Writers are judged on their command of specific conventions, which can vary based on the audience, the task at hand, and the situation they find themselves writing. For example, if your instructor is more concerned with the logic or structure of your work than the correctness of individual sentences, he may or may not identify errors in your paper. He may even conclude that a mistake is not severe based on the circumstances. Inevitable blunders, such as those listed below, may even be considered stylistic alternatives by some professors. The results of a large-scale study, on the other hand, revealed that these mistakes were the ones that were most likely to draw the attention of readers. Be sure to check your papers thoroughly before turning them in to avoid making the mistakes listed below.

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List of 5 Most Common Grammar Mistakes

1. Wrong Words

Wrong word mistakes can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. They may express a somewhat different meaning or a completely different meaning than what you intended. It might be as easy as using the incorrect preposition or another form of the wrong word in an idiom.

Make careful use of your thesaurus and spell checker. Using a thesaurus without knowing what the word means or allowing a spell checker to correct your spelling automatically, you may create a grammatical blunder by selecting the wrong word. If prepositions and idioms pose a challenge for you, consult a dictionary to learn the proper usage.

2. Missing Comma

Make it clear where the initial piece finishes, and the rest of the sentence begins by placing a comma after each one. It may be acceptable to omit the comma in very brief introductions, but it is never incorrect to include it.

In this sentence, it’s difficult to tell where the writer locates the subject (“she”) because there is no comma after the introductory element: 

“To realize her dream she is determined to study 14 hours a day.” To help readers quickly understand the meaning of the entire sentence, we should add the comma after the phrase “to realize her dream.” That means the correct sentence should be “To realize her dream, she is determined to study 14 hours a day.” 

3. Spelling Errors

No matter how many spell-checkers we have, typos still rank among the five most common mistakes people make. The reason for this is because spell checkers fail to pick up on many common errors, such as homonyms (such as “break” and “brake”), compound phrases misspelled as separate words, and proper nouns (such as names). After running a spell check, double-check your work for mistakes like these:

“We should take a brief brake after hours of studying hard.” It’s hard to identify the error by just glancing at the sentence. But if you pay close attention to it, you can realize the wrong words here. Instead of using “break,” the writer uses “brake.” 

“Every when someone reminds him of her, he is heartbroken.” How about this sentence? The mistake here is the proper use of “every when.” The correct word is “everywhen.” 

4. Missing Capitalization

There are a few things to keep in mind while capitalizing: proper nouns, proper adjectives, and the opening words of phrases, as well as terms that indicate directions and familial relationships. Most other terms should not be capitalized. Use a dictionary if you’re unsure of something. 

Let’s check if there are any errors in the following sentences: 

“Donald trump is a controversial president of the United States.” We guess that you can quickly identify the error here. Remember that you need to capitalize the proper nouns. Hence, the correct sentence must be “Donald Trump is a controversial president of the United States.

“Nasa is conducting a series of in-depth research to evaluate the human ability to survive in outer space.” Like the previous sentence, you need to correct the word “Nasa.” Because Nasa is a specific name of a large agency, the proper use of this word is NASA. 

5. Sentence Structure Confusion

You will cause readers confusion if you write a sentence beginning with one structure and then switches to another halfway through.

I love doing exercises, eating fruits, and reading books every day also helps me keep my mental and physical health in good shape. 

Keep the grammatical structure of the sentence intact. Each sentence must have a subject and a verb, and the topics and predicates must be consistent with the subject and verb. The reality is that the sentence is not grammatically wrong. However, the two clauses in the sentence seem inconsistent and do not help readers understand the meaning clearly. Parallel structures can help your reader visualize the connections between your thoughts by presenting them in a logical order. The following changes have been made to the sentence above:

I love doing exercises, eating fruits, and reading books every day, which helps me keep my mental and physical health in good shape. 

5 Tools to Avoid Grammar Mistakes

Various online grammar checker applications have been developed to handle complex elements. Of course, they can improve your writing quality. In this section, we will explore the five most effective language-enhancing tools. These tools will help you identify grammar mistakes more easily and quickly. Let’s continue reading! Here we go! 

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a well-known online grammar checker in the world. Checking for grammatical and spelling mistakes is easy and quick with this tool. When you click on the indicator in the lower right corner of the writing area, it displays the number of errors and additional suggestions. Honestly, Grammarly is the best at identifying grammar mistakes. If we have to choose which app is number 1, we would say Grammarly.

Grammarly has some drawbacks, such as using a text editor for proofreading. It is also possible to purchase Grammarly Premium, a paid add-on that includes plagiarism detection and citation advice features. Grammarly’s free edition is limited to a few essential functions. 

2. Ginger

Ginger is a useful online tool for testing your writing for spelling and grammar errors. In the browser, it gives an excellent user experience. A little symbol is displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the WordPress post editor, which includes icons for Gmail, Facebook, and more. As you type, it shows you any errors that have been found. As a result, it is much easier to keep tabs on them.

But there are a few drawbacks to checking grammar mistakes in Ginger, one of which is that it forces you to leave WordPress and use a text editor. It’s inconvenient to open the Ginger editor by clicking on the icon each time you proofread something.

3. Hemingway

The app’s name is a tribute to Ernest Hemingway, a celebrated American author noted for his concise and to-the-point prose. And that’s the goal of this tool.

In addition to the standard grammatical check, Hemingway will ensure that your sentences are concise and easy to understand. As a starting point, it suggests that you avoid using adverbs and passive voice whenever possible in your work.

First and foremost, the app will tell you whether there are simpler terms you can use instead of the ones you are now using. Even Hemingway knows when a sentence is too complex and suggests splitting it into two or more sentences.

The Hemingway Editor’s mission is to make it easier to communicate your thoughts. Non-native English speakers will significantly benefit from this.

4. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke provides online grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation correction, and you can have access to its features through three different channels, including mobile, PC, and the web.

What distinguishes it from other writing tools is that it offers video and textual courses to help you improve your writing, spelling, and punctuation. Additionally, it includes an inbuilt plagiarism detector and allows for grammar checking in Gmail messages.

Thanks to WhiteSmoke, Windows users may now test out the grammar checker for themselves. On the other hand, Apple customers will have to wait until they upgrade to the Premium or Business Plan before using this online grammar tool.

All critical tools, such as the translator and one-click in-stand proofreading, are also available on mobile devices. If you want to use WhiteSmoke on your phone, though, you’ll have to spend an additional $1.

5. Do My Homework For Me

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Final Thoughts

Of course, we don’t recommend that you put your complete trust in tools like Grammarly and Hemington because they are just AI-based applications. If you need a high level of accuracy, the best option is to ask for online expert help. To avoid grammar mistakes, go to Do My Homework For Me right away. 

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