As you learn Geography, you know this field, including much practical information. So, the ideas to create a topic for an essay or a paper also come from real life, showing the connection between the geographical environment and human life. 

Among the sea of topics that students can choose, many find it challenging to decide which one suits their advantages. By checking this article, you will know how to find a geography topic for your paper, and of course, it provides you with outstanding suggestions you can instantly pick. 

Core Concepts of the Four Traditions of Geography

Understanding The Geography Topic

Before getting in-depth to the suggestions, you should understand the Geography topic. The topic is quite similar to the title, but it indicates the range of research you will do. The types of study available for Geography topics will be restricted to two: the physical environment and the relationship between this environment and human life. 

When I first thought about the geography topic to do my homework, I found this information. The physical environment is distinguished from the spiritual environment; it is all about the things around you. Yet, they are only pure research of Geography, and you can research the relationship between Geography and humans. There are a ton of things to write if you understand them well. 

For example, your place is related to geography, why you choose the current location instead of staying in others, how that place impacts your life, etc. It is the specific ideas you can think about when creating a Geography topic. 

When you read the information on the Internet, you may find that there are many kinds of topics people give out, such as Human Geography, World Geography, Culture Geography, Physical Geography, etc. 

Yet, after critical thinking about the classification, I realize that the topics are only divided into two kinds above: pure geography and the relationship between geography and humans. 

Understanding The Pure Geography Research & Referring To The Suggestions

The Pure Geography Research

This field requires you to have in-depth knowledge about Geography in physical state. By researching it, you need to master the skills related to measurement, chemical experiments, biological tests, history, etc. 

The pure geography topic is researching the geography target independently, without any relationships with humans. So, to write the essay, you need to understand well the characteristics of the target, how to place it in the connections with other natural factors around, figure out its history and the actual cause, and so on. Technically, it is based on quantitative research. 

Once in my college, my teacher assigned me to do my homework about researching the structure of Red Basaltic Soil. I analyzed the primary construction, the application, and why it rarely appears in some places on Earth. 

This sample will help you imagine how pure Geography research is. Although some people think it is boring to do this research and write it in the paper, some find it interesting. 

This kind of Geography topic is suitable for people who love to work in the laboratory more than taking field surveys. 

By understanding all the explanations above, you can easily choose a topic for yourself. Below are the suggestions I classify into each category for an intelligent choice. 

Topics Suggestions

  1. General Assessment of Natural Conditions Of (Your Special Place)
  2. Assessment of Natural Conditions for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry Development
  3. Research on Natural Disasters in (Your Place)
  4. General Assessment of Natural Conditions Of (An Area) Serving Agroforestry Development
  5. Geographical Facility Serving Ecotourism Development
  6. Study on Forest Resource Variation In An Area
  7. Study topsoil structure and its essential to grow plants
  8. History of the topsoil and how it is changed today
  9. Subsoil bio pores and the functions in organic soil management
  10.  Mineralogy of soil under the parent rocks. 
  11.  Water Environmental Quality Assessment
  12.  Study on changes in vegetation status and its influence on river basin erosion

The variation of pure Geography topics is not as much as you expect. However, it will be easy to find a topic; you only need to pick a target and research its characteristics. For example, I had written an essay about the natural disasters in my area to get my homework done. All I need is to collect the related information, even each weather forecast. 

Understanding The Relationship Between Human & Geography and Referring To Suggestions

The Relationship Between Human And Geography

People are the most potent element which impacts Geography in many aspects. For instance, the mining activities will change the weather and geographical characteristics of the Earth layers and directly affect the natural environment in the area where people act. 

There are many topics that you can write about in this field. Yet, it requires you to understand more than Geography. You will need to research this primary field and other substitutes such as society, humanity, culture, etc.

So, all you need is to match the Geography with one aspect you prefer; then, you quickly know the topic you will write for your essay. When I tried to get my homework done with a topic of Geography, I matched the characteristics of my hometown’s environment with how industries affect it. People have built many factories in my hometown and released the waste uncontrollably into their areas. After several years, my family could not grow any plants, causing my parents to quit spending time on their farm. 

This sample shows that you can pick any real case in your life to make an essay about Geography connecting with human activities. 

Topics Suggestions

I found many topics when trying to do my work with Geography essays. I classified it into specific aspects to easily follow and find your suitable one. 

Human Geography

This field is to research human impacts on geography. 

  1. Research on the Impacts of Mining Activities on the Natural Environment
  2. Study on the effects of Limestone Mining on the Natural Environment
  3. Landscape Assessment for Territorial Organization of Agricultural Production in the Context of Climate Change
  4. Assessment of Water Resources Serving Sustainable Development Goals in the Context of Climate Change
  5. Research on Ecological Landscape for Reasonable Use of Territories in Coastal Plain Districts.

In this field, you may find many topics related to the economy. It is one of the sub-categories of Human Geography and gets many people’s attention. Here are some samples I found when I  that you can refer to: 

Economic Geography

Geography includes many factors related to the economy as people use resources from their living area.  

  1. Study of Land Resource Use Variation According to Sustainable Development
  2. Research and evaluate resources for sustainable economic and social development in upland districts.
  3. General Assessment of Natural Conditions For Sustainable Tourism Development Purpose
  4. A Study of Human Landscapes for Environmental Management in An Area
  5. Topographical Study of The Rick In An Area Province Serving Tourism Development
  6. Research on Establishing Geographical Basis for Tourism Development
  7. Assessment of Tourism Resources and Bioclimatic Conditions for Tourism Development
  8. General Assessment of Natural Resources for Modeling Eco-Economic System
  9. Landscape Research for Reasonable Use of Natural Resources and Socio-Economic Development
  10.  The Impacts Of Ethnic Minority In Difficult Living Areas

Culture Geography

As you know, the culture will change the geography; for instance, people burn the forest to prepare the soil for their cultivation. There are many reasons around it, and you can analyze how culture controls people’s decisions to act. 

  1. The culture of emigrants and their impact on the places they stay.
  2. The relationship between geography and culture
  3. How geography affects culture and vice versa
  4. Culture development with a consideration of changing geography
  5. Culture sphere explanation
  6. The ethnic minorities’ culture and their impacts on the environment.

Historical Geography

Search for the history of each element you are interested in, and then you can try to write about it in your essay. Below are some examples to which you can refer.

  1. History of shaping the geological strata
  2. History of the division of territories
  3. History of population distribution
  4. History of the landscape resource exploitation in your country
  5. History/The signs of shifting among the geological strata

Geography Topic For Highschool

If you find these suggestions above are difficult to write an essay, you can go for the easier ones below. They are suitable for high school students as you only need to generalize the knowledge and show point your opinions. 

  1. Why does the weather become different in other places worldwide?
  2. Why do people have to migrate?
  3. Do people take all advantage of the place they stay? 
  4. The condition of running out of landscape resources in the future
  5. The elements of geography impact human life. 
  6. How people change their living place in both positive and negative results
  7. The Geography elements impact the development of agriculture
  8. The Geography elements impact the development of industry
  9. The Geography elements impact the development of the livestock industry
  10.  How to take advantage of the geographical resources.
  11.  Are geographical resources unlimited?

Other Geography Topics

  1. The suggested solutions to improve the nation’s security in the territories. 
  2. Geographical wars and their impacts on our life
  3. Develop key economic zones by geographical tactics
  4. The issues of exploitation
  5. How mining affects the nature
  6. The possibility of future resource scarcity
  7. Transportation and communication development problems related to Geography
  8. Forms of industrial territorial organization
  9. Forms of agricultural territorial organization
  10.  Population distribution
  11.  Types of settlements and urbanization
  12.  Types of settlements and urbanization
  13.  Soil forming factors
  14.  Take advantage of the wild territories
  15.  Rational use and natural improvement in some areas
  16.  Labors and works distribution related to geography
  17.  The analysis of humid tropical monsoon
  18.  The analysis of tropical
  19.  The analysis of monsoon
  20.  The analysis of hot and cold water flows among the oceans
  21.  How do erupting volcanoes happen?

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