Every student’s most common challenge when writing an essay, especially the long-form or research paper, is ensuring the word count or the length. 

Sometimes, it may feel hard to make a lengthy explanation because everything is kept brief and balanced. Some people think they can use the “gap” trick, but it is the worst way. 

How should you make your essay enough word count? Here I will share some powerful tricks that not many people know. 

Tricks To Make Essays Longer And Enough Word Count

Students are smart enough to figure out the tricks to make essays longer than they are. However, most of them try to keep it secret for competing with others. 

The below are the tricks you should apply, but you should know that every abuse of using them will make your essay worse. 

Finding The Additional Sources For More Powerful Evidence

A research paper will not depend on only one information source. It should be from many scientific sources, as you can cite them in your essay. 

At the first stage of writing an essay, you should find and read the additional sources as much as possible. The more information you read, the more explanations and citations you can make. That is how you increase the length of your essay.

However, make sure that the additional sources are related to your research topic. If it is out of the topic you write, the information will be useless and lower the value of your essay. 

Using the additional sources requires you to pay attention to the used quantity. The more references you use (the more citations you use), the lower your essay’s quality. You have to balance the sources and your explanations in your writing. If the balance is broken, you risk getting a low score.

Your tip in using this trick is to choose the most influential citations you can analyze or use as evidence to prove your statement. But how to know which is powerful? Figure out the critical part that you want to focus on and emphasize is ideal to use the citations from additional sources.

Using The Statistics

One of the ideal tricks is to increase the statistical data in your essay. Most students find it challenging to include the statistical data while writing their research papers. It is because of the first stage: how to find them. Yet, that is also how the marker distinguishes the good students from casual ones.  

So, your task is to find the statistics referring to your research. For example, I had let my friend write my essay for me, and I learned that he gave out a lot of statistics. He found the most up-to-date information and used some of it in writing. 

Once he did write my essay for me, I tried to figure out his method of using statistics. Of course, not all the information is valuable, so you need to use the most up-to-date and powerful ones for your statement. 

Describing With Your Explanation

Most students prefer to base on the available knowledge to write, but they often mistake copying it. Although it can be a citation, some people forget it and face the risk of plagiarism. 

When I started working on my homework, I realized my mistake of using all the knowledge in the coursebook, which caused this risk. So, the best idea is to describe anything with your explanation. 

You can cite it in writing, but if the idea is hard to understand for the readers, do not hesitate to explain it with lengthy text. It is also an excellent trick to increase the length of your essay. 

Yet, this move also has a disadvantage. If you do not stop, you may explain with redundant texts, making your essay illogical and hard to follow. 

The advice is to know how much knowledge you can spread out. For example, my best friend, Josh, once suggested working on my homework to help me correct my mistakes. He showed the super lengthy and unnecessary information in my research about the environment. Why do I need to describe how people think about the environment on my way? This explanation is based on my perspective, so making my essay more scientific is useless. 

If you want to describe an idea with your explanation, try to do it based on your knowledge, not your perspective. So, you can avoid statements like “I think,” “in my opinion,” etc.

Using The Practical Examples

First, we need to distinguish between the examples and the statistical data. Some people mistake them, causing the essay to lack clarity. 

The example is what you explain by your words, while the statistic proves what you give out. 

When I do my work, I often use an order like giving out a citation, explaining it by my words, showing the examples, and finally proving it by the statistical data. 

For example, as I put the “environment” definition in my essay, I try to write down some descriptions, explain each one based on its viewpoint with my words. Then, I use a sample in real-life such as the education environment like elementary school, college, or university. Finally, I use statistical data like the number of universities in my country. 

I want to say that you need to distinguish between example and statistical data. As a result, you can easily use it to increase its length in your essay. 

Checking The Outline And Referring To The Scoring Criteria

This technique is effective because most students overlook it when writing an essay.

Most professors offer you an outline before writing to ensure that you will not forget any vital part.

When I do my work, I always outline and follow it one by one to complete the writing. It is helpful to determine where you are and how you should write. An accurate outline is also a fantastic tool to help you avoid abstract feelings when writing a research paper. 

So, check your outline carefully, even though you have completed your essay. If you find some essential pass is looked over, try to add more information to it. Consequently, the paper will be lengthier. 

Another trick that I prefer is referring to the scoring criteria. Some students do not know it because sometimes the professor does not provide it. However, if you ask the professor about the requirements, of course, you can get it. 

You’ll know which part to concentrate on based on the criteria. Also, the requirements help you understand the weaknesses of your essay and find a solution for them. It will be lengthier with all the actions you make with your writing. 

What You Should Avoid When Writing Essay

Applying these tricks above is not enough as you also need to avoid some mistakes, shortening your essay. 

Avoid Contractions

I asked my friend, Jolie, to write my essay for me, and I realized the most common mistakes students make. They always shorten their explanation as much as possible. It is because of the thoughts of wanting a concise description. However, sometimes, it will harm your essay and cause a lack of word count. 

When comparing two of my friends’ essays, I realized this issue is based on each person’s perspective in determining which information is necessary. 

For example, Josh tried to explain the human perspectives when he wrote about how people impact the environment. At the same time, Jolie only gave out the actions and reasons people did, causing pollution. 

Josh once considered including what Jolie did in his essay, but he denied it because of thoughts that it was unnecessary.

Despite both good ideas, they are the perfect explanations. So, how to avoid contractions? 

There is no other way except to research the issue in-depth. All you need is to crack into each field, each aspect, to understand it. If you know the problem from many viewpoints, you can write it concisely, keeping it long enough.

Avoid The Bad Forming Of An Essay

Nowadays, most essays or research papers are written on a computer platform. Although it saves a lot of time, it creates many cheating ways. 

For example, some students try to use redundant spacing to make the essay longer. Yes, it is; but, the result is that the marker will go minus some form points. 

Another way students cheat is to increase the word size and change the font, which helps their essay be longer. All the methods above only cause you to lose your point. So, are they deserved?

You should know that the tricks of increasing essay length always come from the content quality, not from the form. The paper form is permanently fixed at some points to prevent cheating. 

Thus, do not waste your time on changing the essay form. Following the standards and getting the maximum form points are better. 

Spell Out The Numbers

It is ridiculous to write the number “10,000” in a spelling-out way. This number will be ten thousand, and you will have two words count rather than only one. How about the others? 

Do you want to write “12,389” in this way? It will increase many words, but it is not what you should do. You are not a kid to make this nonsense move. 

If your essay has a lot of statistical data, do you transfer all the numbers into words? This way only increases the annoying feeling for the reader, and of course, as doing that, no one wants to read your research paper. 

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