Have you ever been assigned a funny topic for your essay writing, a presentation, or a speech? If you’ve never tried it once, it is an excellent time to show how to attract the audience in your essay. Before getting to work, you have to do a step of choosing an attractive topic. A funny topic is what most people find because it both provides value for readers/listeners but keeps motivating their attention to follow your essay till the end. Why don’t you choose it? Check out this article for the most appealing topics among the 150 outstanding ones I listed. 

150 Funny Topics For Speech, Essay Writing, or Presentation

  1.  Why should you not make any decision after 2 pm.?
  2. Why did people never want to tell you the truth about Santa Clause when you were a kid?
  3. Feel stress on the birthday and do not want any party or see anyone
  4. Should male kids play with dolls?
  5. Find out your friends are lying to you. What should you do?
  6. Scary of the darkness which keeps you up all night.
  7. College students and the reason they always stay up late in the night.
  8. The phone prevents us from talking even when meeting.
  9. Why do people hate kids, but they grow up as kids? 
  10.  How hard is it to be an adult? 
  11.  Why do people act like kids when they are in a love relationship?
  12.  Do you hate your neighbors or criticize their bad habits?
  13.  Take responsibility for your pets in every activity.
  14.  What will happen if you can do your homework like playing a game?
  15.  Do we have trypanophobia? 
  16.  Why do we drink water instead of coffee? 
  17.  Why has bubble tea become a popular drink in many Asia countries?
  18.  What will happen if people reject reproduction or do not get into marriage? 
  19.  Have you ever imagined a world where people replace papers by using a computer to type the words?
  20.  Development of coffee drinking culture. 
  21.  The invasion of robots in the future. 
  22.  Why do kids love animation, and why do adults not watch it when they grow up?
  23.  Fast food and slow food, what is your choice?
  24.  Living in dorms or outside, which is your choice?
  25.  Do you like to stay with your girlfriends? 
  26.  Is living a trial before marriage good or not?
  27.  Where should you have the motivation for any work?
  28.  Keeping yourself busy is a method to help get rid of the sadness. 
  29.  Research about the method of researching.
  30.  Is it reasonable to allow people to keep guns safely in their houses? 
  31.  Why do you have to study abroad if the local college provides the same course? 
  32.  Why do we have to think about what people think?
  33.  The difference in psychology between men and women.
  34.  If you’ve had a breakup with your lover, what should you overcome?
  35.  How to figure out a person who is lying?
  36.  Why do people use “a piece of cake” to describe something easy? 
  37.  The best way of cheating is to pay someone to do my homework
  38.  Is it easy to make money from social media like Youtube or Tiktok platform?
  39.  What should you do if you see a ghost? 
  40.  Why are people in a movie always curious when they see a ghost? 
  41.  What happens if a zombie appears in our living place? 
  42.  What are your plans in the event of a zombie apocalypse?
  43.  Why is the prophecy service not popular in Europe but popular in Asia?
  44.  Is there any ancestor worship in Europe? 
  45.  Pursue a career or a passion; why don’t we combine both of them? 
  46.  Do you want to use a bottle of perfume made from your body waste?
  47.  Reasons for that Western people’s bodies are bigger than Eastern’s. 
  48.  Reasons the Eastern philosophy is more complicated than the Western’s.
  49.  Dark magic in Western to compare with Eastern. 
  50.  Which side are you on in the quarrel between your mother and your wife?
  51.  Why do people come back to using fashion in the past?
  52.  The foods with the worst taste in the world. 
  53.  Why does ASMR help us relax?
  54.  Is it hard to become a Youtuber, considered a content creator? 
  55.  What makes you conflict with your wife? 
  56.  Why do people use ketchup when eating pizza? 
  57.  Do you believe the nutrition information printed in the package?
  58.  People are lazier when robots do anything for them. 
  59.  Do you consider being annoyed as a talent?
  60.  You feel annoyed by the talkative person you often meet, so what should you do? 
  61.  Why do people like to dye their skin? 
  62.  Why should people eliminate Monday from the calendar? If the first working day of the week is Tuesday, does anybody think we should also remove Tuesday? 
  63.  Is it counted as cheating if I pay someone to do my homework?
  64.  You should only eat to live, not live to eat. 
  65.  Why do we have to learn history?
  66.  Day by day, history is accumulated with any information, so if it has hundreds of thousands of years, should we only think about the present and future?
  67.  How does the teacher know that I use some services which do my essay for me
  68.  Some people think humans have souls and they will reincarnate after death. 
  69.  The truth about the Annabelle doll and the Conjuring universe.
  70.  Why does the evil try to reverse the direction of the cross? 
  71.  Why should you go to a nursing home when you are old?
  72.  What do people see under the sea thousands of kilometers?
  73.  Discovery of the universe and the question about other races’ existence.
  74.  Reveal of the magician and illusionist secrets. 
  75.  Do you know a singer needs to learn about music science? 
  76.  Great singing is not enough. A good singer controls the voice to correct the song notes. 
  77.  How to work in a group which has a person you hate?
  78.  Should you do a part-time job during college studying? 
  79.  Studying college is the shortest way to success. 
  80.  Is it true that some employees appreciate work experiences more than the degree? 
  81.  Why is it so tough to comprehend a female?
  82.  Why do people say that it is unnecessary to understand a woman and all you need is to satisfy her needs? 
  83.  Men considering between his career and his love? 
  84.  Do you quit the stable job if you feel bored doing it?
  85.  Are you ready to do a job you love without earning any money? 
  86.  The tendency to live alone, breed pets instead of marriage, and raise children. 
  87.  Gen Z and the new tendencies and perspectives. 
  88.  Does a cat think of the owner as a slave? 
  89.  Why do kids try to block parents’ accounts on social media?
  90.  Extroverts and Introverts, or do you have both of them? 
  91.  Do you love paper books or electronics books?
  92.  Should I read my brother/sister’s diary to know the issues he/she is facing?
  93.  Why do people not laugh when you make a joke?
  94.  Are you scared of killing a living when cooking? For example, a fish. 
  95.  Survive with a minimal salary.
  96.  How do you start a company with no money?
  97.  Ways to remember a thing. 
  98.  What will you say when you are drunk? 
  99.  Why do people keep saying that they are not drunk when they are drunk?
  100. What will happen if I let someone do my essay for me
  101. Brush your teeth in bed when you are too lazy to wake on a cold morning. 
  102. It is easy to fail an exam, but it isn’t easy to pass it with a high score.
  103. Is successful cheating a talent? 
  104. Are crimes such as stealing something or unlocking considered a talent? 
  105. Evidence of superpower that scientists cannot explain.
  106. Why does a cat love to sleep? 
  107. Why do people prevent bad services such as cigarettes or alcohol, negatively affecting our health? 
  108. How do bad things attract people to act?
  109. The most stupid beliefs in the world. 
  110. Do you think the manufacturer can eavesdrop on us, even if we do not touch the phone? 
  111. Although people know the mature videos are risky to be leaked, they still try to record them. 
  112. Believe in a thing, but do another thing. 
  113. Power of a word in controlling people’s minds.
  114. People love to stalk others’ conversations. 
  115. Should the rich share the assets with the poor? 
  116. What happens if everybody is rich? 
  117. Difference of equality and equity. 
  118. Why should you only trust yourself? 
  119. A good dream is not considered a night of good sleep. 
  120. The feeling of dropping from the rich to the poverty.
  121. The feeling of upgrading from poverty to the rich. 
  122. How to become a detective like Conan?
  123. Should a teacher become a friend of the students? 
  124. Why do people think that charging a bill for dating is a man’s responsibility?
  125. Toxic feminism and the negatives. 
  126. Why do you have to do your homework about writing the speech/essay writing/presentation that the teacher assigns? 
  127. Why does people’s mood depend on the weather? 
  128. Customer behaviors and how the tailors take their advantages. 
  129. Have you ever had holiday blues?
  130. Do you agree with the rule that inhibits people from taking a picture of others? 
  131. In Korea, people’s phones need to turn on the camera sound to prevent secretly taking pictures. 
  132. Which is better, between laborious and talented?
  133. If you are rich, will you hang out with a poor friend? 
  134. Are friends with benefits good in our society? 
  135. Why do people eat fruits after a meal, even though they know it is not good for their health? 
  136. Many people are afraid of the clown, which symbolizes a smile in the past. 
  137. No word is the worst way to show. 
  138. How tough it is to find an excellent topic that would entice readers. 
  139. Some people think men are better than women at teaching.
  140. Which comes first, the egg or the chicken? 
  141. Achievement obsession and what you should do to avoid it.
  142. Why is a customer a god in the manufacturer’s mind? 
  143. In some families, the dad is always close with the daughter, and the mother is always close with the son.
  144. The worst ways to end your relationship with your girlfriends, and why should you put the end in peace?
  145. Why do the bears love honey? 
  146. How to determine a good friend and a bad one?
  147. Can you fire your boss?
  148. Why does the student feel more stress in the upper classes? 
  149. Why should you ask a stranger for advice?
  150. Why do people love the interactions in social media?

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