Students who study psychology or any field related to it technically find it challenging to get a suitable research paper topic. Some try to ask the tutors, and some find the topics on the Internet, but they are not helpful. 

That is why I’ve decided to write this post to summarize the most attractive psychology topics that you can use for your research paper. So, let’s scroll down and check each part I suggest as you can follow to find your appropriate topic. 

Tips For Finding A Suitable Psychology Research Paper Topic

To find the most compelling topic for your writing, you should use the tips below.

Based On Your Knowledge

The best idea is to base on what you study to find a suitable topic. During the study, you may think about real-life issues that need research to provide necessary solutions. My analysis is about the psychology of education, so when I come to a lesson about why children in elementary school are always encouraged to volunteer. I realized that this knowledge could help me do my homework with a great topic. Then, I chose the topic “Developing the confidence and bravery of elementary children by using the volunteer method.” 

My topic has an excellent assessment from my tutors, and I get my homework done with a high score. And as you see, finding a suitable psychology topic during the study is not hard; you just need to pay attention to what you acquire. 

Using The Suggestions From Tutors/Professors

Of course, when a professor assigns you, they will suggest some topics, helping you do your homework. However, you should use what they recommend because it will not be appreciated much. 

It is advisable to use another topic related to the recommended topic from the teacher or analyze it more deeply. For instance, once I asked my teacher for recommendations, I got a topic related to why students are lazy to do homework. 

I knew that I had two choices: one, I can analyze only one reason in-depth, and second, I think wisely with the topic of motivation, keeping students doing homework. I had chosen to write in-depth about a cause, which helped get my homework done

As you see, you can easily take advantage of the suggestions from your teacher if you know how to do it. 

Think About The Real-life Issues

You may know that every research topic comes from the necessity of a real-life issue. Thus, you can look around your place, and you will find it easy to get a psychology topic.

For example, in my college, my parents have a lot of conflicts, preventing me from having a moment of peace in my house. So, I decided on that topic to help me do my homework. It is “The impacts of parents’ conflict in children psychology.” 

Sounds easy, right? You only need to observe the things around you and find a topic, helping you do your homework

Fantastic Suggestions For Psychology Research Paper Topics

Still feel it hard to find a topic? Check our suggestions below now. 

Education Psychology

You can find many topics in education related to psychology. Just think about what you had felt when you were a student. For example, you may think about why you have to do homework or not understand how the teacher acts. You can easily find an educational psychology topic for your writing based on them. 

  1. Why do students hate homework? 
  2. Why do students love playing computer games more than doing assignments?
  3. Psychology of truant students. 
  4. Are students scared of the teachers? 
  5. How to increase the happiness in students’ feelings at school?
  6. The challenges for students to study during the COVID pandemic.
  7. The challenges of online learning for low-grade students. 
  8. How does the teacher control students in online teaching?
  9. The importance of students’ mental health in school. 
  10.  Teenager psychology. 
  11.  Which are the ideal impacts on students’ minds for increasing learning efficiency?
  12.  How can family and the school reduce students’ stress of learning? 
  13.  Depression in students. 
  14.  The phenomenon of suicide in students. 
  15.  The emotions and behaviors of a student who falls in love with the other in school. 
  16.  Does prevention of love in school affect students’ minds?
  17.  Stress for exams and achievements in school. 
  18.  How does expectation affect children’s psychology?
  19.  Why do we need to research children’s psychology? 
  20.  How to detect students’ depression? 
  21.  The solution to improve students’ mental health in school.
  22.  Is it good for students to do the career orientation early? 
  23.  Why do students’ compete with others? 
  24.  Jealousy in students’ minds and its impacts on their behaviors.
  25.  Program to shape students’ psychology early.
  26.  May sexual education damage students’ minds or not?
  27.  Increase the confidence of students with low grades. 
  28.  The importance of the learning environment to students’ psychology.
  29.  The solutions for students who have signs of instability in psychology. 
  30.  How do you help students focus on the lecture because of studying online?
  31.  Bullying at school affects students’ mental health. 
  32.  The fear and anxiety of graduated students.

Business Psychology

Not many people pay attention to business psychology, so you can choose your writing to attract the marker. The idea is to understand employees’ and employers’ thoughts or relationships. Consequently, you can find your suitable topic on business. 

  1. How to improve employee engagement in the company?
  2. The relationship between employee engagement and productivity.
  3. The relationship between temperature and productivity.
  4. How to help employees get rid of burnout in the workplace? 
  5. Is it necessary to have an Employee Assistant Program in the workplace?
  6. How to increase the happy feeling of employees? 
  7. Why do employees working for passion have higher engagement than those working for money?
  8. Leader psychology in managing a team with high efficiency. 
  9. Coach in the workplace for the leaders.
  10.  Building culture in the workplace for increasing employee engagement and productivity. 
  11.  Why should a manager need to detect employees’ mental health issues?
  12.  How does a manager communicate with employees who have depression at work? 
  13.  How does the depression of employees impact their work?
  14.  Improve employees’ mental health at work. 
  15.  Investigation of the EAP among companies in your local area. 
  16.  Why should we give employees the authority to work?
  17.  Some psychology techniques support entrepreneurs in business.
  18.  Why should we give positive feedback instead of criticizing employees?
  19.  How to balance work and other activities?
  20.  Why do leaders need decisiveness? 
  21.  The elements lead to employees’ satisfaction at work.
  22.  How loneliness affects employees’ mental health?
  23.  Why shouldn’t employees wait to work till the deadline?
  24.  Why do employees often talk behind the back of their boss?
  25.  How to increase the resilience of employees?
  26.  How to increase employees’ internal motivation?
  27.  What is bullying at the workplace, and how does it affect the organization?

Family Psychology

There are tons of family issues, so you only need to link with your real cases. You are even taking the samples from the neighbors or any classical family out there. 

  1. How do parents’ thoughts and behaviors impact kids’ psychology?
  2. Modeling method in the family to shape children’s minds.
  3. How does a parent’s conflict impact children’s minds?
  4. Family traditions impact children’s thoughts.
  5. Parent stereotypes impact children’s thoughts.
  6. The reasons kids need mental care from mom at the early stage.
  7. How do grandparents thoughts’ affect children’s minds?
  8. The inheritance of perspective from generation to generation
  9. Conservative character genetic or not?
  10.  Should children always strictly follow what parents want? 

Mental Health Issues

  1. Analyze ADHD, its solutions, and the applications in practice. 
  2. Analyze the phenomenon of increasing depression in children. 
  3. Why do children obsess over the exam? 
  4. The impacts of postpartum depression on the relationship between mom and kids. 
  5. Why do people often have holiday blues?
  6. The impacts of post-holiday depression. 
  7. The unbalance between work and other activities when people work at home. 
  8. OCD about cleanliness and the treatment.
  9. The intervention of developmental disorder is based on scientific evidence. 
  10.  The fear of loud noise.
  11.  Does social interaction decrease our mental health?
  12.  The impacts of delusional disorders on the patient’s life.
  13.  Perfection and obsession.
  14.  How to get rid of social media attraction?
  15.  The impacts of Schizoaffective Disorder on patient life?
  16.  The trauma and patient responses.
  17.  The fear of changing. 
  18.  Déjàvu and its effect on our mind. 
  19.  Narcolepsy and its impacts on our daily activities.
  20.  Nightmare disorder and its impacts. 
  21.  The phenomenon of increasing insomnia among the youth.
  22.  Social anxiety and how to solve it. 

Solutions Topics

It is a good idea to write about the solutions for psychological issues. You can suggest more ideas to help the patient overcome the problems at home. 

  1. Method of mindfulness for improving mental health. 
  2. Light therapy for the seasonal disorder.
  3. Music therapy and its effect on the psychology patient. 
  4. How does coaching work in the workplace?
  5. The exposure method and core techniques. 
  6. Why should psychology patients be afraid of using the medicine for treatment? 
  7. Wilderness therapy and its effects. 
  8. Why should we take online therapy instead of direct one?
  9. Experimental therapy and how to apply. 
  10.  Should we use many therapies at the same time?

Other Topics

  1. How culture affects mental health therapy? 
  2. The challenges and opportunities of therapy online. 
  3. Why is using the mental health service limited in developing countries?
  4. How dangerous does a therapist or a psychological consultant face during treatment?
  5. Can a therapist self-treat their mental health issue?
  6. Is it possible for a therapist to do their job if they have a mental health issue?
  7. What should we do if we know a person with mental health issues?
  8. Should a person with a suicide thought meet a psychological consultant immediately? 
  9. The responsibility of the therapist during treatment. 
  10.  Why do people require much with the job as a psychological therapist?

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