Finding a research topic is always a challenge, especially for a specific field. Anatomy is an easy-to-see sample. Many students give up getting a great topic to research because of the complex level of an issue they find.

Still, the breakthrough in research is limited gradually as long as this science becomes developed. 

In research, the expert always has intelligent ways to discover new things to study. This article will provide what you should do to have a great idea. 

Let’s scroll down and figure out how the expert discovers the topic to do new research.

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What To Research In Anatomy? 

If you only read the suggestions without any essential guide, you may go toward copying the topic and waste your time researching what others have done. 

Understanding what to research in Anatomy is vital because it shapes an orientation for your research. By knowing the target, you will never be lost the way to reach it. 

So, what should I research in Anatomy? 

The answer comes from the definition of Anatomy. Anatomy is a sub-branch of Biology, and it is about studying the structure of living organisms. 

Calling it the “structure of living organism” will make it general, so it will be hard to get the ideas. Your task is to make this definition clear; then, you can recognize great ideas during the process. 

The living organism is all the living on Earth, including humans, animals, or even a living cell. The field of macro anatomy is about dissection and the separation of parts. If the creatures are as mall as scientists cannot separate their body parts by their naked eyes, it will be called “micro.”

So, you can quickly get the ideas by determining the target. For example, I once tried to do my homework related to animal anatomy. I wanted to research the structure of deer horn and how it grows. So, I use the topic “The study of Deer’s horn and its structure.” 

A tip for you is to note down all the ideas you are interested in. Making a list will help you quickly choose the target for your essay. 

Tips To Get The Ideas For Your Essay

Getting the target is the first step, and you need to research the issue around it. Even though you know well about the target, your knowledge is still limited as you need to know more sources for more ideas. 

When I confirmed with my teacher about my topic, she asked me if I researched all around the target I wanted or not. She reminded me that any possible issue is necessarily found if I want to do my homework with the best quality. Consequently, I could choose the best one for my writing. 

She also advised me on the resources I could refer to, so I will share ideal ways the experts often use to get new ideas. 

#1 Observing Experiment In Lab

You may get an allowance to enter a lab your professors work. Do not miss this opportunity of getting new ideas. You will realize you learn much by observing the experts dissect the target. 

For instance, I once went to my brother’s lab and watched him anatomize a frog. Although I was a newbie in this field, I wondered what the difference between a toad and a frog was. So, on the next visit, I asked my brother to dissect the toad and help me distinguish the differences. 

After this experience, I wrote a report with much beneficial information about those animals’ differences. 

The more you observe anatomy cases in real life, the more things you can learn and get ideas. So, do not stay alone; let’s find the lab and contact the admin to get a great learning opportunity allowance. 

#2 Reading The Anatomy Science Magazine Daily

When technology is developed, you can quickly access the media to get your information. To find great inspiration, you should often read the anatomy science magazine. The more helpful information you get, the more chance your brain can process it to create a new idea. If your base is flimsy, you will struggle to find great ideas for lacking a lot of updated knowledge and experience. 

Compared with the tip above, this tip can help get your homework done because it is easy to do. You can read the electronic magazines or access your college/university library to check them. 

All you need is to pay attention to the important news related to your target. For example, if you are planning to write about the human eye’s anatomy, you should find the information about it. 

#3 Get Ideas From The Strange/Unreasonable Research/Case

Unreasonable research is not meaningless. Sometimes, many people refer to it to get an excellent idea for their research. For example, people think the Frankenstein experiment is crazy in the past. Contrarily, currently, people are trying to implant human bodies together. You can find many examples at this moment, such as eyes, liver, and heart implantation.

Also, some crazy murder criminals will inspire you to get new topics. For example, some crimes are trying to dissect a patient body. Although it is not much concerned about anatomy, it is also a great source of inspiration for new ideas. 

#4 Writing Service

Anatomy is a challenging field that few want to pursue, but it will be easier if you know about writing services. It will not be considered cheating; cheating is based on your actions. For instance, you are considered cheating when you use this service to get your homework done but keep all their results as yours. The writing service is the best to get the references to help you overcome a challenging assignment. 

My experience in using this service for getting an essential topic in Anatomy is:

  • Try to remake the issue with the most relevant content. 
  • Use the writing’s service result as the reference as you need to change their explanation to make it belong to you. 
  • You can use it well if it provides data but notes the source.

Of course, a website that does your homework is an excellent idea for saving time and effort. However, you should remake the result once or twice to make it become your product. As you are the creator, you will never be afraid of being awkward when people ask about it. 

You should notice using a website that does your homework only for a short period because the more you use this service, the more dependent you are. 

Suggestions For Anatomy Topics

After knowing well the target and tips, you will discover the suggestions. These come from others’ original work that may inspire you to develop new ideas. 

Macro Anatomy

  1. Research on carpal tunnel anatomy applied in the surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome
  2. Investigation of anatomical characteristics of the lacrimal trough and nasal cavity by dissection on mummies, application in laparoscopic lacrimal surgery
  3. Anatomical study of the superior gluteal artery perforating branch in humans
  4. Survey on the anatomy of the ethmoid sinus ceiling, its application in endoscopic sinus surgery
  5. Study on anatomical characteristics of blood vessels of the outer femoral cap in humans
  6. Study on the fundamental structural changes of the anatomical structure of the inguinal canal in patients with inguinal hernia
  7. Research on anatomical characteristics of the acetabulum and its application in the surgical treatment of central hip dislocation fractures
  8. Research on diagnosis and surgical treatment of parotid salivary gland tumors
  9. Anatomical characteristics of the vas deferens in the inguinal canal through microsurgery to treat varicose veins
  10. Anatomy of pancreatic duodenum

Micro Anatomy

  1. Study on histopathological and clinical morphology of cancer of the spectrum treated by surgery 
  2. Study on clinical characteristics, pathophysiology and surgical results of lateral ventricular tumors 
  3. Study on pathology and immunohistochemistry prognostic factors of hepatocellular carcinoma 
  4. Study on characteristics of lymph node metastasis and results of surgical treatment of rectal cancer 
  5. Study on anatomical characteristics of breast carcinoma 
  6. Anatomy research and clinical application in breast reconstruction surgery 
  7. Primary liver cancer: Pathophysiological – clinical features
  8. Investigation of the relationship between clinical, endoscopic, and pathology of colorectal polyps
  9. Pathological and clinical features of Langerhans histiocytosis in children
  10. Anatomical features of gastrointestinal lymphoma

Funny Anatomy Topic

  1. Research on the correlation between the Roma algorithm and the pathologic features and stage of the disease in ovarian cancer
  2. The changing role of the pathologist from morphology to molecular pathology in the era of precision medicine

Human Anatomy

  1. Research on anatomical characteristics of the upper body of 17-year-old female students
  2. Study on surgical fixation of the posterior route and decompression of the anterior route in the treatment of tuberculosis of the thoracic and lumbar spine with neurological complications
  3. Anatomical study of the transverse leg artery flaps and descending knee artery
  4. Central nervous system anatomy

Animal Anatomy

  1. Study on some anatomical features of the pancreas in experimental animals
  2. Anatomical and physiological characteristics of Vernicia Montana Lour
  3. Study on some reproductive biology of crickets (Gryllus Bimaculatus De Geer, 1773) and hybrids in rearing conditions.
  4. Survey on morphological and anatomical characteristics of some species of the genus Artocarpus

Plant Anatomy

  1. Adaptive anatomical features of some light-loving plants 
  2. Study the morphology and anatomy of plants
  3. Study on morphological and anatomical characteristics of fallopian multiflora (thumb.)
  4. Morphological and anatomical distinctions between Polycarpaea Arenaria (lour) and multi-fruited gaudichaud
  5. Research on leaf anatomy, fertilizers, and harvesting techniques for PH8, PH10 tea varieties to produce raw materials for processing green tea and oolong tea
  6. Study on some morphological and anatomical adaptations of the corkscrew
  7. Research on biological characteristics of orange trees
  8. Research on some biological and ecological characteristics of sturgeon species

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