Finding a computer science topic sounds complicated if you do not get to work. That is why I am writing this article to help you save your time finding your suitable computer science topic. I have researched a lot from many sources on the Internet and summarized the practical topics. You can refer to and remake them to create your favorite one. So, let’s scroll down and figure out the great suggestions. 

What Is Computer Science? 

You may know computer science because it is the field you study. However, it is crucial to understand the true meaning in-depth, which helps you find the most proper topic.

Computer Science is to research the theory of information and computing, the application in the computer system. In other words, learning this field is to analyze the process of automatic computing, which is applied on a large scale. After studying computer science, you will become an expert in computing theories and design the computing system.

How Can I Find A Science Topic

If you are prepared to become a computing expert, may you need to think about the topic yourself? You cannot base on many sources below to help choose a great topic.

Asking Your Instructor

In my experience, I would highly appreciate it if you could ask your instructor to help you figure out the topic. I have asked a professor to help me do my homework with a suitable topic, but the result is that his suggestion is more expert. 

It will be hard for you to write an essay from a professor, so the advice is to filter it. You should separate the large topic into tiny pieces, which are more suitable for your level.  

The professor suggested that I write about the compact attribute increment method in the change decision table. This topic is what a doctor chose and successfully defended a doctoral thesis.

However, I have no disappointment because I separated it into many keywords. I had choices to write about, such as the coarse approach or changing the decision table. In this way, whenever I catch a topic, I know what to do to find many others. 

Based On What You Studied

I thought about the knowledge I studied and tried to figure out a suitable topic. This way worked and created various topics to help me do my homework

For example, if you learn the theory of computation, you can choose the topic of quantum computing. Yet, not many people do this topic as it is pretty hard to research and write essays about it. 

For more manageability, you can choose the topics related to Interpreter or Compilers. This essay only requires you to understand some coding language from the high to the low. 

Summarize From The Internet

There is unlimited data on exciting topics, helping you figure out your idea. Yet, I never use the topic people recommend to do my work because it may be dupe with other works. 

I can suggest another way to increase the outstanding topics. When I do my work, I always search for keywords in many languages; consequently, I can find various computer science topics worldwide. This trick will help you widen your thoughts and easily find a suitable one to write.

Topic Suggestions

The suggestions below are classified into various subset fields, so you can easily find the topics suiting your study. 

Mathematical Logic

In this field, you should find the topic related to the Bool function or the method for modeling the logical queries. For example, you can write about the research methods of improving algebraic boolean function components of line boxes in clock cipher systems.

Number Theory

This theory is to apply in Cryptography and is used as a test method in AI. For example, you can research the Brouwer fixed-point theorem and its application in the corresponding fields. 

Category Theory

Category theory allows you to generalize the Mathematical method and calculation method. For example, you can refer to the topic of the Factoring system in a hierarchical category group.

Numerical Analysis

Numerical analysis is the foundation of algorithms in discrete mathematics. People in this field try to study the limits of calculations using decimal numbers (1.0E-3), including errors that occur in rounding methods (round-off errors).

In this field, you can try to write in-depth about the error. For example, let’s analyze the application’s weak and robust numerical stability. 

Automata Theory 

There are a lot of theories in Computer Science, and Automata Theory is one of them. Automata theory can provide many different logic structures to solve a math exercise so that you can write about its application in some exceptional cases. 

Quantum Computing

Try to focus on the Quantum mechanism applied to data transformation. Many people have focused on this field, but few are successful because of its difficulty. 

Algorithms and Analysis of Algorithms

You can write about the Algorithms and the algorithm’s time- and space difficulty. This field is quite hard as you need to pay a lot of effort for in-depth writing. You can refer to some topics like: 

  • Research on data classification algorithms based on decision trees
  • The applications of the classification algorithms in some particular cases

Data Structures

It is a good idea to write about the data structure. You can show the advantages of data organization and the principles of data manipulation.

Programming Languages

Programming languages are designed for computer programs. The different language is the unique feature it has. Some people try to figure out the relationship between the programming languages to write about it. 

This field has many topics that you can find from the Internet and many other sources. It is also not too difficult to write, so I have thought about many topics that help me with my homework.

Here are some samples for you: 

  • Research about the dynamically and statically typed languages
  • Study the problems of object-oriented programming language principles and set up tests of self-selected problems using object-oriented programming language C++.
  • Powerful applications of Python in data analysis
  • Python language in data science
  • Python and the widespread application in Artificial Intelligence
  • The r language and social science research


This field is not easy to write about, but it is an interesting topic that many students want to research. You will write about the theories and application of simultaneous calculation, the safe data in the multi-tasking fields, or any multithreading. 

Distributed Computing

Like Concurrency, this field is also hard to write. To accomplish a common task or goal, you will analyze the computing usage executed in multiple computing devices on a network.

Parallel Computing

The parallel is simultaneous to use multiple threadings. It is pretty hard, and there are a few suggestions for this field. 

The fact that the fields of these three systems should be assigned by a professor who knows the students’ level well. It is complicated to write an essay and requires advanced knowledge to make the writing in-depth. 

Computer Programming

This field is popular as many pick it for an essay like Programming Languages. Computer programming means you will use the corresponding languages to solve the Algorithms. Some topics that you should refer to: 

  • The application simulates the operation of an algorithm such as Dijkstra, Classification, Encryption, etc.
  • The application of the graph coloring algorithm as a web application
  • Research, learn digital signature and its application to control, authenticate and protect the information in the electronic passport
  • Study of the reversible digital watermarking technique for binary images
  • The method of concealing information in an image is reversible using Wavelet coefficient correction
  • Studies and installs some basic data clustering algorithms
  • Microcontroller and computer interface
  • Programmatically manage folders in HDD using Assembly language
  • The technique of hiding information in images is based on KBNS – Multiple base notational system
  • Distributed computing and applications

Computer Audio

Computer audio processing Algorithms and data structures help you create, manipulate, store, and broadcast digital audio recordings. This industry is also essential for speech recognition applications. This field is more practical as you can use real cases for your essay. 

Computer Networking

Computer networking is familiar to the people who study Computer Science. You will spend time on the Algorithms and Protocols suitable for data communication through the dedicated and communicative environment. 

This is also one of the most often written about fields by students. I also have thought about the topics in this field, which can help me with my Computer Science homework.

Here are some suggestions: 

  • Multicast routing problem and experiment with streaming applications
  • Next-generation network SDN and multicast processing experiment
  • Set up a networking boot environment on a Linux system, testing application models for computer labs.
  • DLNA and multimedia applications on the Internet

Data Mining

Try to write about the sorting data method and draw the necessary information from many different sources. 

Relational Databases

A sample of this field is to write an essay about building a sustainable development database.

Artificial Intelligence

Here are some examples of this field:

  • Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in the field of national technology and technology for life
  • An overview of neural networks and applications in Artificial Intelligence 
  • Research and apply the artificial neural networks to serve identification problems in GIS
  • The combination of AI, GIS, Cloud Computing Technology, and Big Data in developing the smart city
  • Theory of artificial intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence in 4.0 and the next era 5.0


Computer Science is a broad field that you can have many choices for your essay’s topic. However, it is advisable to depend on your strengths to pick the topic. Figuring out your advantages will help you quickly approach the topic and write it with the best performance. 

Hopefully, this article can help you with the information on the Computer Science topic, and next time, we hope for a high score in your essay.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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