Nowadays, it is true that plagiarism detection is one of the challenges teachers face in a writing class. With the development of technology, many people have completely copied other’s ideas on the websites and use them for themselves. Therefore, to limit these situations, there is a lot of software that anti-plagiarism has formed. Among Plagiarism Detection Software (PDS), Turnitin and SafeAssign claim to be “the leading academic plagiarism detector utilized by teachers and students to avoid plagiarism and ensure academic integrity.” In this article, the Do My Homework For Me team will make a comparison to help you understand the difference between the two tools.

SafeAssign vs Turnitin: Does Turnitin check SafeAssign?

First, the Do My Homework For Me team will mention the overall software. Turnitin is endorsed as “the global leader in plagiarism prevention” designed mainly for instructors across all disciplines that require written work as it offers three main tools, namely Originality Check, which ascertains original work by comparing submitted works against the documents in the vast repository of the PDS, GradeMark which provides feedback through online grading with the use of standard and personalized marks, and PeerMark which enables for better student interaction and collaboration through an organized and anonymous peer review procedure. While the SafeAssign is designed to be a decision-support mechanism. To put it another way, it is designed to supply an educator with more information from a larger range of sources in a shorter amount of time than they could obtain on their own. If instructors’ expectations are aligned with that purpose, they will have the best experience using SafeAssign. Besides, SafeAssign is also a plagiarism detection software and system developed by Blackboard as a solution to help educators detect cheating and copy-pasting by students. It detects duplicated, similar, or unoriginal content in student papers and prevents plagiarism.

Second, there is a difference in working on two tools that the Write My Essay For Me team will illustrate in this article. Turnitin matches the text within an assignment by comparing a student’s submission against an archive of internet documents, internet data, a repository of previously submitted papers, and a subscription repository of periodicals, journals, and publications. Then it creates an ‘Originality Report,’ which can be viewed by both lecturers and students, which identifies where the text within a student submission has matched another source. In addition, Turnitin keeps track of all submitted assignments in a central database. This is done so that future submissions, such as assignments submitted to the ANU in subsequent years, can be compared to those already submitted. By contrast, SafeAssign works by scanning all work submitted against four databases: a global database, a campus database, an information database, and an all content found online database. It uses a proprietary algorithm to detect matches to help avoid false positives for common phrases and ensure results. It also provides an originality report which contains detailed information about matches found in work submitted and the existing sources. The potential sources are listed in different colors in the originality report, with each color representing a different source. Because the campus database is usually filled with students’ work, it’s easy to spot plagiarism among the diverse work available. SafeAssign also allows instructors to view flagged work and remove any flags that are deemed insignificant.

Third, when it comes to stricter standards, Both SafeAssign and Turnitin perform the same function of preventing plagiarism and ensuring academic honesty and integrity. Each has extensive databases with which to compare uploaded papers. However, while SafeAssign does not automatically store students’ papers in its database, Turnitin does. This is due to the fact that most academic cheating occurs when students copy other students’ previously submitted work. Turnitin is stricter because it compares submitted papers to student papers. If you have any doubts about a paper, we recommend that you check it for plagiarism before submitting it. This will assist you in determining the score prior to uploading it to the strict scanning system.

Finally, SafeAssign and Turnitin have the difference about Support of multiple drafts and their fee. Since those drafts of SafeAssign are not stored within its database, subsequent drafts are not compared to the previous ones. A regular assignment is created for the final draft. Conversely, in Turnitin, those assignments are stored within its database, but the subsequent drafts are not compared to the original draft. Besides, the cost of SafeAssign is included within SafeAssign’s Blackboard annual cost. Turnitin, on the other hand, charges a flat annual fee based on the subscription and account type, such as student or tutor accounts.

In conclusion, the Do My Homework For Me team compared the differences about these tools; they both perform the same function of preventing plagiarism; however, SafeAssign has an added benefit over Turnitin when it comes to functionally. When it comes to plagiarism prevention, for us, Turnitin is better.

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