You can turn everything into a business if you know the right way to do it. The most powerful evidence for this statement is the development of the retail market. 

In real life, you may figure out many great ideas to research in the business field. However, the real issue doesn’t come from the stuff that is easy to see. That is why many people find it difficult to get a suitable topic for their business research. 

And if you can keep rolling down with this article, I will disclose a secret of the way to find an excellent business topic and share the unique ideas for your preferences. 

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Consider Some Factors Before Picking A Topic

Not many people know the factors they should consider before picking a topic, so they often mistake choosing it. I once did it the wrong way because of lacking these factors when I was in college. At that moment, I had to do my homework with a topic I found myself, “How do people run a retail business?” Although this topic is not wrong, it is unsuitable to become a research topic.

Thus, let’s check these factors below as you might know the conditions to shape a business research topic.

One or Multiple Theories In Business Are Necessary

As your topic comes with an issue, it should be solved by a theory or multiple ones. Some people think it is unnecessary, but it works to provide scientific features in your writing. 

For example, when I tried to do my homework related to digital marketing and the global market, I applied the theory of supply and demand. Consequently, I made an in-depth issue combining with the flow of the product and value worldwide. 

So, as you can add a theory related to business to your writing or find a topic that you can attach with in-depth analysis, your essay will always get high consideration. 

Detect An Issue But Need To Find Solutions For It

It is meaningless if you detect an issue without giving any solutions. The business mindset is always based on actual conditions, as whenever you face a struggle, you find a way to work it out. 

Apply it to your research; your topic needs to perform this feature. If it only shows that you will present an issue and there is nothing to claim your solutions, you will not get the high point from markers. 

A simple sample comes from my college experience. When I tried to get my homework done, I realized that my writing lacked crucial things. All I did was show the problems that enterprises face when there is an increase in terrorism in their country. My professor recommended I rewrite it by adding the solutions that some enterprises successfully applied or that should be based on the theory or experience of the previous one. Then, my topic became: “The problems of running the business as facing an increase of terrorism in the countries and some suggested solutions.” 

The Balance Between Abstract & Specific Features

If you search on the Internet, there are a lot of recommended topics to choose from; however, you will realize that these lose the balance of abstract & specific features. 

A perfect balance in a topic comes from how you work on it. On the one hand, the issue needs to be abstract enough as you put the theories and analyze them by your professionals; on the other hand, it should be easy to bring a real case to make it practical. 

For instance, choosing a topic such as “the common mistakes a start-up person makes” will be hard for the abstract feature. The specific side is good because it depends on many detected cases of start-ups, but on the other side, you find it difficult to apply some theory to it. Also, the more mistakes you see, the more knowledge you need, and your research will lack in-depth analysis. 

I once found a website that does your homework as a service, and they worked on the balance well. The topic is “Take advantage of the government economic policies for the enterprise in running the retail business.” 

In this topic, you can see that I can apply economic politics and macroeconomics theories to guarantee the side of the abstract feature. Also, I can work well with some real enterprises examples that I found in the local area. 

Guarantee To Base On The Available Knowledge

The most powerful way to find a topic comes from a base of acquired knowledge. When studying business, you will learn much about microeconomics; however, you can explore different understanding based on your major. Whatever it is, there are only two fields that you will know: microeconomics and macroeconomics, so all you need is to find a suitable subject to choose a topic.

You will narrow down the knowledge to find a point that motivates you to research it as you determine it. You can easily find your favorite topic if you look into your study process and pick a kind of knowledge. 

Besides all the factors above, you can consider finding a website that does your homework as I once did it. Their service is as excellent as providing complete writing for the research topic you want. If you are confused about the matter, they can also help you pick one that guarantees the factors above. I think it is worth trying if you are a busy person or I only use it if I want to get my homework done for guaranteeing the number of assigned tasks. 

Great Ideas For Your References

Note that it is the idea because you prefer to work on your topic to use them. Other lazy people also pick it first, so to avoid the duplication of the selected subject, you should base on it to develop your topic.

International Business

For Graduated Paper

  1. The issues related to the liberalization of the movement of skilled labor in the ASEAN Economic Community
  2. Analysis of the current situation and some solutions to improve the import process of goods at a company
  3. Some measures to prevent and limit risks in international credit payments 
  4. Analyzing the impact of exchange rate changes on import and export payment activities at a bank
  5. Strategy to promote the export of agricultural products to the US market
  6. Some solutions to improve business efficiency in import activities.
  7. Analysis of factors affecting the incorrect declaration of commercial invoices in import and export activities
  8. Analyze the impact of some factors affecting a company’s competitiveness in the context of international integration.

For Thesis

  1. Develop international payment activities at a commercial joint-stock bank.
  2. Analysis of the structure of goods trade between countries in 2022 – 2025: Problems and solutions.
  3. The current situation and some solutions to promote the development of the trade relationship among the countries.
  4. Some solutions to improve export activities and enhance the competitiveness of goods at a company
  5. Mechanism to settle international commercial disputes and the improvement of government’s legal system in the integration process
  6. Analyze the direct impact of foreign investment activities on the employment of workers.
  7. Analysis of the current situation of automobile import and export activities
  8. A solution to increase added value for export products in the process of international economic integration
  9. Analyze the current situation and propose solutions to limit trade barriers in the import and export activities

Business Administration

  1. Build process of recruiting for a unit in the company
  2. Build the expansion project of the factory to meet the market demand in the current integration conditions.
  3. Building an advertising strategy for a product at a company
  4. Develop a business strategy for a company for new products
  5. Determine the strategic position and strategic action direction for the company
  6. Identify the fundamental values ​​that a business aims to provide to customers.
  7. The role of product advertising in the marketing of the business
  8. Learn about the business culture of the group of countries in the region and draw suggestions on business negotiations on marketing
  9. Graduation thesis in business administration: The association of elements in the company’s marketing mix
  10. Investment measures to expand production abroad
  11. Research the effectiveness of communication programs at enterprises
  12. Research on salary payment regulations in an administrative and non-business unit
  13. Study the methods of calculating salary in a business
  14. Research the work arrangement models in an enterprise unit
  15. Research corporate communication programs
  16. Research measures to avoid when laying off employees
  17. The level of customer satisfaction with the company’s products and services
  18. Financial policies in sales promotion
  19. Apply network diagram to plan production schedule at company
  20. Applying inventory models to organize the supply of materials at the company


  1. Building an online payment system
  2. E-commerce and its role in today’s society
  3. E-commerce in the international trading system under the regulation of WTO from the perspective of developing countries
  4. Application of e-commerce in brand promotion for the industry
  5. Solutions to help e-commerce businesses in applying search engine optimization to improve the efficiency of E-Marketing
  6. Data mining in e-commerce – building a product recommendation system.
  7. E-commerce in foreign trade activities – current situation and solutions
  8. Factors affecting the trend of changing attitudes to using e-commerce
  9. Analysis of some successful B2B e-commerce models in the world and solutions to develop B2B e-commerce models
  10. E-commerce application solutions in the aviation industry through an analysis of the e-commerce application model of Vietnam Airlines

Business Finance

  1. Factors affecting the capital structure of the enterprise/the business performance of the enterprise/the amount of cash held at the enterprise
  2. Impact of capital structure on business performance/agency cost of enterprise
  3. Impact of working capital management on enterprise value
  4. Analyze stocks and make investment decisions.
  5. The efficiency of capital use at the enterprise/the ability to raise capital at the enterprise
  6. Dividend policy at the enterprise
  7. Dissertation topics in Corporate Finance
  8. Impact of dividend policy on enterprise value
  9. Effective use of financial leverage at the enterprise
  10. Evaluation of financial efficiency of long-term investment projects at enterprises

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