Take short breaks often when you do your homework

Instead of a long break, take several breaks with short periods when you do your homework. For example, a five-minute break for snacking after you’ve worked 30-60 minutes.

Take five minutes to relax, go out for a walk, or do something active, instead of just sitting and watching Facebook. Make sure you don’t sit at your desk for long hours, which is very important.

When you do not take a break, you will feel like work never ends. Productivity and concentration will be affected because you end up wasting time doing other things like social networking, drawing miscellaneous, or working with poor quality.

Be cautious with caffeine (caffeine).

Caffeine provides a “bump” for some students, although small but essential and effective for concentration. For others, this is a quick way for yourself to constantly move like a hyperactive squirrel when you do your homework. Don’t drink more than the usual caffeine or caffeinated beverage you still use. It will make focusing harder when you do your homework.

Better than caffeine, make sure your body has enough water. Drink water or juice to make sure your brain is working at all levels. Therefore you can do your homework effectively.

Try doing homework with others.

You may have trouble concentrating if you are alone in a small room with just books and pens. Sometimes you do your homework in an open space with other people, or studying with a large group can be effective. They can keep you accountable for the job. If you say you’re writing an essay and they see you watching Tumblr, they’ll remind you and stop you from falling.

Unless you share your answers, doing your homework together is not cheating. It is really just a matter of time management and smart learning skills.

Reward yourself when you do your homework effectively.

After every time you complete a post, reward yourself for the hard work you are doing. Working towards an exciting activity, a little treat, or free time will motivate you to get things done faster, meaning you’ll have to focus.

Try this tip: Cut a few pieces of colored paper into strips and write down all the exercises you have of the day. Put them into a stack. Create another stack of paper with the same number of rewards. You can write a reward for checking your phone or personal Facebook page, playing a game for 10 minutes, watching a new episode on the radio, or whatever you want or you’ll do in your free time.

When you finish a post, choose one from the reward pile. This is a great way to do your homework and enjoy what you love to do. Do not be too prolific on the rewards. Just one episode on television, not the whole season.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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