With the coronavirus pandemic, students worldwide are experiencing uncertain days, such as restricted teaching on campus and limits on health and travel. We can well realize how difficult it is to maintain motivation for your studies. To assist you in structuring your workday and studying more effectively, the Do My Homework For Me team has compiled some recommendations and tips.

5 ways to stay motivated when you are distance learning - Study  International

Create a Good Study Routine

Don’t waste another minute pressing the “Snooze” button just because you’re studying at home! Get ready for the day as usual as if nothing were happening! Open your eyes, get started with your daily morning routine, and get well dressed.

Organize your day by setting up a dedicated study environment free of distractions. Be careful with your phone and social media applications! Consider creating a schedule in which you would study in 90-minute intervals followed by a 30-minute respite period.

According to research conducted by Do My Homework For Me, brief bursts of studying are far more effective than more extended periods. As a result, while you’re enjoying your coffee break, your brain is hard at work encoding new information into your memory. Wow, that’s pretty cool!

When you have a timetable for your day, you automatically produce better decisions and are more inclined to adhere to them. 9:00 AM? Time to do some research for your essay, and then you have a virtual class at 10:30 AM. Eleven o’clock already? Relax for a while and have your favorite drink — you heard that right! You’ll find it a lot simpler to stay motivated if you establish studying from home as part of your daily routine.

Spread it out

The tendency to procrastinate exists in all of us from time to time. Knowing why you procrastinate is an essential first step towards motivating yourself. Perhaps you believe that the task is too tough to complete, and you do not know where to begin.

However, if you can divide your day and assignments into smaller and more manageable parts, those significant tasks will no longer seem onerous. If you plan to write 600 words per day for five days, a 3,000-word research paper becomes less intimidating.

Our motivation is at its highest when we work on things that are not beyond our abilities. According to Do My Homework For Me experts, “tasks shouldn’t be too complex or too simple; they should be at the appropriate difficulty level.” Make sure to set realistic goals for your day. It is motivating to feel challenged but capable.

Keep your end goal in mind

What academic career do you wish to pursue? To achieve your goal, you will have to put much effort into studying and graduate with the essential skills and knowledge. Keeping your end goal in mind and asking yourself why you’re attempting to accomplish it are the ways to maintain your powerful motivation at any time.

In the case of some, it may take several months to achieve the goal, so it is wise to establish a series of interim objectives. Have you completed and submitted all of your Spring Term assignments on time? Tick. Did you get a passing grade on your exams? Tick one more time. Every interim objective brings you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

Dr. Stephen, a senior expert from Do My Homework For Me, once said that “if you do find yourself in need of a motivation boost from time to time, remember what you’re striving for.”

Make contact with your classmates

The importance of maintaining social contacts when studying at home, especially for extended periods, should be noticed for your mental well-being. The likelihood of being positive, optimistic, and eventually driven to attain your goals increases dramatically if you are happy and socially connected.

Make plans with your students to participate in virtual study sessions – or even non-study sessions. Make contact with everyone you like. Everyone, including your teachers, is likely to have an email address where you can reach out to them. Connect with people if you have a question, wish to run an idea, or need encouragement.

Remember, studying at home may be as solitary or social as you want it to be, depending on your preferences. While we are likely not to be physically close, technology has enabled us to be more linked than ever. A pleasant face and words of encouragement may work a lot. Don’t forget that the Do My Homework For Me team is willing to assist you anytime. 

Relax, refresh, and give yourself a reward

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is exceptionally essential for successful home study. It would be best if you took time to unwind to refuel and learn more effectively.

The reduced number of physical activities may lead to a lack of mental motivation. Do heart-pumping and heart-racing exercises, and you’ll find yourself feeling more energized. Additionally, you will notice a significant improvement in your capacity to think and concentrate.

Finally, don’t forget to reward yourself. What better motivation than a reward of your choice when you get a task completed or reach your daily goal? – Congratulations, you deserve this!

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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