Sport is a good topic, but not many people intentionally want to write a research paper about it. It is because they find it difficult to shape a great topic, which they can develop their ideas, prove the issue and give out the solutions. 

People know that sport is a large field related to many other categories such as the medics, technology, business, culture, etc. The variety of combinations interferes with students having a good research paper topic. So, this article will help you figure out the best ways to choose a sports topic for your research and suggest outstanding samples. Let’s scroll down now!

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What Need To Do When Choosing A Good Sports Research Paper Topic?

In college, I once tried to find a good sports topic to do my homework; then, I realized that there are many moves to apply to find it. So, below I will share with you all these moves, which might be helpful for your case. 

Sport Is Not A Primary Issue

You need to understand that sport is not what you primarily research. It is just the background or the texture you will put your research on. When you study sport, you prove the issues in this field. And of course, that issue belongs to other categories mentioned above like technology, business or culture, etc. For example, when you write about technology in sport, you focus on technology serving sports; it is not a pure concentration. 

So, what is a pure concentration of sports? When you research sports’ technique, moves, strategies, or anything that a sport needs to execute. 

When you consider sport is not a primary issue, you have various things to create your topic. There is so much stuff that you can link with sports. Yet, it requires you to have a decent amount of knowledge related to what you suppose to write. So, this case is more suitable for the students who do not study the sport’s majors. 

Pure Sports Topic

This name might be inaccurate because it is what I detect. However, if you study the major of sport, which helps you be an athlete, this way is always considered qualified. 

When coming higher education, I once tried to research the strategies in tennis with my friends because of needing to get my homework done. Thus, I realized how hard it is if I do not have in-depth knowledge. 

Think Outside The Box

Every topic needs you to think outside the box to make your subject more qualified. For example, when trying to get my homework done with a sports topic, I wanted to compare it with the modern one instead of thinking about traditional sports. There are many differences between past and current sports because of the significant changes in history. Consequently, it becomes a good topic as people love to read my research. 

Paying Attention To Small Things

Small things in sports can help you develop your idea to shape a topic. For example, I thought about the car race’s road to do my homework; then, it turned into a question “Why do people need to remember the car race’s road when they compete?”. To make it more scientific, I changed “The research of psychology and memory in supporting the car race’s players.” Although it is broader than the first raw topic, it attracted many people because of the significant applications. 

The sample above shows that every tiny detail can help you promote your idea for a topic. In sports, everything can be an issue as you can go in-depth. So, if you take advantage, you can easily create a good case for your paper in the sports field. 

Confident To Pick An Issue

You might be afraid of picking the wrong topic. Yet, it is pretty hard to have a lousy pick in sports. Whatever you go for, you will find it challenging to digress. My friend Kaylin was afraid of it, but she freely chose a topic after getting support. She said that she loved how baseball brings health benefits to her life, so she wrote about the health benefits of this sport. Sound easy? Of course, it is. All you need is to be confident to choose a topic you love, then it almost automatically relates to the sports fields. 

Suggestions For Sports Research Paper Topics

Let’s refer to the suggestions below as you may need them to figure out your favorite one fastly. These ideas help me with my homework much more than I expect. 

Culture and Sports

Sports come from culture, so combining both of these fields will be interesting. Every country has its culture, affecting how players’ strategies play. You can take this point as a base for your topic. For example, it should be “The differences of cultures impacts sports’ strategies.” 

Let’s check my suggestions in this field: 

  1. The study of culture role in developing sports in some countries
  2. The research of the cultural differences to impact player’s thoughts 
  3. The presentation of the culture which is the origin of some sports in the world
  4. The relationship between culture and sports
  5. How sports support to increase the perspectives of people with culture
  6. Does culture decide the failure and win in sports?
  7. How culture becomes a decisive factor for the united in sports
  8. Culture conflict in sport
  9. Sports is a fantastic way to increase the integration of cultures worldwide
  10.  Do sports change the culture positively or negatively? 

Health and Sports

Health is a part of sports. When you play sport, you improve your health. As you get injuries while playing sports, you need medical support for your health. 

This field includes many sub-ideas that help me with my homework. For example, in some of my articles, I wrote about the mechanism of improving health from playing sports. 

When finding a topic in this field, you should see a common point to link both categories. The below suggestions will help you realize these common points you should use.

  1. The study of the mechanism that sports operate to improve our health
  2. The research of the most exciting and straightforward moves in an exercise to develop the health program for students
  3. Increase the perspectives of playing sports for health
  4. The relationship between health and sports
  5. The research of the sports’ motivation
  6. The study of the specific sports for the development of each part of the human body
  7. Develop the comprehensive physical body by playing sports
  8. Improving the mental health by sports
  9. Design a suitable program for students in playing sports at school
  10. How sports impact the health of the old

Cheating in Sports

You may think this field is trending because it shows the reality of playing sports, the dark side. 

Many people are ready to cheat to damage their health to have achievements. Some try to play tricks with the opponent’s tools, and some try to use the stimulant. Whatever they use to cheat, the damages they bring to people around and themselves are considerable. 

It is also unforgivable, and of course, the people who cheat in sports will take the responsibility of getting punishments from the government’s policies. 

You also can develop your idea about ethics because, as you know, cheating is unethical behavior. 

Here are my suggestions: 

  1. Solutions to prevent the cheating of using stimulants in sports competition 
  2. Increase the perspectives of sports players about a fair, competitive environment
  3. The cheating conditions in sports in some popular events
  4. The motive and purpose of cheating in sports
  5. Decrease the achievement obsession to decrease the rate of cheating in sports
  6. Presentation of the new cheating detected method in some popular sports
  7. The role of the referee in preventing players from cheating in sports competition
  8. The role of VAR technology in preventing players from cheating in sports competition
  9. The considerable punishments to the cheater in sports competition
  10. Increasing the sports ethic to limit cheating and create a fair environment. 

Psychology and Sports

If you are interested in psychology, you will find many common points among both topics. For instance, when an athlete wants to compete with others, he must prepare a stable mind. There are a lot of feelings during the competition, such as stress, anxiety, afraid, etc. 

So, to overcome it, the athlete needs to be trained as much as possible in the psychological aspect. The trainer will help them improve their mindset and the mind’s readiness daily. 

As a result, you can base on it to create a topic for your research paper. Here are the suggestions: 

  1. Analyze the mind of an athlete before a competition
  2. The readiness of athletes in mind contributes to their success
  3. The impacts of psychological factors in sports and solutions for overcoming the anxiety
  4. Analyze how failure impacts the athlete’s psychology
  5. Overcoming the fear of the stronger opponent
  6. How to connect the teammate’s thoughts in soccer 
  7. Sports trauma and its impacts on athlete’s life
  8. Relationship between positive psychology and sports
  9. The research of the behaviors differences of athletes in real-life and in training
  10. How to design a program of training the mental health for athlete


  1. Sports and society’s vices
  2. Solutions to prevent gambles when people organize a competition
  3. How to have a sports career
  4. How to be a professional athlete
  5. Programs to develop the comprehensive talented athlete for competition
  6. The attractiveness of sports to audiences worldwide
  7. The research of the relationship between sports and community united
  8. The purposes of playing sports
  9. The designed sports for fat people to lose weight
  10. The impacts of sports in preventing stroke in any range of age.

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