The environment is an important topic causing it difficult to find a suitable topic for students’ essays or research papers. However, you will quickly figure out your best topic by checking this article. It includes examples and tips to help you select your favorite writing topic.

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Best Environmental Research Topics

Environment & Health Topic

When you wish to get your assignment done on this topic, you should figure out the relationship between both factors. For example, your house is really near a factory, and they often release waste into the environment. Every time you come back home, the foul smell makes you short of breath. 

It is a good sample as you can apply your real case for a topic: “How smoke from factories affects the near-living resident’s health.” 

By finding out the relationship, let’s think about the suggestions below and pick a good one for your research.

  1. Manage the environment and health
  2. Positive environment change to improve the mental health
  3. Should a factory be built near the resident’s area?
  4. Why should we move the factory out of the inner city area?
  5. How water/noise/air/soil pollution impacts people’s health
  6. Solutions to prevent water/noise/air/soil pollution in the local area
  7. Could we transform the waste into materials which are good for health?
  8. The solutions to increase the perspective of classifying wastes before throwing. 
  9. Negative impacts on living in the dark/moisture space
  10.  Adverse effects on living in the over-heated space
  11.  How to improve the mental health in the work environment
  12.  A toxic work environment deals enormous impacts on your health
  13.  The decisive elements for a healthy living space
  14.  The relationship between getting fat and the living space
  15.  The study of fine dust impacts on our health
  16.  The relationship between the educational environment and mental health of the student
  17.  Using organic plants instead of casual grown plants
  18.  How pesticides exposure affects our health
  19.  How the electronic environment affects our eyes’ health
  20.  How the electronic environment affects our mental health
  21.  How society affects our mental health
  22.  The study of the space with light affects mental health
  23.  How the sunlight improves the immunity system
  24.  Should we grow more plants in the living space?
  25.  The study of male mosquito’s reproduction to prevent infectious diseases.
  26.  How weather affects our health
  27.  Does breeding a pet bring an unhealthy environment?
  28.  Solutions for burnout at the workplace
  29.  What will you do if you’re on a work trip which changes your environment?
  30.  What is an excellent educational environment for students’ health?

Environment Argument Topic

Trying an argument topic of the environment to get your assignment done is a good idea. Environment argument topics are always easy because you can share two opposite views. When I was in college and tried to do my homework, I chose “Could people stop chopping trees while the role of wood is still important to us?” 

My essay got a lot of attention as it suggests that we need to find a method to replace all the wood materials with other environmentally friendly materials. 

I did write my essay successfully, so now I will share all of the topics I had thought about during the process.

  1. Could people accept giving up the business for protecting the environment? 
  2. Why do businesses with harmful environmental factors always make a lot of money?
  3. Could people stop hunting animals to create fur clothes?
  4. Why do people know the rhino horn and ivory have no medical effect, but they still hunt these animals?
  5. People release their waste into the environment but hope for a healthy living space. Is it a conflict?
  6. Every person on the planet has to protect the environment.
  7. Protecting the environment is only a responsibility of the rulers
  8. Even though we are developing our world, why do some people still live in landfills?
  9. Is it fair to some people who live in complex living spaces such as the desert? 
  10.  Desert is a kind of environment, but it negatively impacts the lives around us. Should we find a way to remove it forever?

Environment Debate Topic For Students

The debate topic needs to be discussed from various viewpoints. In my college class, I once needed to do my homework on a debate topic; it was “How to protect the environment by student’s actions.” 

It is suitable for students because they can protect the environment by recycling a plastic bottle, picking the trash whenever they see it, or encouraging others to keep the environment clean.

Because my role is class officer, the teachers assigned me to think about the debate topic. So, here are some samples that you can use in your environment class.

  1. What can students do to protect the environment at college?
  2. What can students do to propagate and increase the perspective of environmental protection?
  3. How to deal with old papers from the low grades?
  4. How to keep the educational environment healthy?
  5. How does the educational environment affect students’ mental health?
  6. The combination between family and school protects the environment.
  7. How to talk with a person who violates the rule of environmental protection?
  8. What should you do if someone refuses to keep the environment healthy? 
  9. Should students join volunteer activities for environmental protection? 
  10.  Creative daily activities for students to contribute to protecting the environment

Environment & Ethics Topic

People’s perspective is the origin of protecting the environment, and ethics have a considerable impact. 

That is why many environmental research topics solve the ethics issues in many aspects of life. Some people consider misusing the environment as only their choice, and they accept the wrong result, while others think it is unethical because it affects others.

Whenever I do my work related to the environment, I always question ethics. What is allowed to do and what is inhibited by human ethical perspective; all of them help me get an in-depth topic of environmental research. 

  1. Ethical environment protection and unethical environmental behaviors.
  2. The importance of setting ethics to protect the environment
  3. Should parents teach kids about environmental ethics from an early stage? 
  4. How do environmental ethics impact our perspective?
  5. Why do people consider environmental ethics better than setting punishment in national policies? 
  6. How do environmental ethics help to maintain sustainable development? 
  7. What will happen if people have low environmental ethics? 
  8. How do environmental ethics improve the business?
  9. Distinguish the environmental ethic and environmental responsibility
  10.  The humanistic aspect in environmental ethics. 

Scientific Environment Topic

As you love science and the environment, you can combine both to create your favorite topic. I once tried to do my work in college in this field and get the approval of my teacher. 

My topic is “The application of scientific research to protect the environment in our country recently.” I analyzed people’s recent creative applications in this research and developed ideas. 

You can refer to these suggestions below if you think about this field. 

  1. How do scientists help to protect the environment?
  2. The creative scientific ideas for environmental protection
  3. The application of science in increasing the productivity of agriculture but keeping the environment protected
  4. Scientific solutions to preserve the riversides from erosion
  5. Scientific solutions to prevent the desertification
  6. Research on changing the genes of plants to protect the soil environment
  7. Research on how to control the weather
  8. Scientific solutions in the conservation of rare animals
  9. Research on options to change plastic bags with natural-friendly materials
  10.  Waste treatment options

Technological Environment

It will be a shortcoming in technology if you do not mention the technology with the environment. People have invented many technological tools for environmental protection. 

  1. Outstanding environmental technology – produce oil from anything
  2. How to remove salt from ocean water to increase the freshwater amount
  3. Taking advantage of the hydrogen energy
  4. The application of ocean thermal energy conversion
  5. Harnessing waves and tides
  6. Research on using plants and bacteria to clean
  7. Research on burying emissions into the ground to prevent air pollution
  8. Protecting environment applied the technology of AI
  9. Using innovative light technology to save power
  10.  Wastewater treatment by plasma technology
  11.  Solving industrial sludge by new technology
  12.  Application of cloud computing to protect marine ecosystems
  13.  Application of batch anaerobic incubation technology
  14.  The technology of breeding plants and animals to balance the damaged environment
  15.  Advanced technology and material solutions in environmental protection and sustainable development
  1.  Application of biotechnology to protect the environment
  2.  Application of information technology in environmental protection inspection
  3.  Technology application in the treatment of dust in the air
  4.  Application of technology in turning solid waste into a renewable resource
  5.  Application of intelligent technology to ensure water safety

Educational Environment Topic

Education is considered as an environment, so you can refer to the real life of studying to figure out a topic. For example, I combine students’ mental health with the educational environment; then, I have a topic “How to improve student’s mental health in an educational environment.” 

Here are some examples to consider:

  1. Changing the educational environment to increase the perspective of environment protection
  2. How to create a healthy academic environment
  3. Should we have a program of environmental education at any school level?
  4. Physical enhancement of boarding students through improved healthy meals
  5. Building a model of psychological education for students in an ideal environment
  6. Improving student learning through the application of technology
  7. Building relationships between students and teachers in an educational environment
  8. Resource management in a learning environment
  9. Methods to improve the learning environment to increase student engagement with learning tasks
  10.   Study in an ideal environment
  11.  Improve students’ feelings of happiness through changing the learning environment
  12.  Comprehensive development needs to be accompanied by building an ideal school environment.
  13.  Options in building student character through the learning environment
  14.  Conflict resolution in the school environment through positive measures

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