There are many students, that is not able to arrange a reasonable schedule to do their homework. Besides, there are many students who are stressed by schoolwork and other activities as well. Of course, everyone wants to study well at school, and get good grades. However, due to the pressure of scheduling a lot, plus many other things, how to arrange a schedule when studying is not easy. So These are some tips I used to arrange a schedule to do my homework. I hope they will be useful for you

4U Formula

This is a formula that many of you are no stranger to, there are many books and articles that are given. This formula summarizes as follows: The time that people spend every day, usually divided into 4 categories, that is, U1, U2, U3, U4, the characteristics of those types are:

  • U1: Are urgent tasks, towards to the goal
  • U2: Are non-urgent things, towards the goal
  • U3: Are urgent things, not towards the goal
  • U4: Are non-urgent things, not towards the goal

Normally, students spend a lot of time for U1 (about 50%) such as doing homework on assignment tomorrow, arriving at the country to dance, close to the exam review day … or like U3 (about 30%) like replying messages when studying, friends call out, .. as well as spend time on U4 (about 15%) like surfing Facebook, watching entertainment clips on Youtube, .. and only 5% for U2. However, the secret of good students is to focus heavily on U2 (60%), such as preparing lessons early, planning effective learning in advance, .. a little for U1 (20 %) and sparingly for U3 (15%) and U4 (only 5%). Therefore, in order to arrange effective study time, you need to follow these tips. I used it and I saw it was effective for me to do my homework.

1. What must be done, do it as soon as possible

Assuming today is Tuesday, after school, you always complain that: “why do I have to do my homework today”. But you look up the Wednesday calendar, there are also assignments that you have not completed. So are you doing the exercises on Tuesday or Wednesday? Of course, most students will do their homework on Wednesday. The question is, when will you finish the Tuesday exercise? Maybe the answer will be next Monday.

There are a number of things that are wrong with this arrangement of time. If you study the exercise of Wednesday, because you have to finish the exercises, while the evening at school is also tiring, so you have to study under pressure and fatigue. Moreover, because that exercise you learned from last Wednesday, after a week of not seeing it, most of the knowledge you have forgotten. Because of that, you suddenly become ineffective. Therefore, make a new habit, after every lesson, take the time to solve all the homework of that day, before moving to review for the next day. Then you will not have to complain to “do my homework” anymore.

What must be done, do it as soon as possible. When forming this habit, you will realize that one thing you do is very leisurely, not under pressure. Moreover, if something is hard or you don’t understand, you have plenty of time to find more information, or to ask your friends. If you have too many lessons the next day, you should also spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour to study today’s lesson, as well as revise knowledge. That way, you are always in a state of comfort. And if that day I have an unexpected schedule arising, such as going to a friend’s birthday or having an incident such as a power failure, .. I will not have to worry about how to do my homework. Because I have solved this problem since last week. Interestingly, right?

2. See entertainment as a reward

There’s a fact that: good students, they have time to do a lot of things. From extracurricular participation to sports, and even to social media, or playing games, etc. It is possible. How do they arrange time for those things, but still not affected? The answer is to treat it as a reward.

Many students will use the following time: because they do not know how to arrange study time, they prioritize playing first. Such as playing games to be inspired, or before sitting, they must go to social networks, read the news, … “By the time I was about to do my homework, I was tired, and I saw a lot of schoolwork, so I was bored.” However, if you consider it a reward, always prioritize important things, such as solving all assignments. After it’s done, it’s time to play games, for example. Or you schedule your play for the weekend, which is the reward for a whole week of hard work.

When you treat entertainments as rewards and prioritize important things first, you’ll notice one thing every time you finish studying, or after a week of hard work, you’re rewarded with entertainment. Your brain will receive a message, that is to learn, to do important things, to get rewarded. That way, you learn both effectively and still have time to do other things.

3. Learn to say no to unimportant things.

Every day, everyone only has 24 hours, assuming you sleep for 7 hours, sit in the classroom for about 5 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon, 1 hour for personal hygiene, that’s about 16 hours, and you don’t have much time. You won’t have enough time to do everything, but you will always have enough time to do the most important things. And to do that, you must learn to say no to some unimportant things.

  • If you have a test tomorrow, say no to social media tonight.
  • If you have an important transfer exam this summer, say no to watching a World Cup or Euro. If you’re very focused on studying, say no to chitchat or use any device that might disrupt your studies.
  • If you need time to concentrate on studying well in a subject, say no with the film you love.
  • If you want to do your homework at home, say no to hanging out with friends after class.

Of course, saying no is not easy, in some situations it requires you to be courageous and very determined, especially with your friends or relatives. However, when you are acquainted with it then you will find it is not as difficult as you think.

Besides, there is a small note that you need to distinguish very clearly what is important and what is not important, in order to know how to say no. For example, getting enough sleep is important for you to be in good health, you should not say no to spending time studying. Spending quality time with your family is important for your whole family to be happy and you cannot say no just to accomplish your goals. The same schedule as going out with friends, it requires you to schedule in advance to avoid imbalance.

Above are some solutions which I used to do my homework to help you know how to arrange a schedule to help study become more effective. Wish you always arrange a good time.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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