The first time I wrote my cause & effect paragraph, I was confused about many factors, such as its structure and how I could write it with emphasized sentences to impress the readers. 

After much research and experience in writing cause-and-effect paragraphs, I realized that my writing needs to match many criteria to get a high score. 

Thanks to the summary below, I am writing this article to show you how my writing has improved. Let’s check it, and you will know how to write a cause-and-effect paragraph best. 

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Understanding A Cause & Effect Paragraph

Purpose 200

At the beginning of writing a cause-and-effect paragraph, my mistake is not understanding its purpose. Every section has its role in an article, generally. When you know your paragraph’s meaning to the readers, you catch its soul. For instance, I once tried to do my homework with a cause-and-effect assignment about how the Earth is warming. I might have made the cause and results clearer, but my message is confused in the final submitted result. I thought it was just a paragraph introducing global warming. 

So, what is the purpose of a cause & effect passage? People use it to perform the cause and effect of a problem. There are three purposes (or functions) that a cause-and-effect paragraph needs to satisfy: 

  • Help the readers understand a phenomenon or an event.
  • Allow the reader to see how a sensation, an event, affects other targets. 
  • Try to guess what will happen in the future.

Sound too easy? 

Many people mistake lack the connection between the cause and effect. Also, they consider both as an essential factors, preventing the highlight in their passage. Imagine reading a passage with four different reasons and results, yet, the writer put them all in one. The messy order is like reason/effect/reason/effect, etc. Or, they try to combine all like four reasons simultaneously with four results afterward.

Let’s remove this listing order because your writing will get low appreciation. In the next section, you will figure out how to write it effectively. 

However, note that the purpose of a cause-and-effect paragraph is not for listing. It is the explanation you want to emphasize one issue that is necessary to contribute to the whole article. 


The structure of a cause-and-effect paragraph is easy to follow. It includes the basic structure for any passage at first. 

  • Topic sentence
  • Body
  • Conclusion sentence

You will write only one sentence (one is the best) to perform the problem in the topic sentence. The particular point is that you need to lead the issue to the causes and effects you may write in the body.

Correspondingly, the body part will include your causes or effects. It should have only one kind because both causes and effects bring many weaknesses. Your writing is risky to be inappropriate length or number of words and challenging to convey the meaning of too much information. 

The conclusion needs to summarize all the cause and effect but convey a meaning that can connect with the next paragraph. 

For example, when I tried to do my homework, after the first failure, I attempted to write the conclusion, emphasizing only one cause that I consider primary. Then, You should flexibly turn into the highlighted result, or you will softly mention the next issue for great cohesion. 


After many failures in writing a cause-and-effect paragraph, I realized that your confusion might be that you do not classify your writing. 

There are two ways to write this paragraph, and they are: 

Type 1: Focus on the cause

What you will explain in the body is all about the cause. For instance, my friends tried to help me with my homework. He focused on the reason and only mentioned the issue and its terrible effect. He successfully attracts people by putting an impressive impact in the beginning. 

The readers will wonder what the causes are because they think they want to know to avoid it. 

Thus, in this type, the structure is:

  • Topic Sentence
  • Body: 

+ No.1 Cause

+ No.2 Cause

+ No.3 Cause

  • Conclusion Sentence

Type 2: Focus on Effects

Instead of writing about causes in the body, you write effects. It functions the same as how type 1 works. For example, I once allowed my friend to help me with my homework, and she focused on the terrible effects an issue creates. The causes are still advisable in the passage, but the better is to list them, emphasizing the primary reason leading to the problem. 

It won’t be easy to imagine, so let’s check the sample below to understand. 


Sample For Effects Focus

Technology nowadays provides much convenience that causes problems for health. Firstly, the easy-to-see issue is about the refractive error. The rate of the student having the refractive error increases annually, warns us about the future of weak eyesight and that our children are the people who take this damage. The second is mental health, as you can quickly feel when you keep using the mobile phone for an extended period. The decrease in social interaction and the negative increase of many mental health problems such as FOMO are under emergency. While technology affects both physical and mental health, finally, it tries to help us make everything more convenient, accidentally causing our laziness. The more convenience technology provides, the lazier we have; it generally lowers people’s general health. It is easy to see that technology has many negative impacts on human life; the reason for this issue, despite coming from many factors such as the social tendency or the undeveloped science, the human perception is always considered the most important reason. 

Sample For Causes Focus

If you understand the sample of the Effects-focus type, the causes will be easy. Let’s try to make your version of the cause type, and you will know how to write it effectively. 

What You Should Notice When Writing A Cause & Effect Paragraph

The Relationship Between Cause & Effect

You can easily detect the relationship between cause and effect in the sample above. They need to appear in a phenomenon to show the happening from the beginning (causes) to the end (results). The technology’s convenience decreases people’s health, and more seriously, people’s perception is primary what harms them. 

Therefore, if you pay attention to it, you will realize the relationship between cause & effect is easy. It shows that without the reasons, results never happen. Yet, Without a result, reasons will not shape a problem. 

Writing Techniques

Here are some techniques you should notice to make your paragraph more smooth. 

Sentence Connectors

These connectors include words such as “as a consequence/result, hence, therefore, thus, consequently, because of this, etc.”.

You should not use too many sentence connectors because it needs to emphasize a meaningful conclusion. 


Conjunctions for a cause-and-effect paragraph are simple. In the passage, you should use “so” or “for” conjunction. These bring cause-and-effect meaning, so it is suitable to use. 

Sentence Patterns 

Clause sentence may be helpful in your writing. You can use “so…that” and “such…that” to flex your writing. Besides, “such a/an… that” is a great pattern that helps you emphasize the issue. You can also use some preposition phrases.

The Length

The length of a cause-and-effect should not be too long. The best idea is to write within three developing ideas, and each has no more than one support sentence. 

No matter how much your words are, the ideal length comes from six to ten sentences. 

The Order Of Ideas

Attention to the order of ideas you list in your paragraph is tremendous. It helps attract the readers from the first look. Also, when making an order of ideas, your passage will be more logical, easy-to-understand.

With cause type: You should mention the primary cause as soon as possible. The cause can be the most awkward, the primary reason, or the unique. 

With effect type: It is advisable to initially place the most severe effect. The more impressive your readers feel in the beginning, the more successful you have

Criteria To Assess A Cause & Effect Paragraph

Coherence & Cohesion

Coherence & cohesion is not too hard to ensure. All you need is to apply the writing techniques above and pay attention to the semantics. The cause needs to be meaningful to show what leads to the results and vice versa. 

Of course, the basic knowledge of coherence and cohesion will require you to have a connection between each paragraph. Therefore, as you master the writing techniques, it will be easy to write an effect[

Word Level

Word choice is always a problem people face when writing something academic. The higher level the words are, the better outcome for academics. 

However, it is not necessary to challenge yourself with difficult words. Sometimes, it may be challenging to get the right word you want. Thus, to avoid wasting time on unnecessary words, you should choose words depending on your level.

Sentence-pattern Diversity

As mentioned above, to get a high score, you will consider sentence-pattern diversity. Your writing will be professional and attractive if there are many kinds of sentences. Imagine a paragraph will all of one sentence pattern; is it hard to read, right?

Final Thoughts

Do you understand how to write a cause-and-effect passage? It takes quite a lot of time to master writing this paragraph. Yet, you need to practice this type as much as possible because it will help you much in the future.

If you have no effort in writing a cause-and-effect paragraph, you can order a website that does your homework. It is likely a writing service, but a website that does your homework is more professional. You even can ask them for an outline of what you suppose to write. 

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