Working part-time while studying abroad is no longer a rare case. However, in addition to helping students cover a part of their lives, part-time jobs sometimes bring a lot of troubles.

When studying abroad, in addition to choosing a school, many young people are also interested in whether or not the country they study allows students to work part-time or not. It proves that the job demand in the overseas student community is extremely diverse. However, everything has two sides; part-time jobs can be beneficial in the short term, but they can also be frustrating when you cannot balance working and studying.

Have you ever considered what part-time jobs make us gain and lose?

Let’s find the answer to this question with Do my homework for me.


There is no denying the advantages of part-time jobs for overseas students such as:

Earn Extra Income

Overseas prices are often higher than domestic ones, so part-time jobs are considered “lifesaver” for international students who are not financially abundant. If you are lucky enough, you have the opportunity to get a high-paying job. Though it is not enough to pay tuition, it can cover some expenses incurred in life. Besides, striving to make money is also an experience that helps students become more independent, have a sense of saving, and cherish the value of money when they no longer depend on others.

Experience enhancement

Working part-time means that students have countless opportunities to exercise stamina, enhance their experience. For example, if you study well and you are interested in teaching, tutoring is a great job for you. It not only helps you improve your communication skills but also makes your knowledge more solid. Do not think that manual work is of no use; They help students to be more agile and improve their communication skills. Do my homework for me repeats the communication skills twice because it is extremely important when you go to work later.

Learn how to manage your life

Having a balance between work and study is both a challenge and an opportunity for you to know how to manage your life. You need to have living methods to do many things effectively at once. For example, you need time to “do my homework”; however, you have a plan to go picnic with your friends, how will you do now? Experiences from your works will give you the answers to this question. If as before, you will force yourself to choose “do my homework” or “go picnic”, but now with your experiences, you can choose both of them.

Expand the relationship

The workplace is the best environment to expand relationships. With a bit of sincerity and speaking skills, maybe incredible opportunities will find you. In a new environment, it is so hard for you to have many relationships, then the workplace is the perfect one for you to implement it.


Do my homework for me mentioned above, part-time jobs also contain many downsides that not all overseas students are willing to face. The following are some limitations that Do my homework for me finds out about how overseas students face when they get part-time jobs.

Affect to studying

This is the most obvious downside, that parents and students worry about when thinking about part-time jobs. Learning in another language is so difficult that requires spending much time keeping up with class programs. Working while studying makes your schedule more busy, tired body, and no longer studying. Sometimes in case you have to “do my homework” a lot but you still have to go to work, then you force to choose one of them.

Moreover, there are some situations that because of the immediate economic resources, many people easily fall into making money but forget that their priority is studying. You can ignore “do my homework”, “plan my project” to earn money because it is more attractive.

Labor benefits

Part-time employees often do not have the same benefits as full-time employees. Besides, they are easily replaced when employers run out of demand. Some overseas students also encounter fraudulent job agencies or labor exploitation due to a lack of vigilance and lack of clear employment contracts.

Health and psychology

Working while studying is difficult, it is even more difficult to have time to take care of yourself. Stress is also unavoidable if you do too many things at once.


The part-time job is not bad, but it is not the first choice for overseas students when there are health problems. You should find jobs that fit your ability and be willing to leave these jobs when they take too much time and show signs of overloading your life. It should be determined that once you step on the path of studying abroad, studying is still your number one priority.

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