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Speed is our pride.

You’ll have solutions in hand after 1-2 hours (depending on the complexity of your exercise). What if you’re in urgent need? Don’t worry, Do my homework for me can handle your assignment in  JUST 59 MINS.


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What do we provide?

To ensure that our dearest customers always get what they need, we offer a wide range of services to help you with your homework!

  • Take my online class
  • Do my Essay
  • Do my Report
  • Do my Research Paper
  • Do my Personal Statement
  • Do my Scholarship Essay
  • Do my Creative Writing
  • Do my Presentation Speech
  • Do my Philosophy assignment
  • Do my Term Paper
  • Do my Annotated Bibliography
  • Do my Computer homework
  • Do my Nursing homework
  • Do my Pharmacy homework
  • Do my Environmental Studies assignment
  • Do my Political Science assignment
  • Do my Arts homework
  • Do my Anthropology assignment
  • Do my Architecture homework
  • Do my Mechanics homework
  • Do my Translation assignment

My homework

  • Do my Statistics exercise
  • Do my Calculus exercise
  • Do my Accounting exercise
  • Do my Microeconomics exercise
  • Do my Finance exercise
  • Do my Math exercise
  • Do my Algebra exercise
  • Do my Macroeconomics exercise
  • Do my Geometry exercise
  • Do my Biology exercise
  • Do my Chemistry exercise
  • Do my Physics exercise
  • Do my Information Technology homework
  • Do my Marketing assignment
  • Do my Business assignment
  • Do my Human Resource assignment
  • Do my Fashion assignment
  • Do my Research Methodology homework
  • Do my Economics homework
  • Do my Japanese homework
  • Do my Chinese homework

My visual aids

  • Do my PowerPoint Presentation
  • Do my Logo Design
  • Do my Graphic Design
  • Do my Excel exercise
  • Do my Prezi assignment
  • Do my CV Design
  • Do my Graph Illustration
  • Do my Java homework
  • Do my Programming homework
  • Do my C++ homework
  • Do my Python homework
  • Do my CPM homework
  • Do my MATLAB homework
  • Do my Engineering homework
  • Do my Coding homework
  • Do my Precalculus assignment
  • Do my Philosophy homework
  • Do my Psychology homework
  • Do my English homework
  • Do my French homework
  • Do my Italian homework

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How do we hire our Pros team?

First: Receive the applications

After receiving candidates’ CVs, we review and screen them according to the following criteria: experience, competence, background knowledge, skills, etc.

Second: Pass the Pre-screening stage

Candidates who pass the CV stage will receive one test to assess their qualifications.

Third: Go through the Interview round

Candidates will join the interview round and complete an advanced assessment which lasts for 4 hours. The test’s purpose is to assess the competence to meet the deadlines under the pressure of candidates’ time.

Last: Successfully get hired

Passing candidates will attend a training course in terms of professional qualifications and skills within a week by the leading team of experts.

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We cover all the subjects you need, from writing essays, reports to solving Math or Finance exercises and making PowerPoint. Check Our Service for more information.

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Customer #121546
Subject: Statistics

Level: High school

Location: USA

Awesome! Thank you for your support. Without your help, I'd have failed for not completing my homework. The solutions were quite detailed and easy to understand (even for a total novice like me). I didn’t like Statistics at all, but after tons of times reading your instructions, I started to have some feelings for it. Highly recommend.

Customer #537652
Subject: Accounting

Level: Undergraduate (Yrs. 1-2)

Location: Canada

This is not the first time I’ve been using this service, and everything has been good so far. The response is swift. I didn’t have to wait for too long to get the help I needed. The solutions I received were qualified and delivered on time, even sooner. You know how important deadlines are! And I appreciate this website for this field.

Customer #34657
Subject: Lab Report

Level: Undergraduate (Yrs.3-4)

Location: US

It was the best experience using this kind of service for me so far. The support team were accommodating, and the expert I worked with was very attentive. Although I had trouble with my lab report, the deadline was so close, but this website’s experts helped me complete it. Therefore, I gained high marks with this assignment.

Customer #938926
Subject: Economics

Level: A-Level

Location: UK

The thing I am most satisfied with this website is the price. The price for each task is low. I am a high-school student and don’t have much money, but with Do-my-homework-for-me, I can afford to use it—5 stars for this helpful website.

Customer #920762
Subject: Essay Writing

Level: College

Location: Norway

It’s amazing. I cannot imagine that I can get an A band in my previous essay. I was worried about it until I got help from Do-my-homework for me. My lecturer appreciated my work. She said she was pleased because she saw my effort to do my assignments. Thanks to the experts who had done my essay.

Customer #490821
Subject: Research

Level: Master

Location: New Zealand

Thank Do-my-homework for me and your experts. I had trouble with long research. At that time, I had a plan with my friends. Fortunately, I knew I could solve my problems. I was delighted with the result I received from your website. I will return to find your help whenever I need it.

Customer #2321546
Subject:  Research Assignment

Level: Undergraduate

Location: Australia

Oh wow, this website is really on another level! Well, the writer for Anna’s sheet: the answers seem more straight to the point and clear. On the other hand, the refugee crisis’s writer had very comprehensive solutions as they have researched and included references to other websites. I love both of them. The writing styles are indeed different, but the quality is wise and very excellent!