Children often do not like homework because it is often too long/hard to complete. Students take much time and effort to finish the task; consequently, they miss many opportunities to join other activities. 

One of the most common mistakes leading to the antipathy of homework comes from the lack of guidance in doing assignments. Students who have no experience will be confused initially, and they find it difficult to solve the exercises, even if they are under their abilities. 

That is why I am writing this article to help you fasten your assignment process. These sections below will provide you with a step-by-step guide, some useful tricks, and how to increase your motivation in doing homework. 

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Step By Step To Do Your Homework Efficiently

Step 1: Arrange Your Homework

The first step is the most important thing you need to do before getting in the actual homework. You can control it the best by arranging your tasks and dividing them into many courses to complete faster. 

For example, I often do my Math homework on Monday because my teacher will check it on Tuesday. Then, I will do my Geography exercises because I need to submit them on Wednesday. 

I want to say that you should determine what exercise you need to prioritize. If you randomly do your homework, you will risk being confused and having no time for your necessary one. 

So, in this step, let’s note down all the exercises you need to do. Then, you will arrange them in the order from number one, which shows their priorities. Of course, you need to use your schedule to make the order suitable. 

Step 2: Determine Time You Spend

It is not advisable to spend all your spare time on only an exercise or a kind because it is wasted. You will not learn only one subject, so the best way is to measure to match the necessary amount. 

Even though I have Math on Tuesday, I will never spend all night doing Math exercises. I will divide the assignments into small pieces, so I can complete the exercises day by day, which is also helpful for reminding the knowledge. 

For example, when I have to do my homework in 3 hours with Math, I confirm that I will do them on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. I divide all the exercises into three parts that I only take one hour to complete efficiently. 

Step 3: Focus On Doing Homework

This step depends on how you focus. However, keep reading till the end; I will share how you can concentrate on doing assignments. 

Step 4: Recheck What You Do

Recheck is an excellent step because you will know the result of your concentration. Besides, recheck helps you reduce the risk of missing the exercises.

Tips To Complete Your Homework Faster

Tip 1: Choosing The Right Time For Learning

Students often find it challenging to do homework because they feel sleepy, uncomfortable, or disturbed by others. The primary reason is that the time they choose for learning is unsuitable. 

For example, I always avoid the time after dinner when I do my work. It is because the fullness of the stomach will make you sleepy. Contrarily, the hungry feeling will decrease your concentration and efficiency in doing homework. Thus, I will not try to do my work if I have nothing in my breakfast. 

The cases above show that finding the right time for learning is ideal for helping you focus on it. So, what is the suitable period to study? The answer comes from your real life.

If you have many activities to join during the daytime, you should spend one to two hours in the evening doing your homework. If you want to do a part-time job in the evening, you should do it sooner, in the afternoon. 

All you need is to avoid some special moment that learning is unsuitable: 

  • During/After taking meal. At least wait from 30 – 45 minutes after done. 
  • Late night. You will quickly fall asleep. 
  • After doing physical exercise. You will feel hard to focus.
  • When you feel hungry or when you have other disturbing things.

The right time is when you spend all your concentration on it. 

Tip 2: Choosing The Right Place To Do Your Homework

If you want to focus on your homework, you need a quiet place. Library, shared working space, a coffee shop with light music are good choices if your house is noisy. 

However, the right place does not only include the address you go to, but it also needs to match the learning conditions. For example, you may need an Internet connection to do the assignment, or the table design should suit your writing/typing. If any of them cause uncomfortable feelings, it will slow your process down. 

Tip 3: Prepare All The Necessary Tools For Your Study

When I was in secondary school and had to do my homework, I realized that I often wasted my time finding tools such as rulers, erasers, pencils. So, the next time I did my Math homework and needed a ruler for shaping the figure, I placed it under my reach; I did save considerable time for it. 

This tip reminds you that you need to prepare anything necessary for your study. This process may take time before starting, but it increases concentration efficiency.

Here I listed some necessary things you will need when doing your assignments: 

  • Stationery such as pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, etc.
  • A cup of water
  • Electronic devices such as laptops, calculators, kindle, etc
  • Materials for learning such as books or papers

Especially, note that you should not prepare snacks when you study. It will distract you from seriously doing tasks. 

Tip 4: Trying Homework/Writing Service

It is not advisable to use this service because of being considered cheating; however, there is a unique way to take advantage of it. 

You will try to learn how they do the homework. For example, if the task is Math, you can know how they apply the formulas or use the theories to prove the conclusions. The powerful way to increase our ability is to copy other successes, and this service is perfect for helping you do that. 

Tip 5: Taking Advantage Of Your Free Source

Sometimes, you will get stuck on a process or find it challenging to understand a definition. Yet, you should use all accessible sources to solve it. In my case, I often check the keywords on the Internet and find the related comments that I can take advantage of its benefits in my work. For instance, I once did not understand the formula of the logarithm. I checked it on the online forum and asked them to help me know. After getting the helpful information, I could easily apply that formula in my exercises and complete it accurately. 

How To Keep Focus On Your Study

To answer the third step of the guide above, you should check this section. Here are the tips for keeping focused on your study.

Tip 1: Keep The Disturbed Thing Out Of Your Sight

If the mobile phone distracts you from focusing on your study, you should place it out of your sight. If the annoying source comes from other uncontrollable factors such as your parents, your friends, you should try to isolate yourself when you do homework. Going to the library or anywhere else where you can stay alone to focus is ideal for concentration. 

Tip 2: Implementation Of All Your Concern

You may feel uncomfortable if you have something stuck in your mind. For example, you want to invite your friends tonight, but you are trying to do homework. The invitation will distract you, so you need to complete it first. Try to finish all your concern as the final one is your homework. Consequently, you can easily find your concentration at peaks. 

Tip 3: Taking A Break Before Each Study Period

Do not study for an extended period without any break because the break will help you reconcentrate on the homework better. Some research shows that a break will help you refresh your mind to improve the quality of work and concentrate. So, based on the study level, you should take a suitable break. 

How To Increase Your Motivation In Doing Assignments

It would be best if you considered motivation because it is one of the factors impacting the efficiency of doing homework. I will not mention extrinsic motivation because it depends much on each condition. 

All the sections will provide tips to increase the intrinsic motivation that makes you prone to do your homework

Tip 1: Think About Your Future

When you think about completing your homework and having time for playing, you will have intrinsic motivation to do it as quickly as possible. 

Besides, if you think about your future, you may realize that the knowledge you are acquiring is necessary to prepare you well enough for a career with a high salary. 

Tip 2: Award Yourself After Doing Homework

Awarding yourself is one of the most popular ways to increase intrinsic motivation. You can reward yourself with exciting things that excite you to do homework. 

Tip 3: Think About How You Put Knowledge In Practice

Some people love doing homework because they can put it into practice when they understand it well. For example, people are excited about learning cooking because they know they can cook well and taste delicious foods. 

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