1. How much does it cost to get help with my homework?

The price we offer starts at 5.99 USD, which can be increased or decreased depending on the type of exercise, length, academic level, and deadline. The more you order, and the farther out the deadline is set, the lower the price. (Quick check  here)

Although this is the most reasonable price on the market, the  Do My Homework For Me team understands that customers are mainly students whose financial resources are not stable enough. Therefore, we regularly offer discounts to our customers. To get this discount code, you just need to contact the Support Department via the chat box at the right bottom corner of the website. We will reply to you immediately.

2. Can I make a deposit first?

Of course. Do My Homework For Me understand that your hesitation is wholly justified. Therefore, we allow first-time customers to make a half deposit. We will complete half of your assignment and send it to you within half of the deadline. You can then pay the rest to get the remaining work back.

3. Can I get a refund if I want to cancel my order?

Although this is very rare, Do My Homework For Me has a specific money-back policy. We always strive to provide ‘Peace of Mind’ to customers that use our services. The maximum you can get a refund is 100% of the amount. You can see details in our Refund Policy .

Secure online payment

Our mission is to keep you safe. Unlike other unethical online services that use ambiguous and unpopular payment gateways hiding potential risks of scamming, we choose Paypal to keep your financial information secure. Paypal is the largest and the most reliable payment system for any online transaction. With Paypal, you can guarantee the protection you deserve. In addition, it is safe to pay for your paper since we don’t have access to your credit card information.

Revisions for FREE

You can have your assignment revised as many times as needed as our experts will adjust and customize to every requirement until you are %100 satisfied. What stands out when using our service is that you DO NOT have to WAIT until the deadline to see your assignment. Instead, we’ll keep you updated with the progress by sending half-half (half assignment at half time) to check if there’s anything needed to change. In the end, the version delivered to you is precisely what you’re waiting for.

Satisfaction guarantee

Your satisfaction is always our priority, not only in price but also in quality and customer service. We are confident that with over 975 experts and over 113 subjects under cover, we have everything in hand to help you out. Prompt response, helpful advice, continued updates, best quality at the best price, you are being cared for right from the moment you click on us. You give us your trust; we’ll never let you down.