You may not know: “A good essay will promote all the following functions”

1. Help the candidate show their interest in the field/school/scholarship that he or she is applying for;

2. Help candidates demonstrate qualities, knowledge, and skills, or prove themselves a potential student for the course/scholarship;

3. Help candidates give some good details to open the interview round;

Let’s discover useful methods to have an attractive SOP with Do my homework for me:

Today an SOP is usually limited to 500-1000 words, so we should read carefully the requirements to refine our ideas. Instead of listing out such as I like the A, I love the B, I am also interested in the C, Do my homework for me’s team recommends you should choose one or two stories to focus on exploitation. You can start by dreaming to do X, so you learned more about Y, then learned more about Z and realized that Z has more plus points than X. Therefore, you changed and succeeded.

This shows that you are a person with the ability to learn independently, be critical thinking, and willing to learn new things. After having your ideas and an outline then you need to embark on shaping the story.

Here are some of the factors Do my homework for me suggests you should use:

𝟏. An attractive introduction

What is an attractive introduction?

That arouses curiosity from readers who want to know more about you, about your story as naturally as possible. It could be a summary of your accomplishments, a life motto, or some other person’s comment on you.

For example:

Exp 1: “My leadership skills and influence are proven during my three years of work. Although I failed to enter university, I worked hard and studied hard. I started my career and created value for many people.

Exp 2: “The moment I received the news of college failure, I was afraid that my life would change completely in a negative direction. However, incredibly, that special event at the age of 18 gave me the motivation to study and work hard, to help many others’ lives become better”.

It can be seen that in Exp1, the reader somewhat guesses that you will tell about the company building process, which may have difficulties and successes. Although the details in the body can be dramatic, predicting the content has somewhat reduced the interest in the reader’s experience. With Exp2, readers will want to know more about the story: how you did it, what you went through, and who you helped.

Some opening phrases that I find a bit boring:

• “From a young age…”

• “For as long as I can remember…”

• “I am applying for this course because…”

• “I have always been interested in… ”

•“ My life I have always enjoyed… ”

•“ My interest in this subject was captured by… ”

If that is too difficult for you to write the introduction, you can save it to the last article to write with the conclusion.

2. Set up a specific context

There’s no need to make your story ramble, but providing context (who, where, when) will give the reader a step into your story. Following the opening of the above article, the given context may be: The university exam is considered a life exam, which can directly affect the career and life of a young person. You have a dream to study at school A, to become a doctor in the future. However, you fail, and your score can only go to school B.

𝟑. Mention the difficulties, troubles

The admission board wants to know more about what problems you have encountered.

It may come from the outside, according to this example, maybe you are a provincial student with limited economic capacity; the field you choose has few career opportunities; Your school is not the top school. It may be the subjective factor when you have to study a subject that you are not interested in, or failing college makes you lose your confidence.

𝟒. Self-portrait (the main character)

At this point, we will put ourselves at the center of the story. From the difficulties above, you choose to face or ignore them. Continuing with the example, you might be a provincial student, yet an ambitious, and effortful student. Specifically, after school, you work part-time, then go back to the library to study until morning. Or you can be a creator, have many ideas about X issues that interest you. That’s the reason why besides studying, you explore and decide to start a business.

𝟓. Create unexpected circumstances

This is a special point that Do my homework for me recommends you need to have in your SOP.

Here are the details for the reader to keep asking the question: What will happen next? You could write one, two, or even three events that changed the storyline. It will be the bumps and falls due to your immaturity and experience. Here, Do my homework for me gives you a few words to express feelings to create empathy for the reader (but should not be abused). Example: Your start-up project is not performing well, team members leave one by one. Besides, due to your focus on start-up projects, you neglect your studies and receive a warning letter about you being double a year. You feel stuck.

𝟔. Push your story to the climax

In this part, you tell us to step by step what you did, how to remove the knot above. This is the time when you prove yourself as someone capable of planning and handling situations. Don’t forget to add details about your interactions with those around you to make the story more vivid, and because expanding relationships is also an essential life skill. Example: You attend a conference where the Speaker is your very admirable friend. You linger in a chat with him and get valuable advice. Or simply you watch a great video on TedEx. You sit back and redraw your life plan: focus on studying, learn more English, read more books. How did you convince the old team members in your startup team to return? How did you lead your team? What changes were made in the implementation strategy? Then, with the support of the teachers in the school, your team decided to go to the start-up competition and won the prize (first, second, third, best).

But above all, you need to show how the project attracted a lot of attention from investors and inspired other students in the school.

𝟕. Results and Achievements

It can be successful, it can fail, but the most important thing is what lessons you learn, how you have grown in thought and action. And you evaluate that this course/scholarship is a great opportunity for you.

Return to the above example: You and your startup team received an investment of $1000 and support from investor A. How did you learn the management vision and mindset? How successful is the current project? In the future, how far are you planning to develop it? What does this course/scholarship support you? What do you expect to receive from this field/scholarship (relevant majors, quality faculty and facilities, excellent student/alumni network …)

8, Concise Conclusion:

It would be better if you could link the conclusion with the introduction, add some core insights and a glimpse into the future. For example, I can write as: “I believe that university is not the only “gate” to success, but certainly, knowledge is a universal key to countless good opportunities. It will take a lot of time and effort to bring project A to more people, and the Y course/scholarship will give me more knowledge and skills to realize my dream”.

In the end, Do my homework for me supposes that in spite of being good or bad, first of all, it is necessary to write correctly.

Remember to check carefully the spelling and grammar errors in your portfolio. The story in the examples above is that Do my homework for me told you to be easy to understand and imagine.

We hope that from our article you will have a good view of your SOP and create an impressive SOP to attract admission boards.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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