Learning is a long and non-stop process, no matter how smart you are, but if you do not learn, do not continuously improve your knowledge, then intelligence is just like a decoration.

Planning and goals

Whatever you do, big or small, you need to have a clear plan and goals. With studying too, you have to devise yourself a very scientific study plan, identify the knowledge blocks that you need to cultivate. Moreover, you should allocate time for each specific type of knowledge if you do not want to waste time on a mess of knowledge in mind. Therefore you can complete everything without worrying “how to do my homework”.

Having a plan, there must be goals, goals will be your motivation for learning. Because you know what you need to learn, what kind of knowledge you will serve the job. Then you will actively learn and self-study to have enough knowledge to accomplish the goals that you have set. I usually use this way and I can do my homework with the highest quality.

Method and patience

You can’t just sit to take notes, or take the book to read, go online to search for documents and you will get the amount of knowledge you want. Studying is not so simple, in order to gain good and useful knowledge, you must have a scientific learning method. However, different people have different method to learn, don’t try to apply other people’s methods to yourself and force yourself to follow it. Find a method that is right for you so that learning is not difficult and depressing for you. I always have my own method to do my homework that my friends say that it is so complicated. Because you are the only person can understand yourself.

To do so you need to be persistent. Do not be depressed, worried when you spend too much time but the results are not good as your expectation. Change the method of learning if the old method does not work. Please find the suitable method to “do my homework” to receive the best quality.

Search for documents

You should not only acquire knowledge from a source such as teachers, books, society … but also need to search documents from different sources. If you’ve heard the teacher lecturing on something you’re interested in, look for materials on that issue from books, newspapers, websites, and friends to gain a deeper understanding of it. However, not everyone has the skill to search documents quickly and accurately, so you also need to train yourself this skill. This is only difficult when you are just starting out, once you get used to it, you will easily find the information you need to add to your knowledge base. When I do my homework, if I face something difficult I always use my searching skill to give find solution by myself.

Self-test of knowledge

Not all of your knowledge is always tested by others, so in order for your learning to be effective, you must know how to test your knowledge by yourself. Take a short test, list the contents content, drawing charts, mind maps … The retest of knowledge is also how you once again try to learn what you have learned, what is still vague need to learn more. It is one of the effective method  I usually use when I do my homework.

Learn to memorize

You need to know your study habits to have the most effective way to remember. Each person will have different ways of remembering. Some will rewrite many times on the paper, listing the main contents, some will read aloud, some will read only silently … as long as they can remember that knowledge. Try all of the above to see what helps you remember the fastest and most effective way. If there is no suitable way, find yourself a different way of remembering.

Selective information and knowledge

Every day you will receive a lot of information, different knowledge from teachers, books, reference materials … If you do not have the skill of information selection, knowledge will make you drowned in a jumble of too many different knowledge. Know how to select important and necessary information and knowledge and remember them. Don’t try to remember too many messy things in your head, it will make you feel that studying is really scary and bad.

Understand and regularly review

These are the two skills you need to practice in order for your study and self-study to be most effective. Understanding the knowledge will help you always remember and know how to apply them to each situation accordingly. In addition, you also need to regularly review what you have learned, otherwise what you have learned will gradually be forgotten over time. Do not be subjective to think that you still remember what you have learned, otherwise you will regret it.

Learning and self-study is the only way for each of us to cultivate knowledge for ourselves. Whether you’re still in a school chair or already working, don’t forget to study. Always train yourself with the skills to learn and self-study anytime, anywhere to have a lot of knowledge to serve your life as well as your work and become a useful person for society.

Above there are some ways I used to do my homework and practice myself, you can consider and find the most suitable method for yourself.

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