The changes in Canada’s study abroad policy have greatly affected the number of international students coming to Canada. Most of you are very young and this is the first time you leave home to go to a faraway country and start a new study journey. Studying and living in a strange country can be difficult for you. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed, panic, and lonely. So in this article, Do my homework for me will list all the most difficulties that new students will face in the first days of arriving in Canada. Are you sure you know all of these difficulties?

1. Homesickness

Problem: Studying abroad is a challenge for each student when leaving familiar things and facing seemingly insurmountable difficulties. The first difficulty is probably homesickness. . The first two weeks will be the worst two weeks. Sometimes you just think you don’t understand why you left your family, friends, and work from home to come here. Everything is strange, but you are alone here. You have to get used to new customs. You seem to have to get used to everything again. And you feel so tired! Do my homework for me calls it Culture Shock.

Solution: The best way for you to overcome this difficulty is by Friends. According to the experience of senior Canadian overseas students: you should contact your family as little as possible and do not stay in the room “gnawing” the pain alone. You should take the time to make new friends and go through new things with them to have beautiful memories here. You can also join the cultural week of each country at the school to share the cultural beauty of each country where you were born.

2. The language barrier

Problem: You wonder why communicating with native speakers is so difficult? Just imagine you are talking to a foreigner who is learning your country’s language, it will be difficult to understand what they are trying to say. So when you speak English, you will probably be very shy and often be asked again: “What do you say?” Then Do my homework for me supposes that you will lose confidence and say, “No, nothing”. Is that right?

Solution: There is no way but to face, make friends, and even participate in social activities to improve daily language skills. At a certain point, you suddenly realize that the same foreign language becomes your primary language.

3. Habitat

Problem: Especially for those of you born and raised in big cities with a densely populated population, then in Canada, you will be completely disenchanted. The most populous area in Canada is downtown. During the day, people also went around and played around. However,  it was only until 9, 10 pm on the empty street, the shops were closed, everyone went home. Unless you go to a club to drink beer, it will close around 2 and 3 in the morning. In the residential areas or schools, there are really few people, cars are sparse, and at night there is no one on the street. That’s why when you first come here you will feel very sad, lonely, very shocked too. Canadians are not cold, but they really respect your privacy. Therefore whatever you do, they will ignore it.

Solution: You need to get used to the Canadian lifestyle. Because when you get used to this sparse population, you will realize there are quite a lot of interesting things. You will have more time for yourself or you can do many things you like. And gradually when you go to school and work, you will make many friends, you will feel happier and get through this difficulty very quickly.

4. Weather

Problem: Although studying in the warmest cities of Canada like Victoria and Vancouver, the early days here, the weather is still a big problem for you, especially those who come here to study in winter. Winter in Canada is extremely cold. The total time cold weather “dominates” the Canadian can be up to half a year, starting from October this year to March, April years later.

Solution: If you are well prepared, you can still live well in this cold with the following weapons: winter clothes, a pair of thick boots, keep warm, diet reasonable maintenance.

 5. Traveling, eating, and drinking

The bus system here is very complicated.

=> You need to go google search to find out the bus system here, how to buy tickets, how to get on the bus, and get off the bus.

– Canadian food is quite expensive, Do my homework for me supposes you should cook for yourself.

=> You need to find out about where to buy cheap food for students

6. Learning

Problem: Your ability is not inferior to anyone, but many new and strange things will cause you a lot of difficulties. Especially for those of you who are not good at English. And because the biological clock is also changed, you may fall asleep during class.

Solution: Present your problem to your professors and ask for their help. Don’t be shy, because no faculty in Canada don’t want their students to be unsuccessful. They will guide you through it!

7. Working part-time

Problem: As you know, the cost of studying abroad is not cheap. Therefore if you can spend your time earning money, our financial problems can be somewhat reduced. However, you must ensure that a part-time job does not affect your studies. However, many of you work too hard and neglect your studies. As a result, you failed the course and had to spend all the money earned to resume your studies. This not only costs you money but also wastes time, affects your transcripts and your plans. Besides, you will have less time to sleep. But this is the best way for you to both have more money to pay for living away from home, train yourself, and gain more experience to beautify your CV.

Solution: Do my homework for me advises that you need to make your own to-do list. In that list, there is a priority to do things first. You should adhere to and follow this list.

8. Independent

Problem: This seems to be the most difficult issue for you guys. 18 years “wrapped in parents’ arms, but suddenly you have to get out of your comfort zone and reach a whole new horizon. When studying abroad you have to face many strange things that you have never done before. These include cooking, cleaning, shopping, doing laundry, choosing public transport, arranging a life, setting up phone accounts, and other utilities, etc. Maybe you will see these be troubles, but after that, you will be very proud of becoming an independent person.

Solution: Positive, optimistic thinking is something you need to keep in mind and organize your personal time scientifically.

However, besides the above difficulties, your life will change forever. You will have a very different and mature outlook on life, and you will have a clear plan for your own future. You will be much more mature and more and more. You still have a lot of beautiful memories that will never fade away. Then you can tell friends, relatives or share experiences for future generations.

There are difficulties, challenges, then success. No way is easy. Be confident with Do my homework for me to make your dreams of studying abroad come true!

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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