1. Start doing your homework immediately. It’s pretty easy for you to get the reasons to do other things to avoid doing homework. But if you feel difficult to finish the rest of your homework every day, this hesitation is the cause. What’s the best way to get a little more time for homework? Solve it. Right now.
  • Do you have to spend an hour watching TV after school to relieve stress? It would be easier if you embarked on the exercise immediately and tried to complete the exercise when the knowledge still remained in your mind. Waiting for a few hours means you’ll have to review your homework and try to remember the knowledge you’ve learned before. Do your homework as soon as possible,  when you still remember what you’ve learned.
  • If you have a three-day period to complete a reading, you shouldn’t wait for the last night to start doing exercises. Divide time and spend more time able to complete your homework. Just because you have a long time to do your homework doesn’t mean you can’t finish it right away. Always take one step ahead. Try to wake up early to do your homework. But don’t make yourself exhausted!
  1. Spend leisure time on the bus doing your homework. You’ll be surprised to see that there’s a lot of free time in the day that you can use effectively. A long ride will be a great opportunity for you to solve exercises, or at least start looking at the list of assignments so that you can get up to work as you go home.
  • If you need to search for lots of information to be able to do homework, read them when you’re on a bus. Use headphones to remove the ambient noise and focus on your book if necessary.
  • The bus could be a distraction, or it could be a great place for you to do your homework. Because a bus has a lot of friends in the same class with you, try to work with them and this will help you finish your homework faster. Let’s solve problems together. It’s not an act of fraud if people offer opinions to solve their homework and no one copies their assignments. In addition, this will also help you make new friends when you work together!
  1. Use the interval between classes to do exercises. Sometimes, the time you have to wait for the transition can be quite long, about 10 minutes. If you quickly go to the next class without spending time playing in the lobby or chatting with friends, you can save about an hour in the entire day of school to do your homework. Imagine what you’ve done with an absolute mathematical exercise on the same day that your teacher just delivered homework to you and you don’t even need to bring home homework.
  • Shouldn’t be based on this time to complete your upcoming homework. In a hurry to complete the last assignments in five minutes before you have to file, the teacher to have a good look at you, and you won’t have time to review the exercise after you’ve completed them. Rushing is a good way to make mistakes. And always remember to check the exercises that you’re in trouble with. 
  1. Use the waiting time to do your homework. If you have an hour before you practice sports, you can spend this time playing or you can use it to complete your homework. Don’t recommend that you don’t have enough time on the day to do your homework if you waste those times for waiting. Use the time wisely and you can quickly complete your homework!
  • Do your homework while waiting for the train, when you’re killing time at your brother’s soccer game, or when you’re waiting for a friend to visit your house. Take advantage of any free time you have on the day.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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