A controversial topic is the best idea to transmit contrary points but keep the scientific feature. Although finding it sounds easy, many students face struggles because of lacking a basic understanding. 

How to create a controversial topic? This article with many applicable sections, including explaining a controversial topic, the method to brainstorm, and suggestions/ideas, is all you need to discover. 

Let’s scroll down and get starting to find your controversial issues.

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What A Controversial Topic Requires?

The controversial topic primarily shows the two contrary points that people debate. These two points are various in science, as you can find in many fields. For instance, when I tried to do my homework on a controversial topic, I realized ethics is a great field. Through studies on many kinds of resources, I had my final issue with the question, “Why is using guinea pigs considered unethical in bioethics?”

This question reveals two confronting things: using guinea pigs and preventing them. People who stand for preventing it put the living importance first, while the scientist focuses more on the contribution of scientific experiments. It shows that you have to mention both points to clarify this topic, connects the ideas to create the confrontation, and try to explain your thought. Some people approve of it, some counter it, but some points are neutral. Whatever your personal view is, you need to transmit the idea to the reader. 

In summary, a controversial topic’s requirements include: 

  • Two confronting idea
  • Specific issues, but towards to life
  • Serious problems, showing the necessity

How To Brainstorm For A Controversial Topic

Getting an idea for a controversial topic is vital because it primarily shapes what you toward to write. Most students have struggled with this process, and when they give up, they try to copy the other’s topics, which is risky to get plagiarism. 

Thus, let’s check the tips for brainstorming below, as you can find your ideas quickly. 

#1 Finding ideas from the actual situation

If you try to discuss with someone about an issue, you may easily recognize their opinion, which is helpful to give you a direction on a controversial topic. For example, when I tried to do my homework, I asked my friends about the issues. He lamented his laziness and felt bored doing his homework because it was much and hard. 

At that moment, I realized that I could use this data to write a controversial topic. It needs to reflex on the homework advantages and disadvantages. The last case is “Should we remove the homework because of its advantages?” The two contrary points on this topic: some people agree to remove homework, while others will keep assignments for its benefits. 

What I want to say is, you can turn any real case into a controversial topic with some techniques below: 

  • Find the primary issue
  • Give out your opinion
  • Figure out the contrary point of your opinion
  • Generalize the problem for increasing the scientific feature of the topic

If your argument is neutral, you can use the other’s view as a fixed point and start from the third step.

#2 Getting ideas from other’s work 

Workshops, papers, thesis, etc., are unlimited sources that you can take advantage of. Although some people find it difficult to get ideas from others’ works (for avoiding plagiarism), there are always tricks for making them new. 

For instance, an upperclassman student tried to help me with my homework by using his papers about special rights for Artificial Intelligence. What he wrote is general, so my task is to debate in-depth on a specific factor. Consequently, I chose the topic “Is Intelligence Artificial considered a human?”

Of course, I tried to avoid his topic as much as possible, so it was wise to simplify it.

You can refer to many others’ work to get your idea; if you cannot make it simple, you can look at a specific point and generalize it to an issue. 

#3 Using Homework/Writing Service

A website that does your homework is ideal to use if you have no idea about your controversial topics. This service provides all the content based on your preferences. Thus, all you need is to offer them the field you want and wait for the final result. 

Sound like cheating? 

Even a website that does your homework this way is still fair. To use this writing service effectively, although you use their idea, you may find it challenging to understand the essay comprehensively. It is because what you do not do, you do not owe. 

So, the idea is to use this service to get the idea, then transfer it to your product. What could you do? Here are some sample processes:

  • Provide your requirements and get the results.
  • Read the result and try to understand all the primary points.
  • Rewrite the points you understood. 
  • Rephrase the title but keep the same meaning.
  • Complete the essay.

If you change the title with a different meaning, try to figure out the additional content your article needs to include. Or, if title changes remove some aspects, you may detect these corresponding parts.

#4 Ask your professors

Do not waste your valuable time finding it without any result. You can quickly get the idea by asking your professors. Many students hesitate to do that because they think they bother their teachers. Contrarily, the teachers are welcome if you ask as they can give you some valuable hints. 

Although you still need to find it yourself, it will be easier if you get some advice from your experienced teachers. 

When I was in college, I started to find my ideas using this solution. It is free and effective; if I can see my topic, I will not have to try other tips. Despite my teacher giving me an idea from his thesis paper (this tip sounds familiar to the advice above), it is still a great way to help me with my homework

Suggestions For Controversial Topics

The suggestions are what many people refer to find their idea. If you instantly use the suggestions below, you face the risk of duplicating other’s topics. 

The best way to use this section is to consider it a reference and change it to get the new one. 

Technology Topics

  1. Technology is making people lazier and lazier.
  2. Technology reduces human health.
  3. Only the rich have access to high-tech technology.
  4. Is technology helping to increase human life span ethical violations?
  5. Does virtual reality technology make people eclipse reality?
  6. Technology for developing telephony and tracking capabilities
  7. Technological development makes cyberbullying increase.
  8. Technological development causes cyber pollution.
  9. Autonomous car technology and responsibility when an accident occurs
  10. Technology makes it difficult for children to concentrate.

Animal & Ethics Topics

  1. Using guinea pigs for experiments is ethical or not?
  2. Human’s living space or an animal’s living space is more important?
  3. Is dairy production unethical or not?
  4. Why do people condemn the process of killing milk bull?
  5. Human eats human under many kinds of view.
  6. Animals need to be free, so is it better if we remove the zoo?
  7. Nourishing a pet is considered a kind of animal detention?
  8. Can humans live without using animals for meat?

Health Topics

  1. The controversy between vegetarians and vegans over health benefits
  2. Is the vaccine for Covid-19 reliable when it is issued in a short time?
  3. Should Covid-19 drugs be used when it has serious side effects?
  4. Keeping cats and dogs indoors can have severe effects on respiratory health.
  5. Exercise may not be suitable for your health.
  6. Sleep on time or get enough sleep? What is the best thing for health?

Family Topics

  1. Parents should not trust their children because they often lie.
  2. Help your child grow by providing the best facilities for your child.
  3. Punish your child for love, and if you only take care of your child, you are harming them.
  4. Parents should not be close to their children because that will lose the prestige of being a parent.
  5. Are parents role models for their children to learn? Is that putting pressure on being a parent?

Education Topics

  1. Using a writing service is cheating or not?
  2. Can students not have any feelings toward teachers?
  3. Can teachers not be a model when a class dismisses?
  4. Is homework necessary or not? Why do students have to take responsibility for their tasks?
  5. The family blames the school for not fulfilling its parenting responsibilities.
  6. Pressure and happiness both need to be balanced in a school environment.
  7. Over time, history will have a tremendous amount of knowledge and make it difficult for students to learn. Is it necessary to include history in the list of subjects?
  8. Do children need to learn foreign languages ​​from an early age?
  9. Teach children how to behave before starting to learn letters?
  10. Teaching method – presentation has become outdated?

Culture Topics

  1. A stereotype is how people point out someone’s bad habits.
  2. When we grow up, culture is not essential anymore.
  3. Does bad culture exist?
  4. Culture maintains the traditions while modern lives try to change many traditional factors. There is no combination between traditional and contemporary life.
  5. Live without culture?
  6. Culture is a factor increasing the conservative characteristics. The more actions based on culture, the more conservative people are. 
  7. Culture is a factor preventing the development of science.
  8. There is no love in harmonizing the difference in culture
  9. Waiving current culture is a way to get used to other cultures and avoid conflict.
  10. Stigma towards those who reject the traditional culture


  1. We should not produce robots because of their negative impacts.
  2. Toxic feminism.
  3. There will never be gender equality because nature has classified gender.
  4. Successful people never share their secrets. What we learn from a how-to-make business successful course is all the experience of the liar. 
  5. Your value comes from what you think and not from what people think.

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