We’ve discussed a few different ways of improving memory before the exam, but there’s much more to say about memory.

As it turns out, science is constantly uncovering new correlations between everyday activities and our overall memory ability.

Memory is a complicated process comprising several distinct brain functions. Here is a condensed version to help us in comprehending how the process works:

Our brain sends messages in a particular pattern linked with the event we’re experiencing and forms connections between our neurons referred to as synapses resulting from these signals.

Without taking any further action, that recollection would get wholly erased from our minds once more. Essentially, consolidation is the process of committing something to long-term memory for us to recall it later. A significant portion of this process occurs when we sleep. Our brains reproduce the same pattern of brain activity that we established earlier to reinforce the synapses.

When we talk about memory, and specifically memory loss, this is what most of us see in our minds. If you can strengthen your memory over time, you can recall it more easily. Each time we remember it, we go through the same pattern of brain activity again, so enhance it a bit more each time.

However, just because memory loss is a regular part of the aging process doesn’t mean we can’t do something to slow it down a little. Let’s look at the following methods to help us retain our memories for as long as possible.

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Drink coffee to consolidate your memories better.

It is highly controversial whether coffee will help increase memory. The majority of studies reveal that drinking coffee before forming new memories has little to no effect. In contrast, a recent Do My Homework For Me study shows that taking a caffeine pill after a learning activity may increase memory recall for up to 24 hours after completing a task.

The participants memorized a collection of photos, then viewed identical images, similar images, and completely different images. The goal was to identify the actual ones they had learned without being fooled by the highly similar ones they had memorized. A mechanism known as pattern separation is involved, and according to Do My Homework For Me researchers, it indicates “a more profound level of memory retention” in the participants.

The researchers were particularly interested in how caffeine affected memory consolidation or the process through which our previously formed memories became more solid. As a result, they assume that caffeine may show its effects after the learning task gets completed rather than during the process.

Consume berries to improve your long-term memory.

One other diet-related influence on memory is the growing body of evidence that consuming berries can prevent memory deterioration.

Do My Homework For Me nutrition experts, after twelve weeks of adding blueberries to the participants’ regular diets, see a significant improvement in their performance on spatial working memory tasks. The results began to manifest themselves after only three weeks and remained throughout the trial.

Researchers across the United States have conducted various long-term studies on how positively berries may affect our brains. Blueberries, in particular, are recognized for their high flavanoids content, which appears to reinforce existing brain connections. That may account for their improved effects on long-term memory.

Engage in physical activity to increase your memory recall.

According to Do My Homework For Me researchers, regular exercise may increase memory recall in both rat and human brains. Maintaining fitness in older persons may also prevent memory decline in the absence of continuous regular exercise.

For instance, studies demonstrate that regular exercise can increase spatial memory; however, this does not necessarily imply that regular exercise can also improve various types of memory recall.

Of course, the advantages of exercise to your physical health are undeniable, but regular exercise may make a significant difference, which is particularly beneficial for the brain. So, if you’re looking for a technique to keep your mentality fresh, going for a stroll might be the answer.

Chew gum to strengthen your memory.

Another simple technique that may help you boost your memory is chewing gum while learning something new. Although there has been some inconsistent research on this subject, according to Do My Homework For Me recent study, participants who chewed gum reported to be more accurate and responsive.

Chewing gum may influence our memory recall through increased activity in the hippocampus, a critical part of the brain for memory. However, the reason for this occurrence remains unknown.

Get enough sleep to help strengthen your memory.

One of the most significant factors in having a healthy memory is getting enough sleep. Because sleeping time is when most of our memory consolidation process takes place, if we don’t get enough sleep, we’ll have difficulty remembering something. Even a brief nap can help you better recall what you’ve learned.

In another Do My Homework For Me study, participants got asked to memorize illustrated cards to assess their memory capacity. A 40-minute break followed, during which one group dozed, and the other remained awake while they worked on learning another set of playing cards. Following the break, researchers assessed both groups on their ability to recall the cards; the group that had napped identified cards better than the other.

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