Assignments play an important role in my study process. It helps me systemize the knowledge. And the efforts of learning will make you an advantage in the rest of your life. But I’m not always willing to get started to do my homework. Then I experienced methods below to motivate myself and It worked somehow. Whether you’re a weak student who’ s hoping to get a higher score, or a student struggling to reach the final destination, or simply you’re trying to raise the score, this simple article will be helpful to you.

  1. Prepare all necessary instruments. I always prepare all the stationery I need before I do my homework. Then I will not have to spend time finding my pencil or circulator when I do my homework. As a result, I can finish doing my homework quickly without distraction.
  1. Routine of orderliness. Maintaining learning spaces will help me study better, relax, and be ready to do my homework and submit it on time. I set up the system as soon as possible, including the storage system in the computer, the book-keeping system. I try to reorder my table at least once a week and arrange textbooks, notebooks orderly so I can start to do my homework at anytime.
  2. There are a lot of ways to take up orderliness and you should look for the most appropriate method for you. It’s important that you have the ability to search for everything you need, including information and your assignments.
  3. Use the optical marker, post-it note, and other articles to label and mark items that have been arranged. The color marker is effective for a lot of people, especially people who are busy or lazy.
  1. Use work schedule. I choose the type of calendar that fits the cover or the document bag so I can easily search it again when necessary. In this schedule, I write all my checks and reviews. I will know whenever I have to do my homework. And if anything suddenly happens, I will also write them in calendar.
  2. Also, you should take a time note for learning or homework. This method will make you more aware of the test or other events that are going to happen so you can learn and prepare them accordingly.
  1. Spend some time worrying or think about other things. Sometimes, the focus of learning becomes difficult because of trifles in life – both good and bad and constantly invading our minds. I often feel like I can’t control my minds, but in fact it’s what I can do. I often tell myself that I’ll think about things after I do my homework. I’ll feel safer knowing that I can think about it later. And when the time comes, I may not want to think about it anymore.
  2. If you see the mind start to miên with thoughts, stop this immediately. Take a second to shake things off and get back to school. You’re the one who controls your mind. You let your thoughts come, you make them disappear!
  3. Prepare the pen and paper to rewrite every thought that appears in your mind while learning. Let’ s do or think about those things during the break.
  1. Review the lesson. Have you ever dealt with a bunch of files and wanted to complete them, but you didn’t know what some of the information meant? Learning sometimes is similar. I need to know when to review the lesson and make learning simpler. If I don’t know the basics, you don’t try to find out. I always analyze the information first before I do my homework.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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