There are tons of ethical issues that you can turn into a topic to write a term paper. However, not many students can find a suitable one, and they also take a lot of time for a good topic. 

This post will show you how to choose an ethical essay topic and provide you with some of the best ideas. Now, let’s scroll down! 

The Characteristics Of Ethical Topic

To find an excellent ethical topic, you should understand its characteristics. An ethical topic is suitable for an essay or term paper if it adapts three factors: writing ability, practicality, and science. 

Writing Ability

With writing ability, you need to make sure the topic is related to what you learn. It is because you use your available knowledge to analyze the issue. If you choose an unrelated topic, you will find it challenging to complete. Also, the essay will lack logic, bringing you a low score. 


Coming to practicality, you know what it means. A topic without usefulness will not be attractive. The more practical a topic is, the more attractions you can get from the readers. I was assigned to do my homework related to the ethics field in my college. At that moment, people talked much about dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace. I picked it to get my homework done with a high score. 

This sample means that you can shine your essay to catch the trending practical issue. 


Your topic cannot lack the science feature. You will have a low score if you only put your opinion on it. Try to apply the scientific knowledge you have studied to analyze the issue. The essay will become more coherent and valuable as a result. Especially in the paper, it is necessary to show the scientific solutions. If you cannot give it out, you need to make a broad scientific part to show how you can connect this issue to others, attracting people to read till the end. 

Scientific factor, not only is the solution, but you can imply it in every word you use, even in the first issue setting. 

Tips To Choose A Suitable Ethical Topic

Once I do my homework, I find an attractive ethical topic. So, here are some tips I realized, and you can apply them to your process. 

Think About The Social Issues Before Finding An Ethical Topic

Ethical issues arise as a result of social concerns that people debate. For example, a vegetarian will discuss that killing an animal for food is unethical behavior with a meat lover. You use this issue for your term paper. 

It will be like: “Killing an animal for food under the viewpoint of vegetarian ethics.” 

Think About What You Learn

You may get many examples from your tutors when they explain a definition of ethics. Why don’t you use it for your writing? It will be best to analyze better than what your tutors give out. 

I once did it in my college, and it worked. My teacher showed me the relationship between social media and the decrease of ethics in students. Then, I decided to get my homework done on this topic and got the approval of my teacher. 

If you do not want a tutor’s example, you can think about your favorite knowledge and figure out how people use it in real life. For example, suppose I am interested in the Asia family’s ethics, so the topic “Why does an Asia son always need permission from the family to act?” will help me with my homework

Think About Your Issue

This idea is good because you can easily find your solutions for your weakness and do your essay in your best interest. However, it is pretty hard to show our weaknesses as you will find it uncomfortable when writing. 

For example, I had tried to copy my friend’s work, which is the fastest way to help me with my homework. I realized that it violated the ethical rules in school. I regretted and changed the topic as I wrote about my issue. It was “Copying other’s works from the viewpoint of ethics.” 

Outstanding Suggestions For Ethical Topics

If you understand all the analyses about the ethical topic above, you can refer to this part with many fantastic suggestions.

Family Topics

  1. Why do Asia children need to get permission from their families for every action they take in life?
  2. Children conflict in the family under the viewpoint of ethics.
  3. The reason parents always want to tell the truth to children. 
  4. Helping other members of the family is how children build ethics.
  5. Cheating in the family under the viewpoint of ethics.
  6. Does a father/mother-in-law have the responsibility of taking care of their partner’s son/daughter? 
  7. Ethics of being a mom/dad.
  8. Family immoral.
  9. Why do parents need to separate the living space of brother and sister?
  10.  How to deal with your children if they violate ethical rules?
  11.  How to teach children to behave following the traditional ethics?
  12.  Is the traditional ethics used in modern life? 
  13.  The difference in the ethical system in some countries is affected by the unique culture. 
  14.  How to teach the children the ethics related to discipline?
  15.  The behavior of stealing in kids. 
  16.  Is kids’ jealousy unethical behavior? 

There are many things in the family that you can use as a topic. The most classical issues are the behaviors among each member of the family. 

Environment Topics

Some people believe that the action harming the environment is real, while others disagree. You can analyze the issue from ethics, which shows people’s thoughts. 

Here are some suggestions: 

  1. Human Ethics in decreasing global warming. 
  2. Why should we inhibit both animal hunting legally and illegally? 
  3. Business and environmental ethics. 
  4. Protecting the environment by using an organic product.
  5. How to shape the routine of classifying garbage?
  6. The perspective of humans in protecting the coastal ocean. 
  7. Should people stop using meat and change to be vegetarian to protect the environment?
  8. Using electric devices to save our planet. 
  9. Human Ethics in preventing noise pollution. 
  10.  Should businesses take responsibility for their actions to the environment? 
  11.  Why do people want to throw up their trash in the street rather than put it in the right way? 
  12.  The role of ethics in helping improve human behavior with the environment.
  13.  Is terrible action for the environment considered unethical? 
  14.  Fishing by an explosion is faster than casual fishing, but it violates the Ethic. 
  15.  An ethic to be a kind person with the environment.
  16.  The boundary between ethical and unethical behavior with the environment.

Business Topics

  1. Why do people consider profit more than protecting the environment? 
  2. The ethical leader will help your business develop. 
  3. Ethics in business is how the company does the right things based on policies to the employees. 
  4. The ethical challenge for every business is spreading their brand in multiple countries. 
  5. Ethical suitability for business corresponds to the country’s culture. 
  6. What are the best methods for improving staff ethics in the workplace?
  7. Why do your employees behave unethically in their offices?
  8. The relationship between ethics and productivity. 
  9. The relationship between ethics and employee engagement.
  10.  How ethic modeling in the workplace helps people increase their perspective. 

Education Topics

  1. Why does a teacher need ethics in teaching?
  2. What will happen to a student if the teacher is unethical? 
  3. Teacher’s Ethics in school and other societies. 
  4. The relationship between ethics and learning efficiency. 
  5. Ethics improves the relationship between teachers and students. 
  6. Make students happy in school by the important ethical rules. 
  7. Which time is suitable to teach children about ethics? 
  8. Why do people try to teach children ethics from an earlier stage?
  9. Ethics in students program. 
  10.  Do social media denature the ethics of students?
  11.  The method of teaching ethics in school. 
  12.  Students ethic in behaving with their friends. 
  13.  Students’ ethics in behaving with teachers. 
  14.  Why is modeling the best way of teaching ethics? 
  15.  Which is the practical solution to punish unethical students?
  16.  Do students love ethics in school? 
  17.  Why do some students think that people learn ethics for trying to be a hypocrite?
  18.  Loving in school is unethical behavior? 
  19.  The suggestions for holding events to improve students’ ethics in school.
  20.  Why are ethical characteristics in students considered an organic way to develop the generation with a high perspective?

Philosophy/Politics Topics

  1. Relationship between philosophy and morality. 
  2. Why being Ethical is how people evolve in the qualitative aspect. 
  3. Democracy and Ethics. 
  4. How Ethics changes the political system? 
  5. How do Ethics reduce corruption in the political system?
  6. Why does a politician need to learn about Ethics?
  7. The government’s policies are based on ethics.
  8. Should criminal trials be considered with ethics? 
  9. Ethics in human perspectives about the world.
  10.  Ethics and spiritual elements in human society. 

Other Topics

  1. Analyze the difference of ethics in perspective and behaviors. 
  2. Psychology of the person who strictly follows the ethics rules. 
  3. What will happen if all the ethics rules are changed adversely? 
  4. Ethics rules and the law. 
  5. Why is ethics the most spiritual basis of human perspectives?
  6. Ethics and the prevention of blood relations. 
  7. Love in the right way with ethics.
  8. Is ethics considered something that enfetters people’s behaviors?
  9. Ethics and the intelligence of a human.
  10.  Ethics and humanities. 
  11.  Ethical principles shape a kind person in the future. 
  12.  Are there any new ethical principles for gen Z? 
  13.  What is the doctor’s ethics?
  14.  What is the scientist’s ethics?
  15.  Can ethics affect our emotions?
  16.  The system of ethics from the past to the present, and how do people consider the new ethics rules in the future?
  17.  Ethical business is considered as organic business. 
  18.  The relationship between ethics and customer behaviors. 

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