Do you want to begin your professional career as a recent college graduate in the business world? Are you interested in switching domains and exploring new and exciting career opportunities? Do you wish to make a career change to a more lucrative position?

If you say yes to all the questions above, you must have prepared yourself for your job-search process. You might ve reading through a slew of job descriptions and narrowing them down to a few, depending on your priorities. You could even have applied for some of the positions advertised on various job search websites.

However, most college students rarely focus on how to speed up their job search process; instead, they keep applying for as many companies as possible until getting a job. In this article, the Do My Homework For Me team has compiled some helpful job-hunting suggestions to help you land a position in a shorter time.

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Make your resume compatible with the applicant tracking system (ATS).

If you have already begun your job hunt, there is a good chance that you have a resume ready to send out right now. However, using the wrong resume format can jeopardize your efforts to land a position.

Now, here’s something to think about: To evaluate hundreds of resumes based on pre-set qualifications, more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies utilize an applicant tracking system (ATS) computer software. Therefore, if your resume is not compatible with ATS software, it can get rejected before capturing an employer’s eye. 

Making your resume ATS-friendly is entirely possible in various ways. You should insert job-specific keywords from the job description and save your resume as a document file. You should also avoid inserting images and graphs into your resume since ATS software can hardly translate them.

Make good use of your personal and professional networks.

According to a recent survey by Do My Homework For Me, networking accounts for 82.5 percent of corporate job placements. The idea is straightforward—you are more likely to be a potential candidate if you make a favorable impression on someone who works for the company you are applying to.

Utilizing your personal and professional networks is one of the most effective strategies for expediting your job hunt. You can contact classmates, coworkers, or even former professors to see if they know any appropriate job openings.

Nowadays, internet networking via social media websites such as LinkedIn can also be highly beneficial. Maintaining an active presence on these websites enables you to connect directly with recruiters and hiring managers. Additionally, an active profile can help you build your image, which can boost your professional chances.

Create job-search notifications to help you save time during the job-hunting process.

It might be time-consuming and challenging to search through many employment portals for a position that matches your priorities and abilities. After a couple of hours of surfing the Web, numerous job listings may begin to appear the same as one another.

Creating targeted job notifications can help you significantly reduce the amount of time you spend job searching. You can tailor job alerts to your specific needs. As a result, you will only receive notifications about job openings that are relevant to you.

Make sure you have appropriate interviewing practice.

Various factors can influence the outcome of a job interview in addition to your field of expertise. Things that seem insignificant, such as posture or eye contact, might have a significant impact.

According to Do My Homework For Me research, approximately 34 percent of hiring managers tend to ignore candidates with poor posture, and 66 percent reject those who don’t make enough eye contact with the interviewer.

When you only have 30-40 minutes to demonstrate your accomplishments, first impressions are critical to your success. Consequently, it would be best to prepare for your job interviews as much as possible in advance. Do My Homework For Me experts suggest practicing in front of a mirror. In addition, enlist the assistance of your mentors and friends to provide you with feedback on your attitude and behavior.

Other job-hunting recommendations include a well-written cover letter with your applications and being creative in how you express your story to prospective employers.

When looking for work, it can take some time to find the ideal position. The key is to keep in mind that you are investing your time to secure a promising future. As a result, if a job offer does not meet your needs, do not accept it unless you have no other choice. As long as you keep committed to the process and follow your plan, you should be able to secure a respectable position with a reputable organization.

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