Working part-time while studying may be a fear, an obsession for many people, but sometimes it is necessary. When I was 21, I had to move to London to study and I could only pay my tuition with my long savings. I think studying and working part-time can be difficult, but like everything else in life, as long as you find the “balance point”, everything will be fine.

There are times when I feel lucky because my visa has a limited number of overtime hours per week to make sure I don’t neglect my studies. Then I can have enough time to do my homework or other tasks. Especially it is so useful within graduation thesis writing time, but not everyone wants to comply with this discipline. Therefore, you must know how to manage your time, do not try to do many tasks when you are not strong enough. You have to understand yourself, what you can and cannot accomplish. That’s a note that I always remind myself when I do my homework. Remember, you only have one brain and two hands to work with, no more.

Who am I to tell you these things? I don’t know, there will be a lot of other people more experienced than me. Someone will say that they did this job, that job while they were still in school, but remember, the amount of work is impossible to make you an expert. I don’t mean that I say I’m an expert, but I know what I’m talking about juggling and balancing.

Do you have enough time and effort to do a part-time job?

When I was a college student, I worked as a tutor part-time, and honestly, I can’t believe so many people struggle with studying in school because they are bound by a variety of regulations at the workplace. That’s is the reason why they do not have time to study or to “do my homework”. A part-time job is not allowed to affect your studies, and that is the only reason for you to go to work. If you can’t guarantee your study performance, you should wait until school vacations and learn how to manage the money you make during that time. Are you a good time manager? Spend enough time thinking carefully before applying for a part-time job. If you think that because “I am young, I can do everything without sleep, please take a look. Your body needs rest, needs your care, so I sincerely advise you, not to put part-time jobs on your priority.

Reasonable planning

I know you can’t completely control your schedule in school, because of course requirements. However, it’s completely free to control your personal schedule. If your shift is long, don’t sign up for classes scattered throughout the day. Try classifying one day, then you will have a day off for your part-time job. I often arrange my schedule like that as well as I do my homework on that day, then I am free tomorrow.

Work on campus (or near the school)

You may have a limited number of work hours, but as I said, this is not a bad thing. You can both get a great job in a great position, you are already in school, no need to spend money and time moving. Save a sum and nothing. In the past, there were times when I had to quit my job for a day because the train fees were much more expensive than the money I earned in a few hours working as the receptionist. It’s not worth anything. In short, you have to consider where you should work.

Weekends and vacations

I said, vacations are a great time to work part-time because you don’t have school lessons, so are weekends. Your free time is a little less, but you earn a little more money, which is too good. I usually do my homework on school days and spend weekends on my tutoring work.

Know your limits

You must know your own limits. Working while still having to go to class, having to “do my homework”, writing “a billion” essays, and doing scientific research, I want to faint when thinking about it. I take it from my own experience. You feel like you need to relax, or you start thinking about putting everything aside and taking a rest because it has been so stressful recently. You should stop for a moment, and look back at what you were doing.

If you need more time to study or to “do my homework” and you force to leave work 1 hour earlier, twice a week, perhaps your boss will be ready to let you work fewer hours. Be clear to them, and be honest. I think there will be a way to help you keep up with your school work and relieve your stress.

When I was a student, I worked 10-15 hours/week, 18 hours in class, of course, I was busy, but everything was fine. While studying for a Master’s program, I took advantage of the maximum number of hours specified on the visa (20 hours), with 9 hours of the weekly class, I saw it still good for me. If you are considering looking for a part-time job in parallel with going to school, start working 10 hours/week, and then work up gradually. If you work harder, I think 20 hours/week are enough because you have to spend more time sleeping.

Think carefully, and try to balance you. After all, studying and rest time should be given the highest priority.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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