A student who studies chemical, food management, or any fields like that will look for an exciting food research topic for their paper. Food research has become a popular topic for low to high grades students. There are several difficulties that we might debate due to the constant evolution of food types.

Although it seems easy to find a food topic, you will need more information about it. So, let’s consider the suggestions below, and you will know how to find a food research topic for your paper.

Thực phẩm là gì? Phân loại và tổng hợp các nhóm thực phẩm giàu dinh dưỡng

What Is Food Research?

You think it is just food research, right? Yes. It is the easiest way to answer this question. Food research is divided into many categories that you may find interesting when coming up with it. For example, in my high school, I once did pay to have homework done, and the topic was about street food and its food safety. It is an important topic, and you only need to pick one kind of street food to write an essay. 

Thus, let’s scroll down to get your suggestions, which you can refer to, and write your paper.

The Suggestions For Food Research Paper Topics

Food And Culture Research

Every food has its history of foundation and development, which shows its cultural features. So, you can mix both fields and write a paper about it. However, this topic requires you to understand the culture with decent knowledge. For example, when I was in college, I knew a guy in the Faculty of Social Sciences with a Culture major who tried to pay to have homework done. Consequently, his research paper topic is outstanding, and it is “Study of the relationship between traditional food and culture.” Although he paid for it, his work is exceptional. 

If you are concerned about food and culture topics, check my suggestions below:

  1. The influence of foreign cultural integration on the maintenance and development of local cuisine
  2. The contribution of street food in maintaining local culture
  3. How has culture influenced eating styles?
  4. The connection between culture and local cuisine
  5. We are raising cultural awareness through maintaining and developing local cuisine.
  6. Cultural factors adversely affect local culinary styles
  7. Family culture and the formation of local cuisine of each family
  8. Diversity of culture brings the variety of cuisine
  9. Developing local cuisine in the direction of international culinary, cultural integration
  10.  Recognize the unique culinary culture that needs to be maintained

Food And Business

Food and business always come together when you research in practice. People make food for enterprises to get revenue, and the food business has become one of the most popular service industries. There are many topics people research about food and company, but you should consider the suggestions below for your paper.

  1. Develop the local foodservice industry
  2. The difference between street food business and modern trend food business
  3. Why does the restaurant business ensure food safety criteria more than the street business?
  4. Is it worth the money to use restaurant food service or simply eat from the street vendors?
  5. How is the food business based on local people’s perception of food?

Food And Nutrition

If you love chemicals and health, you can try the topic of food and nutrition. Analyzing the food and its nutrition’s impact on people’s health is practical as you can also apply the knowledge in your life. 

I need my homework done with research about food and nutrition; then, I will analyze the nutrition of cuisine in a meal of local people. For instance, Pho is Vietnamese cuisine, and people love to eat it whenever they feel sick. There are tons of reasons shaping this thought routine, so I can analyze it in-depth in nutrition. 

Check my suggestions for food and nutrition topics below: 

  1. Deficiency of daily essentials when using fast food
  2. The difference between drinking cooled boiled water and filtered mineral water
  3. The nutritional difference between eating cooked meat and eating raw food
  4. Substances that are not good for the body in natural foods
  5. Why are traditional dishes often lacking in necessary nutrients or not ensuring a nutritional balance?
  6. Research on the nutrition of foods that help improve health for sick people
  7. Nutritional study of morning eating habits in cultures of different countries
  8. Why do many people want to eat porridge when sick?
  9. Why fish dishes are recommended for children of all developmental ages
  10.  Research on nutrient-rich foods to reduce the risk of cancer

Food And Psychology

You can research the behavior and psychology of humans for food. Why do some people love eating fruit? Why do some people hate eating meat? Some research proves that the cause comes from psychology. Then, when you research it, you can find the solution to balance people’s diet. 

If I need my homework done with food and psychology topics in my college, I will try to figure out why people love or hate some kind of food for my research. For example, the case should be “Why do students love eating fruit such as apples in the morning?” Although someone may think that the apple is a popular fruit, it depends on human psychology. 

As you want to research this topic, let’s check my suggestions below:

  1. The relationship between food and human psychology
  2. Live for food or eat for existence?
  3. Research on some eating behaviors of young people
  4. Why do you need a snack when drinking?
  5. Eating disorders: Causes and suggestions for overcoming
  6. Obsessions about food that people often encounter
  7. Research on women’s psychology about food
  8. Research on men’s psychology about food
  9. Psychological gender differences in food perception
  10. Why do people assume that cooking is usually for women?

Food And Environment

All of us know that food comes from the environment, especially nature. Every day, we use the natural source around us to maintain life. For example, we hunt an animal for meat. Food and the environment have links that you may use in your articles.

I started working on my homework with a topic related to food and the environment. It was “The research of creating an ideal environment for food to keep the natural balance.” 

  1. Are vegetarians contributing to the protection of the environment?
  2. Effects of culinary development on the environment
  3. Increase people’s awareness in maintaining the growth below of culinary culture combined with environmental protection
  4. Disagreement between vegetarians and meat-eaters on ecological protection
  5. What foods affect the environment?
  6. Air pollution and the smoked food industry
  7. The relationship between food culture and the environment
  8. Why do people defy the destruction of the environment to satisfy their culinary desires?
  9. How to develop the seafood but keep protecting the water environment
  10.  Solutions to stop hunting animals for food

Food And Disease

Food is one of the fastest ways to spread the disease. Even if you eat cooked food, the cuisine risks getting potential damage to your health in some cultures. For example, some ethnic minorities have a cuisine made from the food in the small intestine of some livestock animals such as buffalo. Even though they cook it before eating, the scary feelings and the risk of getting an infection are high. 

I once started working on my homework about the disease that ethnic minorities often get because of contaminated food. If you’re searching for an excellent topic in this area, have a look at my suggestions below:

  1. The study of spreading Ebola virus because of using a bat as food materials
  2. Research on the combination of certain foods that cause poisoning
  3. Research on the possibility of immunosuppression in some foods
  4. Diseases encountered when using dogs and cats as food
  5. Know the signs of food poisoning
  6. Why can some animals spread disease to humans through food?
  7. We are using cockroaches as food, the benefits and risks to face.
  8. Solutions to raise awareness about food poisoning
  9. We are raising awareness about food for ethnic minorities to ensure food safety.
  10.  The reasons ethnic minorities have strange and unsafe food in their tradition. 


It is pretty hard to put these suggestions below into any categories. So, if you are not interested in the ones above, let’s check them, and you may find out your favorite topic to write the paper.

  1. Food and drinking culture
  2. The risk of causing erosion of local culinary culture when international cultural integration
  3. Research on nutritional food for professional athletes
  4. Research on nutrition and food in the family
  5. Study on nutrition and food of subjects divided by career and age categories.
  6. Study on the feasibility of implementing the method of using waste materials in food recycling and synthesis
  7. Why do people need to limit their food intake?
  8. The effect of food on the weight loss process of obese people
  9. Research on food and its ability to prolong human life
  10. Research on the connection between food and happiness
  11. Essential foods in children’s nutrition
  12. Research on the connection between food and the reproduction of labor power
  13. Raise awareness about meal quality over quantity
  14. Why should we focus on breakfast food?
  15. Why should dinner be reduced to starchy or greasy foods?
  16. Why should we eat starchy foods?
  17. How can vegetarians get protein without meat?
  18. The shortest way to the cemetery is the way to eat.
  19. Strengths and Weaknesses of Protein-Rich Foods
  20. Strengths and Weaknesses of High-Fiber Foods
  21. Strengths and weaknesses of starchy foods
  22. Why consider water as a necessary food?
  23. Drinking enough water replaces eating other foods. Is this a good way?
  24. According to health science, design economical meals for boarding students but still ensure enough nutrients.
  25. Principles of food safety in the processing process
  26. Some processing principles to provide nutrition and flavor in dishes
  27. Difference between fast food and slow food
  28. How to raise people’s awareness about using slow food over fast food?

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