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Limit is useful for determining the degree of proximity to any value or approaching phrase. A limit is generally stated as lim xcf(x) = A in the limit formula. “The limit of f of x as x approaches c equals A,” reads the expression. Our experts will help you solve this type of exercise well in the class.


Our professionals are well-versed in derivatives, which describe the rate of change of one quantity in relation to another. lim xh[f(x + h) f(x)]/h = A The derivative of a function is written as: lim xh[f(x + h) f(x)]/h = A


Surely this form of calculus is no longer strange to our math experts. If the following three requirements are met, a function f(x) is said to be continuous at a specific point x = a − f(a) is defined lim x af(x) is true lim x f(x) = lim x a+ f(x) = f lim x a+ f(x) = f lim x a+ f(x) = f lim x a+ f(x (a)

Continuity and Differentiability

If a function is differentiable at any point, it is always continuous; however, the converse is not necessarily true. You will very certainly encounter this type of lesson in your calculus class assignments or quizzes.


Differential calculus is concerned with determining the rate of change of a function about other variables. Derivatives are used to calculate the maximum and lowest values of a function, and our expert will demonstrate how to discover the best answer.

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