Quixote, a novel written by Cervantes. Many characters in this novel have reflected society in real life. When people read it, they can imagine how the current social life looks and know how bad it is.

Parody is more prevalent in movies and TV shows, so not many people use it in literature, especially if you should refuse the idea of using it to do your homework

Suggested Satire Topics For Each Field


Politics is a popular field as everyone wants satire in various ways. There are many political materials to use for satire, but it requires you to understand the political events and update the news as fast as possible. 

For example, if you make a satire about Donald Trump, who dropped out of the president position, it will be unsuitable. However, you can base on what negatives Trump made to make a satire; for instance, you should concentrate on the violence on Capitol Hill. It shows Donald Trump’s weaknesses and negatives that he cannot control even having power. 

The great ideas are to pick up topics related to the damages/negatives or the new events to write a satire essay. You can choose some recommended topics below for your essay: 

  • Brexit
  • The present battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden
  • Surplus Value 
  • How capitalism exploits the labors 

If you are not interested in actual political events, you can choose abstract political topics. The abstract ones help me do my homework when I find a suitable topic.

Social Problem

There are millions of social problems for writing a satire essay, but you should pay attention to the necessary topics. Here are some samples for you: 

  • Poverty is all around the world, and even in the wealthiest nations. 
  • Approvals of using guns for defense but increase the risks of violence in the US. 
  • People work to earn a living, but science shows that working for money will decrease motivation. 


Love is an excellent idea for your satire essay because it is various and easy to find a specific topic. For example, you can satire the 3rd person who interrupts others’ happiness. You also can criticize the relationship between the wife and husband. Nowadays, the wife always wants to be at home for the chores, and the husband has to take responsibility for the family’s finances. Here is some sample: 

  • Everyone loves to be lazy, but some wives are the most brilliant in taking care of only chores. 
  • The 3rd person has no guilt, except for the insider left at the final stage.


You can research in-depth the issue in the school to find many satire topics. For instance, some schools require knowledge that we do not need to know in real life. The offer is more specific, which students only learn when they come to higher education. 


  • Why do we need to master advanced Math formulas, which we do not use in real life?
  • Standard tests can classify student groups with high quality, but it doesn’t reflect their intelligence. 
  • Can we refuse to do homework but still get a good grade?
  • Instead of having more friends in school, we love adding friends to Facebook.
  • It is not a bad idea to drop out of school because people are still successful. 

Satire Topics For College Students

I have thought much about satire topics from earlier; these below also help me do my homework in college. Here are some samples that you should refer to: 

  • Most teachers try to transmit the knowledge as much as possible, but they forget an essential thing in school: the ethnic. 
  • Yelling at students’ faces and threatening them about the scores are not the methods teachers learn when trained to be teachers.
  • Consider the efficient use of time instead of going to school. 
  • Being late for class is about behavior, but some teachers assess it as a learning ability. 
  • Love in school is free, but some schools inhibit this freedom.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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