Cyber ​​Security is always a matter for many businesses and organizations. They try to develop and change the security system to prevent and minimize the risks of unauthorized network intrusion. Also, for the researcher, discovering the topic is a challenge that takes much time and effort to figure out—day by day. Many issues are detected, requiring them to be creative to get new ideas and solutions. 

To solve the difficulty in collecting new ideas for cyber security topics, I made this article with an orientation shaping your way of research. Let’s check each part and try to apply it to your case. 

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What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber ​​Security is a technical term in the field of information technology. It is an integrated system of activities to ensure the safety of information and data on computers, servers, and mobile devices from attacks via the Internet.

In era 4.0, there are many cyber security attacks aimed at stealing data and personal information, so Cyber security plays an essential role in many businesses. 

A professional security network will enhance the business’s reputation. Users will be wholly assured when transacting and using the business’s services.

What To Research In Cyber Security?

There are many aspects to research in Cyber Security based on the classification. So, let’s check these aspects as you can find what to study in Cyber Security. 

Cyber ​​Security

Cybersecurity is a system against unauthorized entry from external hackers and dangerous factors from within. To help manage better, Cyber ​​Security ensures advanced setting is up to date and prevents threats.

You can realize that installing a security software system on your computer is necessary to maintain your data’s safety and avoid virus attacks or illegal access actions.

App Security (App Security)

Security application (APP Security) is software that protects devices from dangers and threats. This app will lock the data access when your other app is compromised.

In addition, App Security regularly updates to the latest version to protect your application from any security attack. 

Information and Data Security

The most important part of networks and applications is data. Therefore, information security is critical for businesses and organizations to plan in detail.

Enterprises need to strengthen the protection of customer information by creating a separate security layer to ensure privacy and safety about personal details, transportation data, etc.

Faulty Data Recovery and Continuity

In the system, any software will face errors and data loss, causing severe consequences and affecting the business’s reputation.

Therefore, enterprises should have solutions for network security recovery to maintain the data system and fix errors when there is a risk. This system also supports operation when facing resource difficulties, ensuring profits, and limiting company losses.

Summary: Now, you may know what to research in Cyber Security. The problems are divided into three fields corresponding with each headline above. If you find a topic you are interested in, let’s classify it into three kinds above; you will have a correct orientation for your writing. 

Tips To Get Cyber Security Ideas?

#1 Get Ideas From The Real Cases

The actual cases are always an inspiration for any researcher to write their report or essay. By observing and trying to fix the errors related to Cyber Security, you are a person who knows it the best. When I tried to do my homework by finding a security crack in my company’s app, I realized that I could use 3rd application to intervene in the system operation to fix the crash. Instead of doing it directly, I tried this way because it is easier. Thus, based on this case, when my teacher assigned me to do my homework by writing an essay about Cyber Security, I picked this real case as evidence for the fixing method. 

It may sound cliché, but you will understand how easy it is to write an essay if you can use the actual case you once observed or have done before.

#2 Get Ideas From Other Works

By choosing this field to study, you are willing to access sources from any platform, such as social media. The Information technology forum is the best way to get your ideas. 

People are open to sharing their issues on the Internet to get the answers. On the other hand, many knowledgeable people are ready to help. 

It is how you can take advantage to get your idea. By understanding the questions and answers, you can shape your mind to create a relevant topic. For example, it is excellent to help me with my homework as there is a case in my favorite forum. People try to discuss how Security Apps is the one who steals our information. Although they help us protect our devices, they are risky too. Yet, the contrary point is that if we cannot trust these apps, we have to spend our whole life in the scary of Security attacks from harmful factors on the Internet. Trust it or Uninstall it; we have to choose between these choices. 

At that time, a person proves that there is no choice except to install these apps. Of course, these have the policies to protect the client’s data, confirmed by a reputable 3rd-party. Therefore, we should not worry about it. 

The man’s work is valuable as it provides an excellent view for the customers who lack experience in Cyber Security. With these points, this topic is perfect as they help me with my homework as I can refer to his work to write my essay about the argument among people’s thoughts.

#3 Writing Service

Why not? It is a brilliant way that you can save your time and effort in writing an essay/research about a Cyber Security topic. 

Ordering a website that does your homework costs money, but it is worth using for high efficiency. This service gives you great results with outstanding topics, specific data, and explanations. The experts also give you detailed solutions from their years of experience so that you will have a great picture of your concerns. 

Are you considering it a cheat? No way. You pay money for it, and of course, you will not copy it. The data can be copied because it includes the facts (with source citation). All you need is to understand the issues with an expert’s explanation and try to remake them with your words. 

Your order is always confidential, so your essay is unique. If you are confused about what to research, let’s order a website that does your homework. You can quickly get the efficiency from this service outcome. 

Suggested Ideas For Your Topic

I believe that the general topic will not provide significant support in finding a specific topic for your essay. These topics below are from the original works that you should consider using when checking. 

  1. Research on wireless internet security and applications
  2. Building network security solutions for small and medium businesses based on open-source software
  3. Building a network security system for bank branches
  4. A joint study on TCP/IP network management and TCP/IP network security
  5. Some open-source network security tools
  6. Application of IDS in computer network security protection
  7. Sets of network security solutions for WLAN
  8. Network security and firewall device PIX
  9. Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Securities Enterprises
  10. Safe channel
  11. Cybersecurity and Trojan and backdoor attack techniques
  12. Researching network security architecture, building security solutions, securing wide-area information network systems
  13. Network security and user authentication
  14. Steganography technique
  15. Network security and techniques Session Hijacking
  16. Segmentation method in decision making to improve the accuracy of network security assessment
  17. Cybersecurity and enumeration techniques
  18. Cybersecurity and Sniffer engineering
  19. Research and guide to using backtrack functions to test network security
  20. Model of technical principles to ensure network security
  21. IP network security
  22. Network security and Scanning Network techniques
  23. Research project on evaluating network security systems and using Foundstone to assess security weaknesses 
  24. Complex network security and potential risks 
  25. The relationship between viruses and network security
  26. Cybersecurity and Footprinting Techniques 
  27. Learn network security and scanning attack techniques 
  28. Learn about network security and social engineering attacks 
  29. Learn about network security and web server attack techniques
  30. Learn about network security and SQL injection techniques 
  31. Some network security solutions on Linux with firewall netfilteroptables 
  32. Cybersecurity of digital signatures and applications IPSec 
  33. Network Security in IPv6 
  34. Researching checkpoint solutions in enterprise network security monitoring 
  35. Network security project penetration testing 
  36. Research on security techniques and network security in e-commerce 
  37. Learn about cybersecurity and enumeration techniques
  38. Several models of data safety and network security. 
  39. Initial theoretical proposal for wireless network 
  40. Analysis of penetration techniques and wireless security of wi-fi
  41. Network security monitoring discusses anti-DDoS solutions 
  42. Learn about Nagios and apply it to ensuring network security 
  43. Public critical infrastructure network security 
  44. Network security IDS intrusion detection system – OSSIM 
  45. Cybersecurity Face Recognition Cybersecurity: learn INJECTION and how to avoid it 
  46. Network Security Check Point Endpoint Security Cybersecurity
  47. Learn the Pfsense tool Network Security Endian Firewall 
  48. Cyber ​​Security Hacking Database SQL Server MSSQL 
  49. Cybersecurity topic Anti Flood and Malware Cybersecurity theme Secure Mail
  50. Cybersecurity Trojan
  51. Cybersecurity Virus
  52. Cybersecurity Worm
  53. Dig deep into Code Red, then simulate the infection method
  54. Passive interface network security
  55. Elements of Cybersecurity
  56. Learn about bearer security and the Buffer overflow technique
  57. Cyber ​​Security Eavesdropping
  58. Research on improving rule set in network security monitoring system
  59. ECC encryption (telecommunications network security)
  60. Building a network security system with ASA Firewall
  61. Learn backtrack 5 in exploiting network security vulnerabilities
  62. Research and deploy Qradar technology for information technology network security monitoring
  63. Cybersecurity XSS attack techniques
  64. Researching network security architecture, building security solutions, securing large-scale information network systems of state agencies
  65. Cybersecurity Smime digital signature
  66. Network security solutions in IP transport network management

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