In every speech, motivation is the part showing the abilities of the presenter. It means, when they talk, they can transmit their inspiration and encourage people to act positively. To do it, you must have a good topic that attracts people’s attention at the first word. 

People figure out that the first thing they look at is the topic implied in the title. So, if you cannot show an attractive topic, you fail to convey the motivation. 

Choosing a topic for motivational speech is also a difficult task, so that you can check this article for many suggestions. 

Why Do You Need To Write Motivational Speech?

You will not want to say wrong words when having a speech in front of a crowd. So, it is better to write down a speech before remembering it to present. 

Moreover, when you have a speech, you will not want to have a dead time thinking about the powerful words. People face the fillers a lot like “but um,” “yeah,” “so,” and many others which interrupt their speech. 

So, if you know the correct words to say at the beginning, you can avoid this mistake. 

Writing down motivational speech will also help you increase your fluency of presenting, improving the inspiration. As you have a preparation, you can perform the best. The very first step, of course, is to pick a topic that interests you. If you think the topic to say sucks, you fail to convey the motivation to the audience. 

100 Topics For Motivational Speech

Topics For Students

Everyone needs to be motivated, especially the students. You can think of many ideas, starting from students’ lives. Just remember your student life and ask what can motivate you; you can easily find a motivational speech topic. For example, I was in high school, and I had to do my homework about motivation. I thought about love, pushing me to study harder to create a good future with my girlfriend. This topic helped me get my homework done with a high score. 

I also, once, needed my homework done in college, so I asked the service to write my essay for me. However, afterward, I realized that it could cause a bad result for me.  So, I had the motivation to have my homework done myself. 

Paying someone to write my essay for me is a bad way, only making us lazy to do an essential task. You should only use it for emergencies to avoid failing the paper.

Based on my case, you can write a motivational speech that can awaken the students in truly learning. 

No more divagation; let’s straight into the recommended topics for students below. 

  1. Thinking about the homework is lazy to let you finish. 
  2. Why is a student’s time priceless? 
  3. Good health is a stable basis for improving the study.
  4. Learning is essential, but hanging out with friends is correspondingly vital. 
  5. Taking a bed will help you be good at the moment you feel, but it will not be suitable for the moment in the future. 
  6. Do not act like a human; act as an ant.
  7. Use the daily activities perspective in study time. 
  8. Pursue your career, and the dream will come true.
  9. If you have a passion, you should turn it into a career.
  10.  Independence has a relationship with motivation.
  11.  Increasing motivation from petty things.
  12.  How do you set an actual goal that you can complete?
  13.  Deal with bullying at school. 
  14.  Find your best friends, who can be companions with your study.
  15.  How can I get motivated to do my homework from the tutor/professor?
  16.  Think about becoming good like your professor.
  17.  Get support from the parents in learning.
  18.  Creativity in studying will help you with consistency.
  19.  How to transform love into motivation?
  20.  Relaxation and motivation. 

Topics For Success

One of the target people is a success. That is why they always look for motivation, pushing them to work harder. This topic is more abstract, so you should depend on the element of success or the human character leading to success. 

  1. Good health will help you reach success closer.
  2. Laborious character and talent, which boosts people’s success? 
  3. Set goals for success in the right way. 
  4. Self-esteem is what you need to fasten the process to get success.
  5. Instead of learning from the successful person, learn from your failures.
  6. Avoid negative people if you want to succeed.
  7. Relationship of creativity and success. 
  8. Look at poverty or get motivation from those who are not as good as you. 
  9. Success in social relationships.
  10.  The relationship between social relationships and success. 
  11.  How to determine a successful person?
  12.  The enjoyment or satisfaction is considered as a success. 
  13.  Happiness and success.
  14.  Overcome the failures and get the lesson from them.
  15.  Beat ourselves to be successful. 
  16.  Take your advantages to get success. 
  17.  Learn from other weaknesses to improve yourself. 
  18.  Life is not eternal, so our time is limited. 
  19.  Confidence will help to increase the chance of success.
  20.  Success without any money. 

There are many topics you can refer to as motivation for success. You should pay attention not to compare your thoughts with others. We are all different, so pushing them to work and succeed is also different. 

However, thinking about what pushes you is the first step. Then, asking people around or finding other sources motivates people’s motivation. Combine them, and you will have the topics that interest both you and the listeners. 

Topics For Business

Success is the abstract topic, but business is more specific. Try to understand the core features in business or find out the characters of an entrepreneur; you will know a suitable topic. 

Here are some suggestions: 

  1. Finding the business core is more complex than finding a source.
  2. Starting your business from small to large scale. 
  3. There is no rush in doing a business, but it needs to be timely. 
  4. Even if you are good at managing a business, you still need an opportunity to shine; so, create it for yourself. 
  5. Business motivation from family.
  6. Business motivation from opponents.
  7. Passion and business.
  8. Take every advantage in your business.
  9. Think about making a business as building a shelter. 
  10.  Helping people is how to build your business. 
  11.  Finding the core value of your business. 
  12.  Why do you need to put the clients over your head?
  13.  Business and patience. 

As mentioned above, thinking about a business topic is not difficult because it is specific. You should pick the elements around this topic, brainstorm, and develop what people can use for their motivation. 

Topics For Health

There is nothing to say about this topic. Health is important as you need it to achieve everything in your life.

  1. How to wake up in the early morning for exercises? 
  2. Why do you often quit the gym after only one week? 
  3. Having a fit body helps you reach success.
  4. Eat clean and follow the scientific diet every day. 
  5. Is it hard to drink enough water per day? 
  6. Get support from friends for losing weight. 
  7. Loving can affect your mental health. 
  8. Social relationship and mental health. 
  9. Why should you have a break after one or two hours of work? 
  10.  Live with a healthy schedule.
  11.  Remove the acne with a healthy calendar. 
  12.  Live for yourself first before living for others.
  13.  Do not consider others’ opinions as the most crucial thing in life. 
  14.  How to take a walk every day if you are busy and cannot get to the gym? 
  15.  What would you do to boost your health in the workplace? 
  16.  The reasons you cannot spend only 30 minutes every day to improve your health.
  17.  The combination between working and improving health.
  18.  Positive thoughts for better health. 
  19.  Time management for health.
  20.  Tips to keep motivation in every moment you have. 

Finding motivational health topics determines health characteristics with two categories, including physical and mental. You also can search on the Internet the health issues people have faced recently, and the reliable data, contributing to your speech. 

Other Motivational Topics

  1. Pursue happiness for getting success.
  2. How do you focus on your work? 
  3. The satisfaction of substance will not bring you the motivation.
  4. Why does a mobile phone keep us lazy? 
  5. A game is more attractive than an exercise, so make exercise like a game. 
  6. The relationship between motivation and inspiration. 
  7. The short-term benefits vs. long-term benefits and how your trade-off.
  8. Get motivation from strangers. 
  9. A modeling method for increasing motivation.
  10.  Setting practical goals helps you with the best motivation. 
  11.  Is pursuing money considered a kind of motivation? 
  12.  Motivation from good reasons vs. bad reasons and their effects.
  13.  Do not do everything alone.
  14.  Internal motivation and external motivation.
  15.  What forces you to help people around?
  16.  How does education affect our motivation?
  17.  Why do teachers transmit inspiration and make us motivated?
  18.  Competing with your friends is how you increase your motivation.
  19.  Have you ever got motivation from hating someone?
  20.  Family can help you with motivational spirit.
  21.  The relationship between your career dream and motivation.
  22.  How to avoid “let’s do it tomorrow” thoughts. 
  23.  Do robots make us lazier? 
  24.  The more modern the world is, the more that we lack motivation.
  25.  Strict planning is what people call “motivation.” 
  26.  Work motivation from your colleges.
  27.  Think about your boss and get motivation from him. 
  28.  Understand the value of our every action. 
  29.  Give and take in our life.
  30.  Do not wait because you will miss it. Instant act as you can.
  31.  Having a pet and you will never be lazy. 
  32.  How to become a thoughtful person? 
  33.  Avoid all the factors making you lazy before you do anything. 
  34.  Maintain motivation by shaping a routine. 
  35.  How to have a strong belief in yourself?
  36.  How can you admit a mistake in your life? 
  37.  How can you admit to telling a lie? 
  38.  How do superheroes inspire you in your real life?
  39.  Why working smartly always produces outstanding results.
  40.  Overcome the sadness of being broken with someone. 

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