Video games have been developed concentratedly through many years. There are many arguments around the impacts of video games on our lives, both in positive and negative aspects. Even video games have become a topic for many students to write their essay or thesis; however, we cannot disclaim its negatives, which are increased gradually in youth. 

When video games are considered a sport, this issue once raised the argument of many people worldwide. Some think it deserves to be a sport because the players need to practice a lot to conquer it. On the contrary, the people with disagreement believe the more negatives if we consider it; especially most teachers will disagree with this point because they find many destructive impacts on students. 

If you intend to write an essay about this topic, you will need to prepare a lot of evidence to prove your agreement with teachers. It is hard, but it is not impossible, for this article will help you with the core part. 

It took a lot of time for me to research this issue to do my homework, so this article includes the guide to writing it and the essential information you should put in the essay. 

Have Video Games Been Sport Already?

You may hear about eSport on any social media or even television. This term is trendy because some video games are developed to be more professional for becoming a sport. 

However, you should know that eSport is a sport, but it is different from a traditional sport. The reason people do not call video games a sport is because the competition happens in the electronic environment (“E” means the electronic environment). 

Like traditional sports, the competitors also need to practice a lot for the tournaments. When they win the final match, they also get a cup. There is also the team match, in which players have to build a united strategy and support each other in getting the final win. 

I mentioned a lot of video games, becoming eSport because it helped me do my homework with specific evidence. For example, you can write League of Legends (L.O.L), Dota 2 or Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, etc. There is no limit for game categories to join eSport. As you can see, L.O.L is MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), while Counter-Strike is FPS (First-person Shooter). You also can find many other eSport games with various categories such as sport, cards, real-time strategy, etc. 

How Do Video Games Become A Sport?

Let’s come to the history of eSport; you will find how video games have become a sport, which is helpful to do your homework

The eSport is a part of the video-games-playing culture, but it has only become the eSport since 2010. The game tournaments have taken a big step and attracted many people to watch. Before that, although people organized the tournaments in 2000, they were amateur with fewer followers. 

The tournaments increase their quality and followers through time, supporting the player in building their professional gaming careers. Of course, we have to mention the game manufacturer, who has attached many competitive characteristics to their game. Like L.O.L, you have to estimate the resource and build the characters to combat others. The group work in the game team is also a factor that determines a player’s level. In 2012, some video games officially became professional and opened eSport to gather players worldwide for competition. 

You should put the information above in the assignment, for the eSport history will help you do your homework with high appreciation of the marker. 

Agreement: Video Game Should Become A Sport

It is the core part of your essay, so you need to understand why people agree with this point, who they are and how the agreement affects the eSport.

The Reason

There are many reasons for people to agree with this point. In my opinion, the leading cause is that they know that the players have to pay a lot of effort for the game to master it. So, they think the game deserves to become a sport, where the players shine their abilities. 

Another reason is that people want to develop the game in the long run. If video games become a sport, they can develop stably and support the players better. Do you want it to be closed if you play your favorite game? Of course, you know your answer. 

The final reason comes from the characteristics of video games. Not many people can master the game because it requires much intelligence and control techniques with high accuracy. Compare it with other sports like Chess (for intelligence) and Archery (requires strategy and precision); the eSport is similar. Even the eSport also includes teamwork to compete. That is why people think it deserves to be a sport. 

The Supporters

I believe that most people who agree with this point are gamers. Being a gamer means that you love playing the games and wish to join a tournament where you can shine your abilities. Imagine one day, and you will get a cup from a world tournament in a game you spend a lot of time playing. It is an honor, and people will be proud of your effort. Also, the game manufacturers have the same target as they have approvals on considering video games as a sport. 

The Impacts

The agreement’s impacts will help eSport maintain its role in our lives. The manufacturer also depends on the deal to develop the game; if it is too risky to create the game because it brings much negative response, the eSport of that game may stop. 

Disagreement: Video Game Should Not Become A Sport

The Reason

The primary reason people disagree with this point is that they find many negative impacts. When eSport was released, it received a lot of attention worldwide. Teenagers are the age that approves this point first, and it also opens the career of becoming a professional gamer. 

Yet, that is the point. 

Some students believe that they can become professional gamers even if they drop out of their studies. The truth is that only some people can pursue this field, and they have to pay through the nose for it. This effect increases a trend on students; that is why the school and parents have to intervene a lot. 

Moreover, the impacts on health are why people disagree with this. A player who joins a tournament will need to spend a lot of time playing and mastering the game. It will not be good for his eyes and back. Refractive errors and humpbacked are the worst symptoms in gamers. 

Another reason is that people still have stereotypes about video games. When video games did not become professional, it was only a kind of entertainment in the past. Most students become addicted to video games and get low scores in school. It increases worries from the parents and school in managing the video games to help students learn. 

The Objectors

Teachers, parents, and many adults will object to this point. They believe that the negative impacts of video games are more than the benefits it brings. 

The Impacts

As mentioned above, the impacts of disagreement can remove the game from becoming an eSport. However, it seems like it never happens because, day by day, eSport has attracted many people to join and follow. Simultaneously, many games have opened eSport tournaments, so removing eSport from our lives is an impossible task. 

The only thing that disagreements can impact is individuals. You will have specific relationships in real life, and if someone does not agree with the eSport tournament you join, you have to consider participating in it. For example, the wife will warn the husband if he enters eSport and forgets to do chores. The parents can prevent their child from playing video games because they do not study his homework. 

Tips To Write An Argument Essay About This Issue

Do you know how to write an argument essay about this issue effectively? Check the tips and tricks below, which I often use to do my work

  • Five paragraph structure

Using a five-paragraph structure can provide a high engagement and logic to your essay. This structure includes one paragraph for the opening, three for the body, and the last for the conclusion. You will need to develop your idea with much support and evidence in the body.

  • Guidelines For Argument Essay

Try to write a guideline before writing your essay. It will help you figure out the critical part to focus, and also reduce the risk of missing vital points for the explanation. Also, having an outline to follow increases your writing speed.

  • Proofread

Proofread the essay before submitting it to ensure it is informative and formatted accurately. When I do my work, I know that it is not a game, so I need to follow the rules people set strictly. 

  • Selected evidence

Do not try to put any evidence you find. It is advisable to select the strong ones, helping you impress the marker. The substantial evidence will have a high engagement to your point, and it also covers many gaps that you need more information to prove. 

  • Fact

Try to figure out the source of fact because you will likely exaggerate something. In this topic, most people have made the mistake of lying themself with untrue words. “I think that” is what you should not put into your essay.

Hopefully, you can do your best argumentative essay about video games and esports with all these tips.

Enjoy a favorite movie. Things get done when you come back

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