Writing essays is open to every school and grade that students are getting used to with it. Suddenly, one day, your teacher does not assign you homework as casually based on your major. She offers you to write an essay about a day in school, including your feelings, observations, struggles, etc. 

It is a great time to show you care more about your happiness in school than only studying instinct and shouting at the end of classes: “Oh, thank god, it finally ends!” 

Let me help you figure out what you should write about your school days to make an outstanding essay.


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What To Write About School Days Topic?

School Days is a regular topic that sounds like you can write anything about it. Yet, making an essay that offers a problem is a challenge many students struggle with. 

So, what should you write about? I once got an offer about writing a school-day topic when my teacher assigned me to do my homework. I got the best experience finding things to write on this topic to share in the sections below. 

Happiness In Schools Days

One of the essential experiences students must have during school days is happiness. Nowadays, most schools are focusing on the happy feelings of students, contributing to the efficiency of learning. 

So, based on your assessment in school, you can quickly write about happiness topics. 

To help you more clearly about “happiness in school,” let’s research it in-depth.

Happiness is a feeling proven to improve learning motivation. When students are happy, they tend to be more energized and positively join in many activities without hesitation.

However, it is not easy to build this feeling; look at your condition, and you quickly see why it is a challenge. For example, when I was in sixth grade, my homework increased, making me crazy. I have no readiness for this amount because of lacking experience in transmission between the study level. So, I hated my school and also hated to do my homework. Till now, I realize it is not happiness, and I wish at that moment that teachers and others care for me more to help me get rid of the negative feelings.

Come back to your essay; after the introduction, you can analyze why happiness is vital. Then, propose the solutions to make your happiness in school days better. 

For instance, you can propose that teachers should not assign too much homework. Students are different, and some are not good enough to complete challenging assignments. So, if the teacher cares much about this issue, the student’s happiness is increased as well. 

Imagine that your teachers assign less homework than they often do, are you happy with that? Of course, a suitable amount of homework is always ideal for helping students practice, but it allows them to have time for other activities, increasing their exciting experiences.

Friends, Teachers & Social Relationship

What contributes to school days? Of course, you cannot study without having any relationships with your classmates, teachers, and other school staff. 

When writing an essay about school days, you choose the issues from these relationships. There are tons of things that you can include, such as how your friend’s support and companion, how the teachers care about you, etc.

In this essay, do not be hesitant to show how you feel about the relationships in school. You should indicate the issue of people’s common mistakes in creating a healthy relationship. 

Here are some common mistakes that can ruin your relationship: 

  • Negative attitude toward your teachers and do not be cooperative in executing the learning tasks.
  • Lie to your classmate and get caught as the lie deal harmful impacts on other people
  • Do not keep hygiene in your place, showing indiscipline. The school staff will be annoyed and will complain to your supervisor. 

It is hard to indicate all the attitudes and behaviors causing the relationship to ruin. You need to note that the school is the place you feel happy, but it also has the discipline bound that you need to follow strictly. 

Also, do not forget to explain the importance of making and maintaining school relationships. The more healthy your school’s relationship is, the better you can fall in line with others in society and in the future. 

After all the explanations above, you can try to give out some solutions to improve the engagement of relationships. 

Here are some suggestions you can refer to: 

  • Participate in school activities with your friends and teachers, and be enthusiastic, friendly, and supportive. 
  • Talk with your friends and teachers more often to know each other better. 
  • Support others when they need your help.
  • Being disciplined to follow the school regulations and help the school staff if necessary.
  • Complete your tasks with the best motivation; understanding yourself is also crucial to keeping your relationships.

Difficulties In Schools

When I was in secondary school, I faced many difficulties, and I confirmed that others had the same situations as me. For instance, I need my homework done because I have no time to do it. So, at that moment, I tried to skip the task to join other beneficial activities. Consequently, my teachers warned me that I would have to fail that subject if it happened again. 

Other students also find it challenging to complete the homework, but they offer me a perfect solution. 

You might know a website that does your homework. When getting an introduction to this service, I was surprised. Yet, I knew I would be dependent if I used it often. 

A service from a website that does your homework is only beneficial as you actively use it to serve some of your positive purposes. For example, I tried to use this service in college to help me with my homework because I need it with the highest precision. So, I offered them to complete my exercises, and I compared my work with their work. 

The efficiency is impressive as I know more about how to solve the exercises. Thus, in the section on the difficulty in a school day, you can write about how you overcome homework challenges and practical solutions.

Moreover, the difficulties in school days do not stop at the homework you face. It can be anything interfering with your happiness. I once confronted problems in my relationships with my friends as I often asked my tablemate to help me with my homework. Gradually, he began to think that I was a mean person. He felt that I took advantage to get benefits for myself. 

Of course, the problems are solved in pieces, but I had a struggle. Therefore, with various difficulties in school days, you can write your essay and propose a solution to make things better.

Schools Motivations For Internal & External

It sounds boring as we mention school motivations, for students are not interested in going to school every day. In contrast, some are excited to go to school and feel bored when staying at home. 

If you change the topic a little bit, you will find it more interesting to talk about what keeps your effort going to school daily. 

As you know, motivation is classified into two types, internal and external. Internal comes from yourself; what you think about school will make you want to go to it or not. Internal motivation is crucial because you want to do nothing without an internal one.

However, there is a reciprocal effect between internal and external motivation as people always consider external motivation because it is easy to change.

For example, if a student is a fan of dancing, you can encourage her to join a dance club. So, she is not hesitant to go to school and wait for the class dismissal to participate in dancing activities. 

External motivation also comes from many factors in school, such as friendship. If you go to school, you can play with your friends, creating your powerful external motivations in the school day. 

Besides, some like school days because of knowledge. They can interact with teachers and fulfill the question in their minds. These people also can have satisfactory experience in the library or other scientific activities that the school organizes. 

Now that you understand the importance of external motivations, you can try to build them with great solutions. Let’s think about what you want to do at school, which urges your mind and prepares you. 

You can refer to the solutions below as I tried to make myself feel excited during school days.

  • Trying to make a date with your friends at school or considering going to school as hanging out with friends.
  • Thinking about the people you respect in school as you do not want to make them disappointed.
  • Find the benefits you can get in school. If you stay home, which will happen to you?
  • Think about a place that you love in school.

Creativity is unlimited, so that you can turn any reason into a solution for increasing external motivation. By writing the essay about school days with motivations, you may understand yourself better to change for the positives. 

Final Thoughts

The school essay is easy, but the meaning it transmits is about your changes. When researching and writing, you will realize your bad points and have a decent commitment to change them. It is a great time to help you improve yourself by writing school days essays. 

If you are stuck on this topic, let’s try the suggestions below because I can be sure that you will love that topic much.

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